Predicating War with Russia with Lies and Deception

Truth presents the biggest threat and the greatest enemy to Washington which is pissed off royally because their propaganda campaigns keep failing as the truth is revealed. Washington’s crimes in Ukraine, aimed at starting a war with Russia to try and force it to comply with the West’s global Imperialist agenda, have been conveniently twisted around to make Russia look guilty of allegations it is not responsible for. Washington has globalized war while President Barack Obama is presented as a peacemaker, complete with a dubious Nobel Peace prize, when in reality he is guilty of committing crimes in Ukraine to try and make the U.S. public believe that war with Russia is necessary. The problem for Washington is that none of the premeditated fabrications and lies they are accusing Russia of are not true. Russia hasn’t committed war crimes in Ukraine. Washington has and now they’re trying to follow up those crimes with more lies and deceptions to start another illegal war.

To justify their crimes it has become necessary for Washington to plunge Eurasia into chaos and try to secularize Russia which normally poses no threat to the U.S. Now they do since Washington has dubiously deceived the American public and put their criminal cohorts in charge of Ukraine. If the U.S. State Department hadn’t committed treason and orchestrated the illegal overthrow of the Ukraine government in February of 2014, we would not be dealing with the chicanery over a non-existent Russian threat today. Just like the fraudulent “War on Terror,” the bogus calls for war with Russia are all based on lies, deceptions and illegal activities conducted by Washington to fulfill incorrigible greed. No amount of propaganda can cover the fact that the mess in Ukraine is the responsibility of the U.S.

Had the U.S. not illegally overthrown the democratically-elected Ukraine government and replaced it with neo-Nazi fascists to cater to Washington’s corrupt quest for global domination, none of the lies and deceptions being spread by the U.S. government to start war with Russia would be possible. Because Washington and their owners on Wall Street have fraudulently destroyed world economies, Washington launched its proxy war in Ukraine. The U.S. has been dubiously building up an iron wall from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea in an attempt to separate Russia from the rest of the world under the guise of keeping allies safe, but there is not one shred of truth in the media as to why. As usual, the U.S. media is busily misinforming the U.S. population as to what is really happening in Washington’s quest for another illegal war — this time with Russia.


Ukraine has nothing whatsoever to do with sovereignty, Russian aggression or Democracy. Ukraine has everything to do with propaganda aimed at Washington starting a European war. Europe knows Washington is full of shit about Russia but so far has done little to try and prevent it and Europe will pay a heavy price for Washington’s malfeasance, especially if the war turns nuclear. Ukraine is all about power and Washington’s incorrigible greed. In order to attempt regime change in Russia and steal all their natural resources Washington is doing its damnedest to sanction, isolate and intimidate Russia by putting the U.S. military on Russian borders and creating problems to demonize Russia. Eventually that will inevitably involve more false flags like having the Ukrainian military shooting down another civilian airliner like they did last year, but chances are Washington’s actions will fail.

For its part the U.S. military no longer conducts wars. Instead it conducts assassinations and helps the CIA conduct regime change while training and funding terrorists to do its dirty work. With traitors like Victoria Nuland who bragged about spending $5 billion to illegally overthrow Ukraine’s government last February and blatantly lies to the U.S. Congress about Russia’s aggression despite the facts revealing a completely different version of reality, the U.S. will not be able to beat Russia and America’s crooked cronies in the European Union will not be kowtowing to Washington for much longer. Nuland is a traitor who has repeatedly twisted the truth about what is happening in Ukraine around to make Russia look like a villain but the only ones foolish enough to buy her bull shit are the crooks sitting in the U.S. Congress who have openly advocated for conducting regime change in Russia.

Wars of aggression are criminal acts and those who falsely incite wars of aggression are criminals. Those in the media who are owned by criminals pushing wars of aggression that unquestioningly push Washington’s propaganda are also criminals. Purposely provoking Russia into a war due to your illegal actions is not only criminal it is profoundly stupid and self-defeating. Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda has grown more adept at creating false “perception management” but due to the lack of any credibility is finding its lies and deceptions are becoming more difficult to push. The more outrageous the lies become, the harder it is to conduct “perception management” successfully.


