Misadventures of a minority-elect President 22

Trump incorrectly trying to blame his predecessor – not the FBI – for unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped, meaning a FISA Judge found probable cause to surveil him (which of course if bad news for Trump), our liar-in-chief is branded a liar for false ‘watergate’ claims – which is being used to try and deflect attention away from his ever-growing Russian scandal, Trump warned not to tread on State Pot Laws, Breitbart acting as Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda on phony wiretap claims, once again our minority-elect President tweets before he thinks, a short Trump wiretap conspiracy theory short story courtesy of Stephen King, Trump’s baseless wire-tap claims rule Sunday political theater talk shows, media helps Trump deflect responsibility for failed Yemen Raid, some say Trump’s Tweet tantrum was fueled because he knows he has been caught, Fox News and their role in Trump’s delusional fairy tales, fighting brain rot in the Trump era and more.

Trump’s Wiretapping Claim Based on Warrants Granted to FBI article from Fortune on Yahoo! News. –

A FISA court, allegedly with probable cause, would have issued the order to wiretap Trump and his ilk, not President Obama.

Even Donald Trump officials ‘do not know’ where he got wiretap claims from article by the Independent on Yahoo! News. –

“White House officials have reportedly said they have no idea where President Donald Trump got his information that his phones were wire-tapped by Barack Obama.

Mr Trump made his latest explosive claims on Twitter without offering supporting evidence, saying he was the target of a Watergate-style plot and his New York office was wiretapped during the election campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Two former senior US officials dismissed Mr Trump’s accusations out of hand as “just nonsense” and “just wrong”, with one telling CNN categorically: “This did not happen…”

Trump accused Obama of ‘McCarthysism.’ But Trump’s lifelong mentor had a crucial role in its rise article from the Chicago Tribune. –

Trump’s evidence-free wiretap allegation dominates Sunday talk shows article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump claims he was wiretapped. If he’s right, it could be his undoing article from Think Progress. –

“It would suggest a FISA court found probable cause linking his campaign to Russian officials…”

Many dozens of supporters gather across the country to March 4 Trump article from Think Progress. –

So much for the massive turnout Trump said would be huge….

Can the Media Get It Together to Sink Trump? article from AlterNet. –

Donald Trump attacks Barack Obama over Watergate-style bugging of Trump Tower – but is then branded a ‘liar’ article from the Telegraph on Yahoo! News. –

Probably because he is….that’s why Trump is known as our minority-elect liar-in-chief.

Jesse Ventura Warns Donald Trump: Don’t Tread On State Pot Laws article from the Huffington Post. –

“Shame on President Trump for even considering this.”

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has a warning to Donald Trump, if he dares to prosecute marijuana smokers in states where it’s legal: “Not on my watch.”

The stern message came in a commentary Ventura wrote for CNBC.com, where he takes the president to task for even considering trampling state laws.

“It is completely wrong and unethical ? not to mention unconstitutional ? to reverse state law just because you feel like it,” Ventura writes. “Shame on President Trump for even considering this…”

Trump Relied on Breitbart to Claim Obama Tapped His Phones article from Bloomberg on Yahoo! News. –

Trump still using Breitbart to act as his Ministry of Propaganda.

With tweetstorm, Trump may have exercised exclusive declassification authority article from ABC News. –

Donald Trump’s tweets about Obama ‘wiretapping his phone’ could set a dangerous precedent article from Yahoo! News. –

Once again our minority-elect President tweets before he thinks…not too bright.

Trump accuses ‘sick’ Obama of wiretapping him and his proof is [INSERT PROOF HERE] article from Mashable. –

“As is custom in the United States, we wake up, yawn, remember that it’s 2017, grab our phones, and then, bleary-eyed, go on Twitter to see what messages our president has hastily tapped that will rule our lives for the next 24 hours.

And on Saturday, like clockwork, President Donald Trump was at it again, tweeting about “wire tapping.”

The president appears to believe that former President Barack Obama—a favorite target of Trump’s—had directed a “wire tapping” operation at Trump Tower in New York City, where Trump spent the majority of his time before he moved south to Washington, D.C…”

Stephen King mocks Donald Trump’s wire-tap ‘conspiracy theories’ with new short story article from Yahoo! News. –

Media Fall For Trump’s Shameless Act Regarding Failed Yemen Raid article from Media Matters. –

Intelligence expert on Trump rants: ‘target starts getting buggy, because he knows that he’s caught’ article from the Daily Kos. –

Trump’s World Increasingly Shaped by Fox News, and Fox by Trump article from Bloomberg News. –

Trump’s delusional fairy tales fueling and fueled by Fox News, whose ratings have increased, indicating that Fox is busily misinforming more viewers:

“Donald Trump’s TV viewing habits have changed since he became president — networks he views as hostile have fallen out of favor, Fox News is in heavy rotation — creating an unusually close relationship between a president and a news outlet.

Long a voracious consumer of cable news, Trump has cut back how much he watches CNN and MSNBC in recent weeks, having sworn off the latter network’s “Morning Joe” after criticism from its hosts, according to a senior White House aide privy to the president’s viewing habits.

Instead, the president now spends hours some mornings watching Fox News, switching occasionally to CNBC for business headlines, along with a daily diet of newspapers and press clippings, said the official, who asked not to be identified discussing private information. On the evenings when he doesn’t have a dinner or briefing, Trump will spend most of his TV-viewing time watching Fox News shows hosted by Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, the aide said.

Trump has heartily endorsed Fox News on Twitter and in various public statements, and some of its programming has even influenced his communications with the public, mostly through tweets. Several examples have emerged of Trump apparently seeing something on Fox — crime rates in Chicago, an incident in Sweden — only to tweet about it moments later…”

6 Ways to Fight Brain Rot in the Trump Era article from AlterNet. –

Franken: Trump’s wiretapping claims ‘just a distraction’ from Russia investigations video from ABC News. –

Donald Trump runs into Twitter trouble with repeated spelling errors as his attempt to turn heat on Democrats goes awry article from the Telegraph on Yahoo! News. –

Donald Trump and the Enemy Within article from U.S. News. –

“At a health-related business expo three years ago, when Donald Trump was asked for the No. 1 trait he looks for in employees, he replied with a single word: loyalty.

It’s an attribute he’s valued throughout his corporate career and, to varying degrees, during his dive into electoral politics.

But as president, Trump is now learning the limits of leaning on loyalty while overseeing a sprawling federal government bureaucracy that is too massive to manage or ensure total trust…”

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