Misadventures of a minority-elect President 59

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Still playing family feud in the White House over power trips, more on the miscreants who helped our illegitimate president get elected, pushing propaganda about Russia to try and cover Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, wife of arrested Russian hacker claims her husband’s alleged hacking helped Trump win the presidency, brief respite from his ongoing daily ineptitude hasn’t changed the overall ignorance of the Trump cabal, Putin says he expects ‘fake’ gas attacks to discredit Syria’s Assad – meaning there may possibly be another false flag planned by Trump’s cabal, too much power in the hands of someone as corrupt as Trump is not a good thing, taking a page straight out of Hitler’s playbook, Trump taking a toll on Republicans, costing Americans their retirements, running the White House like a CEO camp is going to piss off a lot of Trump supporters, students just got screwed royally by Trump’s Education Secretary, more lies rolling off Trump’s lips over job creation under his illegitimate tenure, Trump’s presidential transition under investigation, prepare for another deceptive attempt involving Trump’s administration to cut Social Security, our current inept White House even screwed up its annual Easter Party and more.

Steve Bannon Throws His Worst Insult at Jared Kushner article from Marie Claire on Yahoo! News. –

Supporters Who Got Trump Elected Are Pursuing Vicious and Divisive Agendas article from AlterNet. –

US Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming article from the AP on Yahoo! News. –

Still pushing propaganda to cover Trump’s Syrian chemical attack fairy tale – as usual the Russians did it. Once again, show us the evidence.

Wife of Arrested Russian Hacker: ‘The Virus My Husband Allegedly Created Was Related to Trump’s Victory’ article from AlterNet. –

“Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Spain under a U.S. international warrant on Friday.

The wife of an alleged Russian hacker has revealed that her husband’s recent arrest is linked to President Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.

Reuters reported on Sunday that Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Spain under a U.S. international warrant on Friday. The Justice Department declined to provide details because the case is under seal.

Levashov’s wife, Maria Levashova, told RT that the arrest is related to Russia’s interference in the U.S. election…”

The Memo: Syrian strike changes little for polarizing Trump article from The Hill. –

A brief respite from his daily incompetence hasn’t helped Trump fare better in the public eye, and it probably never will.

Trump Should Rethink Syria Escalation article from Common Dreams. –

A different narrative claiming Syrian aircraft bombed an al-Qaeda-in-Syria ammunition depot which was full of noxious chemicals, not sarin gas. As previously stated, it’s imperative that an actual investigation be conducted instead of fueling propaganda to commit more war crimes…

Trump takes control of the GOP machine article from Politico. –

Which won’t bode well for the GOP…

Trump Is Just The Latest President To Follow The Path From Isolationist To Hawk article from FiveThirtyEight. –

All it took was a false flag to deflect attention away from his moronic presidency.

Putin says expects ‘fake’ gas attacks to discredit Syria’s Assad article from Reuters on Yahoo! News. –

“MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had information that the United States was planning to launch new missile strikes on Syria, and that there were plans to fake chemicals weapons attacks there.

Putin, standing alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella who was in Moscow for talks, said Russia would tolerate Western criticism of its role in Syria but hoped that attitudes would eventually soften.

When asked whether he expected more U.S. missile strikes on Syria, he said:

“We have information that a similar provocation is being prepared … in other parts of Syria including in the southern Damascus suburbs where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syrian authorities of using (chemical weapons).”…”

Trump has discovered the awesome powers of the presidency. Be afraid article from the Week. –

Too much power in the hands of someone as corrupt as our minority-elect President won’t bode well for anyone.

Trump Has Taken A Page Straight From The Hitler Playbook article from the Huffington Post. –

Trump Knocks the Air Out of Republicans article from Bloomberg on Yahoo! News. –

With virtually no effort whatsoever Trump will eventually destroy the Republican Party.

