Misadventures of a minority-elect President 68

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump’s White House tries clearing up our illegitimate leader’s N. Korea ‘armada’ faux pas, whining about negative news coverage – when he brings it all upon himself, the fact that Trump is President is reason enough NOT to go to war with North Korea, Trump’s deep swamp – which in one of the most corrupt in history, why we need to know more about Trump’s relationship to another war criminal and how it shapes his foreign policy, Trump’s 100-day report card is coming – and it’s not good, Trump’s chronic low approval rating, Trump’s ‘buy American’ executive order applies to everyone but him, the White House’s game on Russia exposed in all its deceptive glory, major chemical company lobbying Trump and his duplicitous swamp to hide the effects of their product from the public, contradicting – albeit probably lying as usual – his State Department over the Iranian nuclear ‘deal,’ the Trump cabal has its own weekly far-right bible study group, TrumpCare 3.0 – which the White House is trying to shove down everyone’s throats – is even worse than its predecessors, Trump’s fraudulent Syrian gas attack fairy tale fueled by George W. Bush’s fraudulent Iraq playbook and more.

US tries to clear waters after N. Korea ‘armada’ confusion article from The AFP on Yahoo! News. –

University Is Allowing Painting of Trump With a Severed Head to Hang in Gallery article from The Independent Journal Review. –

Honeymoon from Hell: The Liberal Media vs. President Trump article from News Busters. –

Some complain that evening news coverage of Trump are reportedly over 90% negative. Maybe that’s because he’s such a moron?

Trump is president. That’s reason enough not to go to war with North Korea article from The Guardian. –

“Famous quotes sometimes become clichés that insult one’s intelligence. Consider, for example, the oft-cited phrase “Know your enemy, and know yourself,” from the 5th century BCE Chinese general Sunzi. How can ignorance about one’s own ability and capabilities, and the enemy’s, be anything but harmful?

Fast forward 2,500 years, to an April 17 interview on Fox, when US President Donald Trump twice referenced “this gentleman” in North Korea, who “outplayed” Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – to explain that he, Trump, would not be fooled. The problem, however, is Trump didn’t seem to understand that the “gentleman” Kim Jong Il, who frustrated Trump predecessors, died in December 2011, and therefore no longer rules North Korea.

After weeks of provocative language from Pyongyang and Washington, the two sides are dangerously close to conflict – and Trump doesn’t seem to understand who leads the country he might attack.

Managing North Korea has been an almost uniquely difficult problem for US presidents. And the three generations of Kims who have ruled the nation since its founding in 1948 – Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un – have shown an almost unique willingness to endanger and sacrifice the lives of North Korea’s people for their own enrichment and security, weakening American-led effects to sanction and isolate the country…”

Trump’s Deep Swamp article from Information Clearing House. –

Our Liar-in-Chief has built himself quite a corrupt cabal.

Why We Really Deserve to Know a Lot More About Erik Prince’s Role in Shaping Trump’s Foreign Policy article from AlterNet. –

Donald Trump gets his 100-day report card article from Politico. –

Trump’s First-Quarter Poll Ratings Lowest For An Elected President Since WWII article from The Huffington Post. –

The Memo: Trump stuck with low approval ratings article from The Hill. –

“President Trump in recent weeks has avoided major controversies and won plaudits from unexpected quarters for his handling of foreign policy.

Trump has shifted on several policies toward the GOP establishment and appears to have diminished chief strategist Stephen Bannon’s influence — another change in a conventional direction.

Yet Trump’s approval ratings remain low by historic standards for someone in the first 100 days of their presidency, and some of his moves have provoked criticism from the right…”

Trump Realizes Being President Is Hard article from The Atlantic. –

Trump just signed a ‘buy American’ order, but his own businesses don’t article from Business Insider. –

It’ll be hard for Trump to make the government ‘Buy American’ article from Think Progress. –

The White House’s game on Russia has now been fully exposed article from The Washington Post. –

“Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said today that the Committee’s investigation of Russian election interference and possible Trump campaign collusion with it is “back on track” after its controversial chairman, California Republican Devin Nunes, recused himself from the probe. Schiff’s remarks are a hopeful sign that the Committee will finally be able to constructively take on its oversight role.

