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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 28

Explaining life in Trump’s land of delusion, Trump’s travel ban suffers major legal setback, aiding al-Qaeda by committing more drone strikes in Yemen in one week than President Obama did in a year, Trump’s plan to gut HUD will devastate majority of minions that voted for him, Trump’s hiring freeze hitting military families hard, Ethics office tells Trump and co. they are not above the rules, White House ignorance isn’t limited to our minority-elect President, the joke known as TrumpCare still faces major hurdle, why calling Trump crazy is an insult to crazy people, impeachment not required to remove a jackass president and more.

Donald Trump’s White House bubble presidency explained article from AOL News. –

‘Bomb the Sh*t Out Of Them!’ – Trump Drones Yemen More in One Week Than Obama in a Year article from Information Clearing House. –

“Undeterred by the disastrous commando raid on Yemen in the first days of his Administration, where plenty of civilians were killed but the target got away, President Donald Trump has escalated US military involvement in the tragic Yemen conflict to an unprecedented level. In fact as Foreign Policy reports, the US President has bombed Yemen more in the past week than President Obama (no peacenik) has bombed in a year.

But although the US escalation in Yemen is sold back home as another aggressive front in the war against al-Qaeda, in fact US operations in Yemen are actually helping al-Qaeda as well as its chief sponsor, Saudi Arabia.

The problem is that because his advisors are increasingly drawn from the neocon camp, the advice he is given is filtered through the “noble lie” that the neocons view as the central tenet of their faith. Thus even though the main enemies of al-Qaeda in Yemen are the Houthis, because Trump has been sold the neocon lie that the Houthis are Iranian proxies Trump is droning Yemen back to the stone age to the advantage of al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia, who are on the same side.

While it is arguable that the President has authority under the authorization for the use of military force against those attacked us on 9/11 to attack al-Qaeda in Yemen, very few would argue that such authorization extends to actually helping al-Qaeda in Yemen…”

Trump’s revised travel ban dealt first court setback article from AOL News. –

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