Misadventures of a minority-elect President 47

Trump finding it hard for a President with a 36 percent approval rating to threaten those he loathes and make deals, calls for new standards for presidential candidates amid growing concerns over Trump’s mental health, Trump’s delusions aren’t making America safe at all, making a mistake after telling everyone ‘we don’t make mistakes,’ Trump is costing America billions of dollars because people don’t want to come to his America, one key allegation in Trump’s Russia dossier confirmed, majority of Americans disagree with minority-elect President Trump’s hard line stances on climate change, Trump’s deranged cable news obsession, what must be done in the time of Trump – who must be held accountable, Trump’s outlook going from bad to worse, Trump has GOP gerrymandering to blame for his issues with the “Freedom Caucus,” Trump can still make a comeback – though it’s highly improbable, Trump’s White House happens to ‘find’ material supporting Trump’s fraudulent wiretap claims, beware of Trump’s phony ‘terror’ list designed to gin up fear of Muslims in support of his unconstitutional Muslim ban, claims that Russia aided Trump in the 2016 GOP Primary too, Trump’s former National Security Adviser seeking immunity to tell his story in Trump’s Russia scandal, killing civilians at an alarming rate by ramping up America’s illegal wars in the Middle East and more.

Trump fails at the art of the political deal article from Yahoo! News. –

Expert calls for new standards for presidential candidates mid growing concerns over Trump’s mental health article from AOL News. –

Poll shows Americans trust some media outlets more than Trump article from AOL. –

Tomgram: Rajan Menon, Making America Insecure Again article from Tom Dispatch. –

“Terror attacks like the recent one in London send a shudder through Americans. Since 9/11, they have been the definition of what TomDispatch regular Rajan Menon calls “national (in)security.” They’ve also been the lifeblood of a media machine that loves to focus 24/7 on immediate and obvious horrors (especially against folks like “us”). In the age of Donald Trump, preventing such attacks has, if anything, become even more the essence of what American security is all about.

And yet, in the context of the insecurity to come in this world, they are essentially nothing. It is, of course, a terrible thing when some disturbed fanatic or set of fanatics gun down or run down innocent civilians in London, Berlin, Paris, or San Bernardino (as it should be, but in our American world isn’t, when a U.S. plane or drone kills innocent civilians in distant lands). But if, for a moment, you stop to think in either nuclear terms (as in the pairing of North Korea’s unnerving leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump) or in climate change terms, then those attacks are the smallest of potatoes when it comes to national insecurity. If you really want to think about acts of “terror,” consider what Donald Trump and his climate-denying crew at the Environmental Protection Agency and elsewhere in his administration would like to do to the environmental policies of the world’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Trump’s urge is clearly to negate every positive act of the Obama administration when it comes to reining in the use of fossil fuels — from the Paris climate agreement to the Clean Power Plan aimed at shutting down coal-fired power plants. In the end, if a Trump presidency takes this country out of the climate change sweepstakes entirely, if it opens the flood (and fracking) gates yet wider on the development of fossil fuels of every sort while tamping down the development of alternative energy sources, you’re talking about an act of terror on a scale that would once have been inconceivable. What the Trump administration is already trying to do should lead to constant headlines of a sort that would put the recent London ones to shame. However, because the full impact of Trump’s climate terror won’t strike home until the era of our grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, because his version of terror will be enacted on a time scale that plays havoc with our usual sense of history and of our own lives, he’ll undoubtedly get only the most modest of attention for it — while Khalid Masood, the London killer, and his successors will remain the eternal headliners du jour…”

Here’s Trump telling everyone ‘we don’t make mistakes’ – then making an embarrassing mistake article from the Daily Kos. –

Stupid. Should. Hurt.

