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Trump’s White House denies Trump’s meeting with Russian ambassador during presidential primary despite multiple documented reports of it, Trump’s lies just keep coming, the difficulty of managing the Trump ‘disinformation’ bubble, Trump’s fraudulent enrichment program, Trump lies – tries to take credit – for Exxon’s expansion program, 38 more conflicts of interest for our fraudulent minority-elect President, even pro-Trump media isn’t buying his dubious Obamacare replacement bill crap, Trump prepares to go to war with GOP over Trumpcare, parts of Trump’s Russian dossier have been confirmed, Trump’s betrayal of those who believed his health care promises, echoing Nixon in so many ways for many of the same reasons, why Democrats keep losing to Trump and his miscreants, why it’s important not to get distracted by the Trump sideshow, the frightening truth about Fox News viewers and their support of Trump and more.

White House calls reported Trump meeting with Russian ambassador ‘absurd’ article from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

Trump live tweets Fox, adding a lie of his own article from Think Progress. –

“President Donald Trump began his Tuesday by live tweeting statistics from Fox News?—?and embroidering the media coverage on Fox to spread a falsehood about how which Guantanamo detainees former President Barack Obama released.

While the statistic had appeared on Fox shortly before, the falsehood was Trump’s own extrapolation.

At 6:13 a.m. during a news rundown, Fox News mentioned the death of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Yasir al-Silmi, who was killed in an air strike on Yemen on March 2nd.

“A win in the war on terror, the Trump administration just killed a former Guantanamo Bay detainee released by Barack Obama, Yasir al-Silmi,” the segment went. “He had been released back in 2009 even though the department of defense recommended that he stay behind bars. 122 prisoners released from Gitmo have returned to the battlefield…”

Fact-checking Trump’s tweet about Guantanamo Bay detainees article by GMA from Yahoo! News. –

Surprise…another Trump lie.

Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign article from Think Progress. –

Right-Wing Pipeline of Lies and Propaganda Distorts Media Coverage: New Study article from AlterNet. –

On how the Trump ‘disinformation’ bubble is difficult for the media to manage.

The Art of the Trump Enrichment Program article from Bloomberg News. –

Trump and his family are still enriching themselves with their fraudulent actions:

“That’s not a get-rich-quick scheme,” Donald Trump Jr. insisted to the Washington Post in a story published over the weekend.

Of course it’s not! Don Jr., Eric, and their father, President Donald Trump, have four years — maybe, God forbid, even eight — to financially exploit the American presidency. There’s no big rush.

The Post story, and a similar one the New York Times last month, have explored where the Trump sons expect to take the Trump Organization now that its founder is no longer focused on it, being the president and all. (Their sister Ivanka Trump, who was also a top executive at the company, resigned after her father was elected.) In both stories, the Trump boys insisted that a Chinese wall existed between themselves and their father, at least when it comes to the family business.

“There are lines we would never cross,” Eric Trump told the Post, “and that’s mixing business with anything government.” To the Times, Donald Trump Jr. said that using the presidency “as a way to enrich yourself is laughable.”

But rather than dampen the fears that the president would line his pockets while in office, the two articles — and several others — essentially prove that the Trump Federal Enrichment Program is going full tilt…”

Trump says Exxon expansion program reflects his jobs campaign promise, but plan was hatched in 2013 article from ABC News. –

Another lie: Trump tried to take credit for Exxon’s expansion program from 2013.

China grants preliminary approval to 38 new Trump trademarks article from Yahoo! News. –

38 more conflicts of interest for our fraudulent minority-elect President.

Sanders Doubles Down On Calling Trump A Liar article from the International Business Times on Yahoo! News. –

Trump betrays those who believed his health care promises from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

“In the first 24 hours after House Republicans unveiled their new health care reform plan, one of the unexpected mysteries was whether Donald Trump liked it. Mixed signals from the White House raised the possibility that the Republican president might not endorse his own party’s legislation.

A written statement from the White House on Monday night, for example, expressed lukewarm support and notably did not include an endorsement. The next morning, however, the president himself referred to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) plan as “our wonderful new Healthcare Bill.” (Trump occasionally capitalizes words he thinks are important.)

HHS Secretary Tom Price endorsed the GOP’s “American Health Care Act” in a letter to Congress, but a few hours later, he hedged during a press briefing. Vice President Mike Pence backed the bill, but Press Secretary Sean Spicer was more circumspect…”

Pro-Trump media breaks with Trump on health care bill article from CNN. –

ANALYSIS: President Trump preps for war with his own base from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

Good luck fighting the war for Trumpcare….

Trump v. the Media: A Fight to the Death article from AlterNet. –

“Fake news” and “false facts” are the battle cries in this ferocious struggle for power in Washington.

Self-absorbed and irrational Donald Trump may well be, but on Thursday he held what was probably the most interesting and entertaining White House press conference ever. These are usually grimly ritualistic events in which select members of the media establishment, who have often come to see themselves as part of the permanent government of the US, ask predictable questions and get equally predictable replies.

The conventions of democracy are preserved but nobody is much the wiser, and the general tone is one of fawning credulity towards whatever line the administration is adopting. That this has long been the case was shown in the fascinating book about the press coverage of the 1972 presidential campaign, The Boys on the Bus by Timothy Crouse, which notes that negative popular perceptions of the media truckling to power is largely true of the White House correspondents, though not of other reporters.

For now, Trump reminds one more of a theatrical populist like Silvio Berlusconi than anything resembling a proto-fascist or authoritarian demagogue like Benito Mussolini. This perception may change as he secures his grip on the levers of power as he promises to do, blaming leaks from the US intelligence services on holdovers from the Obama administration…”

Pieces of Trump dossier check out despite investigative dearth video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Don’t Get Distracted: the Specter of Extinction Must Trump the Sideshow article from Counter Punch. –

Some very good reasons why you shouldn’t let the Trump sideshow distract you from his delusional reality.

In its declarations about enemies and leaks, Trump presidency recalls the Nixon era article from McClatchy News. –

Echoing Nixon in his land of delusion.

Why Trump Continues to Beat the Democrats article from Counter Punch. –

“At a water cooler or Starbucks near you, speculating about Donald Trump’s psychological state is America’s newest cultural obsession. Is the president crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

I don’t know. What I do know is that Trump’s Democratic opponents are doomed if they think they can beat him by acting reasonable. Haven’t they learned anything from Hillary’s disastrous “when they go low, we go high” shtick?

Point of order: what follows are musings about political strategy, not an impassioned “Trump is evil and here’s how to get rid of him” advisory column. If this makes you want to read no further, here’s the big reveal: Democrats are congenital wimps.

Still here? Awesome…”

New Polling Data Reveal a Frightening Truth About Trump Supporters article from AlterNet. –

It’s no accident that Fox News viewers are the most uninformed.

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