But there are now new reasons to worry that, if anything, Republicans are even more determined to make sure it doesn’t turn up anything at all. That’s troubling, because Republicans may be successful at subverting the possibility of getting to the bottom of the scandal — which they are now clearly trying to do, by creating a distraction aimed at diverting public attention away from story and instead towards conspiracy theories involving the Obama administration.

Ryan Lizza has a new report in the New Yorker that reveals fresh details about the GOP game plan. The aim is to cast the Russia investigation as another Benghazi — by turning former National Security Advisor Susan Rice into the villain of the story, and fixing the focus of the hearings on her.

That bringing Rice into the investigation is still being contemplated is further evidence of the bad faith of the White House’s approach to this whole tale. All of Trump’s efforts to smear his predecessor, including accusing former President Obama of ordering surveillance of Trump Tower, and claiming that Rice had committed a crime, have been proven false — something Trump and his allies refuse to even acknowledge…”

An American Uprising: Assessing Opportunities for Progressive Political Change article from Counter Punch. –

16 Little-Known, Impeachable Offenses Already Committed By President Trump article from Extra News Feed. –

Following aircraft carrier fiasco, Trump alienates another ally article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Presidential Branding: Trump and the Cult of Celebrity article from Counter Punch. –

“Attempting to come up with the most dreadful aspect of the Trump campaign and presidency can put quite a strain on the mind. Is it the foul mouth racist rhetoric, the unabashed narcissism, the endless blatant lying that perhaps has forever decimated truth as an objective concept? After Trump could a politician ever be seriously accused of lying again? And just what is worse: the permanent destruction of factual discourse or the possibility that facts were only suspended as a gift to this cretin?

Any of that certainly passes muster in terms of dreadfulness. On its boisterous merits the Trump campaign message boiled down to the outsider businessman and shrewd dealmaker taking over a stale, corrupt status quo- a businessman wealthy enough to be above the influence of lobbyists or campaign funds. One wonders where the surreal idea that those with wealth are beyond corruption and greed. History’s litter seems to prove the contrary. Yet most grating of all probably is that it is on the alleged merits that the Trump campaign should have cratered. It is obvious it all could and should have been avoided.

It was actually the fanatically pro-Trump New York Post that last November provided a summa to Trump’s business career. In a brutal irony the main characters in the Post’s story are Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Carl Ichan who Trump named as an advisor on financial regulation (Ichan is said to be an inspiration for Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street). The opening line of the story reads: ‘Wilbur Ross and Carl Ichan could have sunk Donald Trump’…”

Debate over pesticides enters Donald Trump’s ‘swamp’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

What Does Russia Want From Donald Trump? article from The Huffington Post. –

Trump says Iran not living up to ‘spirit’ of nuclear deal article from Yahoo! News. –

Despite his State Department saying Iran was complying with the nuclear agreement a day ago, our Liar-in-Chief disagrees.

The Trump Cabinet Has Its Own Weekly Far-Right Bible Study Group article from Fusion. –

TrumpCare 3.0: GOP’s Zombie Healthcare Plan Keeps Getting Worse article from Common Dreams. –

“Under reported ‘compromise,’ states could gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions

It’s “red alert” time on healthcare, according to one observer, amid reports that some congressional Republicans think they have a deal—and it’s even worse than the last one (which was itself crueler than its predecessor).

The Huffington Post reported Wednesday:

The deal, brokered between House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), would allow states to get waivers eliminating the so-called community rating provision—the rule that prohibits insurers from charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. In order to obtain the waiver, states would have to participate in a federal high-risk pool or establish their own, and satisfy some other conditions.

In exchange for that conservative concession, the amendment would reinstate the Essential Health Benefits that were already taken out of the bill—though, again, states could waive those provisions as well if they were able to show that doing so would lower premiums, increase the number of people insured, or “advance another benefit to the public interest in the state.”…”

White House pressures GOP leaders on Obamacare showdown next week article from Politico. –

White House sends press release featuring White House praise for White House article from The Daily Kos. –

Trump’s Missile Attack on Syria Justified With Fake Intelligence Experts Say article from Information Clearing House. –

Trump’s fraudulent Syrian gas attack fairy tale fueled by George W. Bush’s fraudulent Iraq playbook.

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