Misadventures of a minority-elect President 42

Internet catching on to the fact the ‘so much winning’ Trump is a loser, Trump played by the swamp he promised to drain – which of course was nothing but a con job from the beginning, another Trump lie catching up to him, Trump driven by his constant need for attention and approval, Trump’s credibility no longer exists, why Trump’s dubious blame game won’t work this time, rising chorus of voices calling for Medicare for all, in typical fashion of his idiocracy, Trump lied about not promising to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as he took office, Trump supporters continue being taken by the conman they voted for, never-ending scandals in Trump’s ongoing turmoil, Twitter-verse goes crazy over Trump/Ryan healthcare implosion and more.

After Presidet ‘So Much Winning!’ Trump Takes a Dive on Health Care Vote, Internet Calls Him a ‘Loser’ article from People on Yahoo! News. –

How Paul Ryan played Donald Trump article from Vox. –

“Sometimes the swamp drains you.

Donald Trump promised to be a different kind of president. He was a populist fighting on behalf of the “forgotten man,” taking on the GOP establishment, draining the Washington swamp, protecting Medicaid from cuts, vowing to cover everyone with health care and make the government pay for it. He was a pragmatic businessman who was going to make Washington work for you, the little guy, not the ideologues and special interests.

Instead, Trump has become a pitchman for Paul Ryan and his agenda. He’s spent the past week fighting for a health care bill he didn’t campaign on, didn’t draft, doesn’t understand, doesn’t like to talk about, and can’t defend. Rather than forcing the Republican establishment to come around to his principles, he’s come around to theirs — with disastrous results…”

Trump faces backlash over comment: ‘I never said’ repeal Obamacare within ’64 days’ article from AOL News. –

Trump Is a Conservative Only by Accident? article from AlterNet. –

‘His credibility is taking a direct hit’: CNN political analyst tears into Trump over GOP healthcare bill article from the Business Insider. –

Not that he ever had any credibility to begin with…

Trump’s blame game won’t work this time article from CNN. –

“(CNN)In the final hours of the health care debate, President Trump’s primary political strategy became clear. He threatened to blame Speaker Paul Ryan and the congressional Republicans if the bill went down to defeat. They would be responsible for the continuation of Obamacare.

He would make this clear to his constituents. Speaker Ryan and the congressional Republicans did not deliver. There is no plan B, his press secretary Sean Spicer said. If the bill was defeated, the President explained, Republicans would have to shoulder the responsibility for the survival of Obamacare and for breaking their campaign pledge.

It didn’t work. In the final hours of the workday, President Trump conceded defeat and agreed when Speaker Ryan said to pull the bill.

But don’t expect him to pull back from his blame game strategy. From the moment that he took office, President Trump has been blaming everyone else for every problem that he has faced…”

Trump and the GOP should fact it: There’s only one option left to fix health care article from CNBC. –

68 times Trump promised to repeal Obamacare article from Think Progress. –

In the typical fashion of his idiocracy, Trump lied.

Bill Maher Responds to AHCA Failure: Trump Supporters ‘Taken by a Conman’ article from TV Line. –

Ryan’s Choice article from Counter Punch. –

“By the standards of Republican legislators, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, is a whiz kid — smarter than the average and a policy wonk to boot. Compared to his colleagues, he is a serious thinker; the bar is set that low.

Nevertheless, he embarrasses himself each and every time he puts his thinking cap on.

Ryan’s deficiencies have become glaringly apparent as House Republicans and Donald Trump duel with each other over how to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.

Ryan and his co-thinkers bring muddled minds to the table. Trump’s mind is a blank slate; he is, by his own account, too busy to read or waste time thinking.

He is too busy to do much of anything except vacation weekends at taxpayer expense at his over-the-top cash cow, Mar-a-Lago, hold campaign rallies in friendly venues (even now, with the election over), repeat what he heard on Fox News and even sleazier sites like Breitbart and from Steven Bannon and his band of miscreants, and, of course, post tweets…”

Trump visits Trump-branded property for 8th consecutive weekend article from Think Progress. –

The whole Trump growth story is about to face a huge challenge article from CNBC. –

A dire period of scandal for Trump in turmoil video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The Twitter-Verse Rejoices, Mocks Trump/Ryan beautifully article from the Daily Kos. –

LOL. A must see.

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