The biggest pisser of the 2016 election

Like the majority of Americans that didn’t vote for our illegitimate minority-elect President Donald J. Trump who has absolutely no mandate whatsoever, I awoke on November 9, 2016 with a putrid sense of despair knowing that for at least the next 2 years America will be drastically eviscerated courtesy of the minority mass of morons that were foolish enough to be conned into voting for him. But the biggest pisser of the 2016 election is that now a majority of us will also pay a heavy price for the perfidious ignorance of a minority that was foolish enough to put a profoundly corrupt psychopathic wannabe dictator in the White House.

Despite the unsubstantiated Kafkaesque cries of Russian hacking of America’s election based on bogus assessments and speculation with no proof whatsoever that, according to one leader of our Intelligence complex, did not result in any votes being flipped for our Orange incoming wannabe dictator and were only designed to sway public opinion against the establishment’s more preferred Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton coupled with flatulent cries of FBI interference – despite protecting Clinton from prosecution from criminal malfeasance with a private email server which would have landed virtually anyone else prison time — Clinton has no one to blame for losing the election to a fraudulent, profoundly delusional liar whose disdain for rules and laws have been well documented but herself.

Leaked – not hacked – emails revealed numerous questionable acts of chicanery and malfeasance that only confirmed what many of us knew about Clinton all along. Disenfranchising the more popular candidate didn’t do the Democratic Party any favors either. Also note that the same morons in Washington’s Culture of Corruption that willfully lied us to war with Iraq (DNI James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham as well as their whores in our Corporate media) are claiming Russian interference in an effort to goad the public to war with Russia. Think about it and consider the sources.

After losing the presidency despite having more than 2.8 million popular votes from the majority of Americans that weren’t disenfranchised and discriminated against, Democrats lost badly as more Republicans won elections in a multitude of U.S. states and gained total control of the U.S. Congress thanks in large part to the flood of corporate money in public elections geared towards misinforming a large part of America’s gullible population that is incapable of making informed decisions and too stupid to realize that once again they have been duped, voter disenfranchisement in 27 states, uncounted ballots, and because multitudes of people couldn’t bring themselves to vote for either candidate.

Being forced to vote for the lesser of two profoundly corrupt candidates to run the nation’s highest office reveals the sham that America’s electoral process has become. Our pusillanimous corporate press corps revealed their acquiescence to Washington’s culture of corruption in their coverage of our duplicitous choices by ignoring Trump’s potentially treasonous actions and major conflicts of interest – as well as his repeated pathological lies – and his tenacious dipshittery on Twitter, cowardice of facing a real news conference and his deplorable ways of deflecting fact and truth with childish man-baby fits and temper tantrums in typical dictator-like fashion. Making matters worse for our mainstream media is the fact that they have been steadfastly complicit in Trump’s willful distractions while normalizing racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, quasi Nazi tendencies forced upon us by Trump’s faltered DNA. Ignoring major conflicts of interest and endless depths of deception, lies and criminality of Trump’s fraudulent past has enabled an era in Washington politics that will make the George W. Bush cabal look good.

You can tell a lot about a new Congress when it first takes office. From day one it was obvious that the 115th Ayn Rand worshipping GOP-led US Congress was going to be the most corrupt Congress of all time. The very first thing it tried to accomplish, after a secret closed door meeting of its corrupt, hypocritical leadership, was try to dismantle and handcuff the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), increased fines for live-streaming video on the House floor, prepared to dismantle and repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement, and laid the foundation for defunding Planned Parenthood. Our corrupt GOP Congress critters did succeed in crippling the OCE, which is responsible for investigating wrongdoing by members of Congress and for at least the next two years their plates will be very full. Rest assured that Social Security and Medicare will also be targeted.

The OCE was created in 2008 and has investigated dozens of cases each year of damning information on many of our corrupt Congress critters. Cases have included everything from insidious insider trading to accepting gifts from foreign governments. 11 examples of our corrupt Congress critters in action can be found here. Examples of Congressional corruption include: steering information and favors to lobbyists and their spouses, using a public office to benefit a personal hedge fund, luxury trips to foreign countries, ethical violations and financial malfeasance, improperly using federal resources for campaigns, trying to buy a Senate seat, breaking campaign finance rules, and paying for family trips with campaign funds. Of course, our incoming illegitimate minority-elect President has broken a multitude of campaign finance rules too.

Now that the GOP has complete control of the U.S. Congress and will soon have control of the White House it will not bode well for the majority of us that did not vote for our duplicitous Orange incoming wannabe dictator. Despite the multitude of lies about draining the swamp, the GOP is replenishing it and making it more corrupt. Public protest stopped the gutting of the OCE which will enable more corruption from our corrupt Congress critters, but they will inevitably try to eviscerate it again. Every American will pay a heavy price for the actions of an ignorant minority that gave the GOP complete control. That, for the moment, is the biggest pisser of the 2016 election. In the near future I will be publishing a guide to resisting our illegitimate minority-elect President and the corrupt Congress that has taken office but for now pay attention and don’t let the ignorance of a minority destroy the wishes of a majority. After all, the Trump cabal doesn’t play by the rules, why should we?

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