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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 22

Trump incorrectly trying to blame his predecessor – not the FBI – for unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped, meaning a FISA Judge found probable cause to surveil him (which of course if bad news for Trump), our liar-in-chief is branded a liar for false ‘watergate’ claims – which is being used to try and deflect attention away from his ever-growing Russian scandal, Trump warned not to tread on State Pot Laws, Breitbart acting as Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda on phony wiretap claims, once again our minority-elect President tweets before he thinks, a short Trump wiretap conspiracy theory short story courtesy of Stephen King, Trump’s baseless wire-tap claims rule Sunday political theater talk shows, media helps Trump deflect responsibility for failed Yemen Raid, some say Trump’s Tweet tantrum was fueled because he knows he has been caught, Fox News and their role in Trump’s delusional fairy tales, fighting brain rot in the Trump era and more.

Trump’s Wiretapping Claim Based on Warrants Granted to FBI article from Fortune on Yahoo! News. –

A FISA court, allegedly with probable cause, would have issued the order to wiretap Trump and his ilk, not President Obama.

Even Donald Trump officials ‘do not know’ where he got wiretap claims from article by the Independent on Yahoo! News. –

“White House officials have reportedly said they have no idea where President Donald Trump got his information that his phones were wire-tapped by Barack Obama.

Mr Trump made his latest explosive claims on Twitter without offering supporting evidence, saying he was the target of a Watergate-style plot and his New York office was wiretapped during the election campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Two former senior US officials dismissed Mr Trump’s accusations out of hand as “just nonsense” and “just wrong”, with one telling CNN categorically: “This did not happen…”

Trump accused Obama of ‘McCarthysism.’ But Trump’s lifelong mentor had a crucial role in its rise article from the Chicago Tribune. –

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