After reaching another ceasefire in Ukraine without Washington’s blessing, Germany has come to the realization that the U.S. is not intent of a peaceful solution to the crises they created in Ukraine, and has openly admitted that U.S. statements of Russian involvement in Ukraine are nothing but “dangerous propaganda.” Germany realizes that the U.S. is actively trying to sabotage their attempts at reaching a peaceful solution to Washington’s Ukraine crisis. NATO has been actively lying about the situation in Ukraine in cadence with the lies from Nuland. It is up to President Obama to put a damper on the U.S. propaganda campaign and hold the traitors pushing all the lies about Ukraine accountable, but he won’t. Germany needs to make the traitors pushing the lies about Ukraine provide the evidence – which doesn’t exist – or shut up.

It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that Washington’s lies about Ukraine and Russian aggression are premeditated and the bogus claims about Russian President Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine have all been debunked but that hasn’t stopped traitorous representatives in the U.S. from spreading false rhetoric about it. Nothing the U.S. media reports about Ukraine is true. It is impossible to believe Washington’s dubious claims of Russian aggression when you look at the facts and recognize Washington’s disinformation about Ukraine for what it is. The mere fact that Washington overthrew a democratically-elected government illegally and replaced it with criminals and neo-Nazi fascists tells you all you need to know about what is really happening in Ukraine and proves Washington’s disinformation campaign is operating at previously unseen levels.

Americans and Europeans have a choice. They can allow their corrupt leadership to continue pushing the lies and deceptions which will increase hostilities towards Russia and completely destroy Ukraine — and much of Europe as the lethal battles develop — or they can work together to put an end to Washington’s criminal charades in Ukraine so that there are no losers and all sides win. Allowing “respected” media outlets to air their propaganda and lies without question is not an option that bodes well for anyone other than the criminals pushing wars of aggression for their profit. Washington and its crooked cohorts have brought us 14 years of endless war for what? It’s blatantly obvious who the evil ones are. When will they be held accountable for their actions?


Despite promises which have since been broken repeatedly, NATO and the EU have been pushing eastward since the Cold War ended and the U.S. has been using Ukraine as a patsy to expand their illegal Capitalistic agenda in Europe for quite a while. They finally succeeded last February – albeit illegally – and Ukraine has paid the price for it ever since. Russia has been inconvenienced by Washington’s illegal endeavors and so far has done a good job of making Washington look foolish while maintaining some semblance of humility despite the repeated attempts by Washington to try and draw Russia into a war which the U.S. would lose. Had Russia wanted to overthrow Washington’s neo-Nazi fascist puppet regime in Kiev it would have happened last February, making it even more evident that all the U.S. claims of Russian aggression are nothing but lies.

The only thing Washington has accomplished in Ukraine – on top of the other 7 countries the U.S. has illegally invaded over the last 14 years – is enabling the rise of fascism and a return to the Hitler days with the forced appointment of their puppet regime in Kiev. It’s ironic when Washington celebrates the liberation of Auschwitz 70 years ago and the crimes the Nazi’s committed with fascism and turns around and gives birth to the new rise of fascism in Ukraine. The Nuremberg trials told us of the evils of fascism and illegality of Wars of aggression, yet Washington commits the same crimes in the 21st century and no one mentions it. George W. Bush’s illegal war of aggression in Iraq in 2003, which gave birth to ISIS and the deaths of more than a million Iraqi’s is forgotten but those same lies and deceptions used by fascists in the U.S. government then are being applied to Russia Today.

Fascism never disappeared entirely. 69 countries – more than a third of the United Nations – have been victimized at the hands of American fascism since 1945, having been invaded, having popular movements suppressed, having elections subverted, having their economies plundered and stolen, and having their governments overthrown. In each case big lies and deceptions were deployed by the U.S. government. Of course, no one in Washington mentions fascism, but it has been there in all its glory for the world to see. Fascism is alive and thriving in Ukraine today where the U.S. military began training Ukraine’s neo-Nazi fascist military on the anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birthday. If that – and the documents revealing Washington’s premeditated plans to overthrow the Russian government – doesn’t reveal Washington’s fascist agenda in Ukraine for the world to see, nothing does. The world will not be safe until the Neocons in the U.S. government are removed and persecuted for their crimes. Paving the way to war with Russia based on lies and deceptions is hardly surprising given Washington’s history over the past 70 years which is the reason that this time those lies will fail. Once again Washington is starting something that it won’t be able to finish that won’t end well for Americans. At what point does it end?

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