People Don’t Want to Come to Trump’s America: The ‘Trump Slump’ in Travel Is Costing America Billions article from AlterNet. –

Report: One key allegation in infamous Trump-Russia dossier ‘verified’ article from AOL News. –

A Majority Of Americans Disagree With Donald Trump’s Hard-Line Stances On Climate Change article from the Huffington Post. –

Donald Trump’s Cable News Obsession Is Even More Deranged Than We Imagined article from GQ. –

“All it takes to ruin a relationship with the president is one mean talking head.

Donald Trump really, really loves cable news. He takes in more of it than your average viewer, and definitely more of it than a man who is supposedly taking very seriously his job as President of the United States should ever dream of consuming. In fact, as the perpetually shouty Sean Hannity has ably demonstrated, if you want to get a message to the Trump White House these days, your single best bet for doing so is to don a sloppy suit, wake up early, and unleash your most volcanic takes directly into a Fox News camera. When that poorly-punctuated presidential tweet drops an hour later? That’s a job well done.

Although the President’s abiding affection for Fox and Friends and friends is well-documented, details of the extent of that obsession remain jarring every time they trickle out. On Tuesday, Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski appeared on Seth Meyers’ Late Night to discuss the evolution of their, um, fraught relationship with Trump. Although Trump was a frequent Morning Joe guest during the early days of his candidacy, that relationship has since soured, and Scarborough has a frighteningly grim theory about why:…”

What Must be Done in the Time of Trump article from Counter Punch. –

Trump has GOP gerrymandering to blame for the unstoppable Freedom Caucus article from the Dallas Morning News. –

HOW TRUMP CAN STILL MAKE A COMEBACK article from Vanity Fair. –

“It’s not likely, but it’s not politically impossible, either. It simply relies on a highly unscientific alienation of both parties in favor of a few particularly popular measures…”

Bernie Sanders Has a Message for Disenchanted Trump Voters article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s outlook going from bad to worse article from CNN. –

White House finds more ‘material’ on surveillance and offers to share it with Congress article from Yahoo! News. –

The irony – not to mention the questionable convenience – of ‘finding’ material never stops with this White House.

Beware Trump’s Phony ‘Terror’ List article from the Brennan Center For Justice. –

“After President Trump revamped his Muslim ban, courts again blocked its implementation, at least for now. But another unnecessary and damaging part of the order—which directs the Department of Homeland Security to release various types of information on foreign nationals’ supposed involvement in terrorism—remains unchallenged. Like much of Trump’s campaign and fledgling presidency, the obvious goal of this reporting is to gin up fear of foreigners, especially Muslims.

It’s a tried and true tactic. The House Un-American Activities committee—a favorite of Trump surrogates—hyped the threat of “a communist behind every tree” by disseminating lists of alleged communist sympathizers in anti-war and leftist groups, as well as among teachers, federal workers and, most famously, people in the entertainment industry.

U.S. terrorism numbers are already available from a variety of sources. They show that only a handful of foreign nationals commit terrorist acts in the United States. According to an analysis by CATO, in the period between Sept. 11, 2001, and December 2015, foreign-born terrorists killed 24 people in the United States. Apparently unsatisfied with what the facts show (sound familiar?), Trump wants alternative facts, which will surely include unverifiable information about nebulous and unproven connections to terrorism and exaggerate the threat.

The order requires DHS to put out numbers on foreign nationals who have been “charged with terrorism-related offenses while in the United States,” as well as those “who have been radicalized after entry into the United States and who have engaged in terrorism-related acts.” This group would include people charged but not convicted, as well as those who “engaged” in terrorism—an undefined category. Counting foreign nationals “engaged in terrorism-related offenses” is simply a way of inflating numbers…”

Russians took Trump’s side in GOP primary, too, expert tells Senate panel article from McClatchy News. –

Michael Flynn seeks immunity, says he has a ‘story to tell’ article from the New York Post. –

How the Trump Administration Responds to Democrats’ Demands for Information: It Doesn’t article from Pro Publica. –

Trump Is Killing Record Amounts of Civilians In The Middle East article from Information Clearing House. –

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