Misadventures of a minority-elect President 21

Trump’s paranoia takes center stage in his land of delusion, Trump’s lies just keep coming, despite best efforts, Trump still can’t shake the Russia scandal, Trump’s flurry of falsehoods, Trump’s apparatchiks, his flailing attempts to deflect attention away from the Russia scandal, our liar-in-chief wants to talk about who’s lost their grip on reality, the growing list of those wanting to see Trump’s tax return and more.

‘This is Nixon/Watergate’: Without evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wire tapping Trump Tower before election article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump increaslingly tries to blame former President Obama for the disastrous decisions of his illegitimate presidency.

Obama’s spokesman responds to Trump’s wiretapping claims: ‘simply false’ article from AOL News. –

Our Nietzschean Struggle article from Counter Punch. –

“In a New Republic article entitled “Apparatchik City: Nobody Here But Us Non-Dissidents” (March 5, 1990), Michael Kinsley wrote:

Is the life philosophy of members of the [Communist] Party Central Committee so different from that of members of Congress? . . . [W]hich people in the Bush Administration and associated circles would be members of the Politburo and which, if any, would be dissidents? . . . The President himself, son of a senior regional apparatchik? James Baker? Can you see our Secretary of State freezing in Siberia for his belief in freedom and democracy?

Exactly 27 years later, the same invective could be leveled against prominent members of the Trump administration, especially Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, and Reince Priebus. These are not John Lewis-es, courageous individuals who would risk their lives for the greater good. On the contrary, they are little more than modern-day Tartuffes, pretending to be righteous while disseminating their boss’s latest lies and denying his obvious immaturity and incompetence. Likewise with most congressional Republicans and the propagandists on Fox News and right-wing talk radio (Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, etc.). None of them would ever give up anything, their lives no less their millions, for the liberty that they constantly profess to cherish. These armchair generals in the modern political and cultural wars are just not the stuff that civil-rights heroes are made of…”

Keystone pipeline won’t use US steel despite Trump pledge article from the New York Post. –

Trump’s lies just keep coming.

Campaign adviser changes story and now contradicts Trump, says Donald ordered Ukraine change at RNC article from the Daily Kos. –

“Donald Trump is having a very, very bad week. As reports emerge that several of his key advisers, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, met with the Russians the week of the RNC convention, one former adviser has now publicly changed his story to contradict his former boss. Members of the Trump campaign interfered with an RNC delegate proposal to attach language to the official Republican Party platform that would back Ukraine, militarily and otherwise, if Russia tried to invade. You can read the backstory here. It was the only issue the Trump campaign intervened on while delegates were voting on the party’s platform. In a July 31, 2016, interview with George Stephanopoulos, less than two weeks after the push to remove the Ukraine language, Trump said he had absolutely nothing to do with the Ukraine change…”

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump can’t shake Russia scandal article from the Daily Kos. –

Trump wants to talk about who’s ‘lost their grip on reality’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

“Donald Trump has used his Twitter account quite a bit less this week, but the president hasn’t yet retired his favorite online medium. This morning, for example, Trump said he considers it “pathetic” that Senate Democrats “have still not approved my full Cabinet.”

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not really up to Democrats to confirm his nominees – they’re in the minority; they can’t filibuster nominees; and they have limited control over the Senate’s calendar – and as of yesterday, literally all of Trump’s cabinet choices who are eligible for a vote have already been approved.

In other words, the president woke up, turned to Twitter, and started whining about concerns that were wholly detached from reality. I can appreciate the challenges of keeping up with day-to-day events, but Trump should probably have some basic understanding of the status of his cabinet – and yet, here we are…”

The First 100 Lies: The Trump Team’s Flurry Of Falsehoods article from Politico. –

“The president and his aides succeeded in reaching the mark in just 36 days.

To say that President Donald Trump has a casual relationship with the truth would be a gross understatement. He has repeatedly cited debunked conspiracy theories, pushed voter fraud myths, and embellished his record and accomplishments. The barrage of falsehoods has been so furious that journalists have taken to issuing instant fact-checks during press conferences and calling out false statements during cable news broadcasts.

All presidents lie, but lying so brazenly and so frequently about even silly factoids like his golf game has put Trump in his own category. His disregard for the truth is reflected in his top aides, who have inflated easily disproved figures like the attendance at his inauguration and even cited terror attacks that never happened.

The Huffington Post tracked the public remarks of Trump and his aides to compile a list of 100 incidents of egregious falsehoods. Still, it is likely the administration has made dozens of other misleading and exaggerated claims…”

Fools on the Hill: Trump and Congress article from Counter Punch. –

Trump desperately tries to move the Russia scandal’s goalposts article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Still trying to deflect attention away from his treachery.

Trump wary of Russian deal; new advisers urge tougher stand article from Yahoo! News. –

House GOP Begin to Turn on Trump: Republicans Break from Party to Demand President’s Tax Returns article from AlterNet. –

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