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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 33

Trump’s bluster about Muslim’s comes back to bite him in Judge’s decision to block Muslim travel ban, Trump’s health care chaos, speculation of a coup against our minority-elect President, still trying to deflect his pernicious claims of being wiretapped, Trump berates ‘fake news’ after confirming the authenticity of his released tax return, more apparent Trump ties to Russia revealed, Trump’s paranoid White House, once again our presidential twit tweeted before thinking, Trump admits his health care plan screws over the people that voted for him while enriching his friends, in his typical fashion of speaking without thinking, Trump may have blurted out classified information, Trump’s deep state conundrums, resources for resisting Trump, reverting back to campaign mode after another embarrassing defeat, opposition to the Trump’s health care con making the GOP extremely nervous and more.

Loose talk came back to haunt Trump in judge’s travel ban ruling article from the Guardian. –

Here’s how Trump’s hateful campaign rhetoric doomed his ‘Muslim Ban 2.0’ article from Raw Story. –

Is Donald Trump Intentionally Sowing Health Care Chaos? article from AlterNet. –

“With the GOP’s health care bill on the critical list, Trump’s cynical fallback plan looks like his only option.

Predictably, the promised Obamacare “repeal and replace” legislation has thrown all of Washington into a tizzy. The reason it was predictable is that if the Republicans had been able to put together a serious alternative to Obamacare’s market-friendly, hybrid health care program, they would have done it long ago and run on it. The fact that they didn’t should have been a hint that whatever they did was going to be politically unpopular. Instead, they demagogued the program for years, turning it into an easy symbol of Obama hatred to motivate their base. Now they are like dogs who finally caught the car they’ve been chasing and have no idea what to do with it.

Since Paul Ryan and company dropped their plan and the House speaker took to the airwaves with his sleeves rolled up to give the country a riveting PowerPoint presentation, it’s been obvious that their plan is in big trouble. When the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis on Monday showing that 24 million people stood to lose their insurance and costs would rise insanely high for older people, all to give the wealthy yet another tax cut, the bottom fell out. Headlines like this one, from the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia, were seen all over the country on Tuesday morning:…”

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