President Trump Just Cost Americans Saving For Their Retirement $3.7 Billion article from the Huffington Post. –

Sean Spicer can’t possibly mean what he just said about Syria. Can he? article from Vox. –

Again, it’s incredibly difficult to believe they still give this moron a live microphone…

White House: Russia, Syrian regime trying to ‘confuse’ the world over chemical attacks article from CNN. –

Still trying to deflect from his Syrian gas attack fairy tale:

“Washington (CNN)The White House said Tuesday the Syrian regime and Russia are trying to “confuse the world community about who is responsible for using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in this and earlier attacks.”

Senior administration officials stopped short of saying there was definitive proof of Russian collusion with Syria on the chemical attack last week, but the administration bluntly accused the Russian government of helping the Syrian regime cover-up chemical weapons still in the country.

“I think it’s clear that the Russians are trying to cover up what happened there,” one senior administration official said.

President Donald Trump authorized cruise missile strikes against President Bashar al-Assad’s military in Syria last week after the regime used sarin gas on their own people, including children. The strikes, which saw 59 tomahawk missiles launched from ships in the eastern Mediterranean, hit the base used to launch the chemical attack…”

Kicking Them While They’re Down: What Trump is Doing to Appalachia article from Counter Punch. –

EPA staff ‘openly mocking’ Trump’s ‘arrogant and callous’ policies, says retiree article from Think Progress. –

The Gassing Game in Syria article from Counter Punch. –

New military adviser Ivanka Trump reportedly convinced her father to bomb Syria article from Think Progress. –

Trumpenstein’s Tomahawk Dog-Wag: on Real and Fake News article from Counter Punch. –

“I had five thoughts the minute I heard last Thursday night that the Orange-Tinted Freak Show – the “Unbelievable Baby Man” (Tom Tomorrow) – in the White House had launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria as a response (supposedly) to the Syrian regime’s (alleged) chemical bombing of innocent civilians in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun.

The first thought was that there was something very shady about the claim that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had crossed the chemical weapon “red line.” Assad handed over his chemical weapons stock for destruction years ago. At the same time, it made no political or military sense for him to have provoked the West by deploying whatever chemical weapons he might have retained (or developed since) against innocents. Hadn’t the Trump administration just signaled that removing Assad was not a U.S. priority? Why would Assad want to mess with that? It didn’t add up.

My second thought was that Trump’s missile attack was very likely an act of theater driven largely by domestic political considerations. Clockwork Orangatun is plagued by incredibly low public approval numbers and a dismal early policy record. That has put him in dire need of a “wag the dog” moment – a “national security” event to rally people around the flag, to make him look like a big decisive and powerful man, and to divert public attention from his failures in Washington. The Syrian thing was perfect in that regard. It was an all-too made-to-order right-on-time pretext. Bombing Syria (well, hurling some missiles at an old Syrian airfield bearing a handful of broken-down Russian jets) would help Herr Donald look like a “man of action” compared to the weak, “do-nothing” Barack Obama, who passed (as Trump urged at the time) on a chance to bomb Syria after a chemical weapons incident there in 2013.

More importantly, Trump’s Tomahawk raid would help him come out from under the cloud of the preposterous Democratic Party and mainstream media charge that he is a tool or at least an ally of Russia. Russia is one of Assad’s critical allies…”

The Trump White House is turning into CEO camp article from Yahoo! News. –

DeVos Undoes Obama Student Loan Protections article from Bloomberg News. –

Trump Lies – Big League – About How Many Jobs His Administration’s Created article from Common Dreams. –

As usual our psychopathic Liar-in-Chief is creating alternative facts.

Trump overstates job creation numbers under his administration article from Politico. –

Trump Administration Considering ‘Back-Door Way’ to Cut Social Security article from Common Dreams. –

Government Watchdog Is Investigating The Trump Transition article from the Huffington Post. –

“The office will focus on potential conflicts of interest and communications with foreign governments.”

The Trump White House Even Managed to Screw Up the Annual Easter Party article from AlterNet. –

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