Misadventures of a minority-elect President 35

When you look at what Trump does as opposed to what he says, a larger pattern of deception becomes clearer: How the Trump administration shot itself in the foot – again – over Muslim Ban 2.0, more on Trump’s dystopian budget, comparing Trump to Mussolini gives us lessons we can learn from historical fascism, Trump admits his campaign promises are lies, Paul Ryan tired of taking the blame on TrumpCare, the potential conflict of interest in defeating ISIS, Trump’s delusions on display with Merkel meeting, prompting another tweetstorm against ‘FAKE NEWS’ from our Presidential twit, using Trump’s words against him, on being a War President, Trump scandals foreshadowing other important News, more blow back coming for Trump voters that the majority of us will all pay for, CNN host attributes Trump’s success to ‘bullsh***ng, Justice Department purportedly close to giving up on Trump’s fraudulent wiretapping claims, Trump voter remorse is growing as more young Americans view Trump’s presidency as illegitimate and more.

The Trump Administration Shot Itself in the Foot. Again. article from Esquire. –

Exclusive: How ‘The Apprentice’ boosted Trump’s 2005 income – and tax bill article from Yahoo! News. –

White House finds someone who doesn’t think its budget is a joke. Oh, wait, actually… article from Yahoo! News. –

“Beset on all sides by criticism of its budget proposal, the White House reached out for support Friday from an unlikely source, an opinion piece in the Washington Post.

The administration itself couldn’t have written a more glowing endorsement than the Thursday column by Alexandra Petri, entitled “Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why,” which begins by denouncing critics of the budget priorities as “wimps” and proceeds to the suggestion that teachers be replaced by F-35s wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Hence the link in the White House’s “1600 Daily” newsletter, which gives the administration’s take on the day’s news and is sent to anyone who signs up on the wh.gov website…”

President Trump Shrugs off the Devastating Impact Repealing Obamacare Will Have on His Base article from AlterNet. –

Trump is on a Budget-Slashing Spree. Here are Top 10 Things Big Government Proponents Don’t Want to See article from the Independent Journal Review. –

Trump and Mussolini: 11 Key Lesson from Historical Fascism article from AlterNet. –

Paul Ryan is tired of taking the blame for Trumpcare article from Think Progress. –

“This is something we wrote with President Trump,” Ryan told Fox Business.

Republicans in Congress spent seven years attacking Obamacare as a failed health care law, but now that they have the opportunity to advance their own bill, things aren’t going as smoothly as they hoped. The GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill is already wildly unpopular, and party leadership is passing the blame like a hot potato.

According to a poll from Public Policy Polling, only 24 percent of voters support the plan, and the GOP caucus itself is split: while the right flank attacks the bill as “Obamacare lite,” moderate Republicans are concerned over the cuts to Medicaid, the projected drop in the overall insured rate, and the proposal to defund Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has long been lauded as the GOP’s signature policy wonk (a reputation he’s failed to live up to), and, as Speaker of the House, he has had a leading role in crafting the bill. So far, an outsized share of the responsibility for the slow-rolling legislative disaster is landing with Ryan…”

Trump insists his meeting with Merkel was ‘good’ while mounting another tirade on Nato allies article from the International Business Times on Yahoo! News. –

Trump defends meeting with Merkel against ‘FAKE NEWS’ reports article from AOL News. –

THE COURTS AND PRESIDENT TRUMP’S WORDS article from the New Yorker. –

Using Trump’s words against him to stop Muslim Ban 2.0

A painful lesson as Donald Trump’s words are put into action article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

“…In his inaugural address, Trump vowed, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.” This week, the promise was exposed as a lie…”

Voters in urban areas discover what they ‘have to lose’ under Trump article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

NSC head McMaster knows what it will take to defeat ISIS. But will Trump listen? article from Yahoo! News. –

Sorry Non-Interventionists: Donald Trump is a War President article from Counter Punch. –

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump claimed to have opposed the Iraq war, wanted better relations with Russia, and even briefly put his hand on the hot stove of the Arab-Israeli conflict, calling himself “neutral” on Palestine.

On the other hand, he called for “rebuilding” the US armed forces, which hardly need it (they’re already the most expensive and bloated war machine on the planet). And he yanked his hand off the stove when he got his fingers burnt, turning 180 degrees to announce that he’d be “the most pro-Israel president ever,” when he decided that’s what it took to win the election.

Clearly candidate Trump was a mixed bag on foreign policy, but he was marginally better than most of his opponents. Some antiwar activists took heart at the possibility that he might, as president, cut back on US military adventurism.

No such luck…”

Trump scandals overshowing Navy’s biggest corruption case video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria attributes President Trump’s success to ‘bullsh***ing’ article and video from AOL News. –

The US Justice Department may be close to throwning cold water on Trump’s wiretapping claims article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

“A classified report from the US Justice Department reportedly does not confirm President Donald Trump’s accusations that President Barack Obama ordered a spying operation against him during the 2016 election, CNN reported, citing two government officials familiar with the DOJ document.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California and House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, a Republican, both indicated to CNN on Friday that they do not believe the DOJ’s report backs up Trump’s wiretapping allegations.

“There’s really no question about this. The president’s statements before, and his tweets since leading right up today, have no basis in fact,” Schiff said. The bipartisan committee issued a statement earlier this week to that effect, saying it sees “no indications” that Trump was wiretapped…”

The Number of People Who Regret Voting for Trump Is Growing article from Marie Claire on Yahoo! News. –

Young Americans: Most see Trump as illegitimate president article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump supporters hang with their guy on Trumpcare because he’ll take away ‘those people’s’ insurance article from the Daily Kos. –

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