Misadventures of a minority-elect President 46

Reince Priebus plays a starring role in taking the blame for Trump’s ineptitude, answers as to why Trump panics about the probe into his Russia scandal – part of which involving his son-in-law is unraveling, Trump may have screwed himself on getting support from Democrats in Congress, Trump’s EPA could end up greenlighting chemicals that damage humans – especially children, why Trump may not be able to defund sanctuary cities resisting his pernicious Muslim Ban, Trump’s stealth war of retaliation against sanctuary cities, incessant insecurity and infighting in Trump’s White House continues growing, flip-flopping – in typical fraudulent Trump fashion – on getting Obamacare replaced, Trump and the U.S. budget are unable to keep up with his promises, destroying President Obama’s climate plan and the environment might not be as easy as Trump thinks, Trump’s approval rating sinks to new low twice in one week, the pernicious egregiousness of Trump’s executive order on destroying the environment and climate, the existential threat posed by Trump’s treasonous White House, GOP still covering up Trump’s crimes and Russia scandal, GOP still hiding Trump’s tax returns – for the third time, getting more organized to resist and deal with the trauma that Trump is, Trump’s ignorance extends to foreign affairs – which is a big problem and more.

In Trump’s White House drama, Priebus is favorite target article from the AP on Yahoo! News. –

White House’s explanation for Kushner’s secret meeting with a Russian banker unravels article from Think Progress. –

Now we know why Trump panicked about Russia probe article from the Chicago Tribune. –

“You know things are looking grim for President Donald Trump when he starts tweeting about Hillary Clinton again. Monday evening he sounded trapped and wounded: “Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech.”

Well, perhaps it is because she is not president, did not hold back her tax returns, did not constantly cheer for Vladimir Putin, did not hire a host of pro-Putin flunkies and did not have aides who lied about contact with Russian officials.

Trump’s tweet certainly appears to be an attempt to deflect attention and to shift discussion away from the newest revelation about the Trump Russia scandal. The Post reports:

“The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, The Washington Post has learned, a position that is likely to further anger Democrats who have accused Republicans of trying to damage the inquiry…”

Trump realizes he shouldn’t have written Democrats off – but he’s already screwed himself article from the Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

Will Trump’s EPA Greenlight a Pesticide Known to Damage Kids’ Brains? article from Mother Jones. –

Trump Might Not Be Able to Defund Sanctuary Cities article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

It seems there is no single definition of what a sanctuary city actually is.

Is Trump Waging a Stealth War of Retaliation Against Sanctuary Cities? article from AlterNet. –

In a word, yes.

“Evidence mounts that aggressive sweeps are aimed at jurisdictions that limit collaboration with federal immigration authorities.

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions doubles down on President Donald Trump’s threats to crack down on sanctuary cities, evidence is mounting that the administration has already made them the target of retaliatory immigration raids as part of a backdoor effort to force compliance.

The term “sanctuary city” refers to the hundreds of jurisdictions across the United States that, to one degree or another, limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

CNN reported on March 25 that an unnamed “senior U.S. immigration official with direct knowledge of ongoing ICE actions” testified that federal authorities have descended upon sanctuary cities to pressure them to cooperate. Journalist Maria Santana wrote, “High-ranking ICE officials have discussed in internal meetings carrying out more raids on those locations [sanctuary cities].”…”

Every time you think the infighting in the Trump White House can’t get worse, it does article from the Daily Kos. –

Trump claims that health care deal is ‘easy’ despite earlier implosion article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump can’t keep up with all his promises — and neither can the US budget article from CNBC. –

Not that he ever intended to….

Here’s how Trump’s plan to dismantle Obama’s climate legacy could fall apart article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

“It was not a very good day for environmentalists.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to reverse many elements of President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy.

The order seeks to scale back federal limits on greenhouse gases, eliminate regulations of the coal industry, and take climate change out of federal agencies’ decision-making processes.

There is a chance the actions Trump has ordered could cause enough of a spike in US greenhouse-gas emissions to undo any mitigation efforts from the Obama era.

But that’s not the only possible outcome.

As the Trump administration has already seen, presidents’ ability to follow through on their agenda is limited by federal bureaucracy, the courts, Congress, and economic forces in the real world…”

Trump Calls for Cuts on Medical Research and Infrastructure to Pay for the Wall article from Fortune on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s ongoing dipshittery in the land of delusion…

Reality Check On Trump Calling For Bipartisanship On Health Care article from NPR. –

Poll: Americans dislike GOP’s, Trump’s plan on health care article from the AP on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s approval rating sinks to record low for second time in one week article from AOL News. –

Trump’s executive order puts the world on the road to climate catastrophe article from Think Progress. –

“It’s so egregious, it no longer really matters if he doesn’t formally opt out of the Paris climate deal.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump issued a sweeping executive order that effectively guts national efforts to address climate change. If he isn’t stopped, the endpoint of this approach is the ruination of our livable climate and the needless suffering of billions of people for decades to come.

The order starts the process of undoing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan standards for power plants. It also spurs fossil fuel consumption and blocks federal efforts to even prepare for the multiple, simultaneous catastrophes that unrestricted carbon pollution the world faces?—?severe drought, ocean acidification, ever-worsening heat waves, rising seas that threaten to destroy coastal cites.

This is not politics as usual. The irreversible consequences of Trump’s actions would rank as one of the most tragic blunders of all time…”

Trump Trauma article from Common Dreams. –

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon: Real Threats More Serious Than Fake News Trafficked by Media article from Counter Punch. –

The threat posed to the U.S. by the treasonous cabal in the White House if potentially existential…


GOP still trying to cover up our illegitimate minority-elect President’s crimes.

Trump White House lesson: Seek factual information elsewhere video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

House Republicans Vote To Keep Trump’s Tax Returns Secret For The Third Time article from the Huffington Post. –

GOP still hiding Trump’s tax returns:

“WASHINGTON ? Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee voted down a measure offered by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) to force President Donald Trump to release his tax returns to the committee.

In a party-line vote on Tuesday, 24 committee Republicans voted against the measure and 16 Democrats voted for it.

This is the second time committee Republicans have voted to keep Trump’s tax returns secret and the third time the House has held a vote on the subject. In February, committee Republicans sunk a prior measure from Pascrell, and then, on the floor of the House, Republicans beat back a resolution, also from Pascrell, to force the release of Trump’s tax returns. Both votes were along party lines.

Trump has refused to voluntarily release his tax returns for public review, though every other president since Gerald Ford has released some portion of their tax returns. Trump claims he can’t release his returns because they’re under a “routine audit,” but has provided no evidence of one. There is also no law or regulation preventing individuals from publicly disclosing their tax returns when they are under audit…”

Trump Wants to Slash Medical Research Funding to Help Pay for Border Wall article from Common Dreams. –

End the Nunes charade, and follow the Russian money article from the Washington Post. –

Donald Trump’s Ignorance Extends to Foreign Affairs. That’s A Big Problem article from the Huffington Post. –

Unfortunately Trump’s ignorance extends to virtually everything he does…

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