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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 24

One semi-coherent speech does not make a President great, protesters have already scored victories against Trump’s policies, liberal elites are Donald Trump’s best friends, bizarre Trump eruptions to deflect attention from his malfeasance, delusional ‘school choice’ plan pushes religious fundamentalism at taxpayer expense, Trumpcare – unsurprisingly – is a bad joke, Trump is panicking because he knows the Feds are closing in on him, Trump’s closest brown shirt friend in the US Congress, so much for Trump being Presidential, incorrectly – again – blaming President Obama for something he didn’t do, simply follow the money to get to the bottom of Trump’s Russia scandal, Park Service releases photos contradicting Trump’s inauguration claims, where alternative facts fail, White House officials reveal their ignorance over Trump’s false wiretap claims, the pending Trump disappointment, information on Trump’s illicit deals and ties coming to light, Trump’s claims about Obama could be grounds for impeachment if it turns out their baseless accusations, White House whines about no one believing them over former President Obama, bets have begun on how long the Trump administration will survive and more.

Poll: Few See Trump’s Address To Congress As A Pivot article from the Huffington Post. –

How activists have already scored victories against Trump’s policies article from the Guardian. –

Donald Trump’s Greatest Allies Are the Liberal Elites article from Truthdig. –

“The liberal elites, who bear significant responsibility for the death of our democracy, now hold themselves up as the saviors of the republic. They have embarked, despite their own corruption and their complicity in neoliberalism and the crimes of empire, on a self-righteous moral crusade to topple Donald Trump. It is quite a show. They attack Trump’s “lies,” denounce executive orders such as his travel ban as un-American and blame Trump’s election on Russia or FBI Director James Comey rather than the failed neoliberal policies they themselves advanced.

Where was this moral outrage when our privacy was taken from us by the security and surveillance state, the criminals on Wall Street were bailed out, we were stripped of our civil liberties and 2.3 million men and women were packed into our prisons, most of them poor people of color? Why did they not thunder with indignation as money replaced the vote and elected officials and corporate lobbyists instituted our system of legalized bribery? Where were the impassioned critiques of the absurd idea of allowing a nation to be governed by the dictates of corporations, banks and hedge fund managers? Why did they cater to the foibles and utterings of fellow elites, all the while blacklisting critics of the corporate state and ignoring the misery of the poor and the working class? Where was their moral righteousness when the United States committed war crimes in the Middle East and our militarized police carried out murderous rampages? What the liberal elites do now is not moral. It is self-exaltation disguised as piety. It is part of the carnival act.

The liberal class, ranging from Hollywood and the Democratic leadership to The New York Times and CNN, refuses to acknowledge that it sold the Democratic Party to corporate bidders; collaborated in the evisceration of our civil liberties; helped destroy programs such as welfare, orchestrate the job-killing North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, wage endless war, debase our public institutions including the press and build the world’s largest prison system.

“The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important than ever,” reads a television ad for The New York Times. What the paper fails to add is that the hardest place to find the truth about the forces affecting the life of the average American and the truth about empire is in The New York Times itself. News organizations, from the Times to the tawdry forms of entertainment masquerading as news on television, have rendered most people and their concerns invisible. Liberal institutions, especially the press, function, as the journalist and author Matt Taibbi says, as “the guardians” of the neoliberal and imperial orthodoxy…”

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