Ukrainian Propaganda Charades American Style

In its typical fashion after major crimes against humanity have been committed by Washington and its crooked cronies, America’s illusory Corporate press corps is busily pushing propaganda as fact while neglecting to mention the major discrepancies in the official story or mention of fact or both sides of the story. The latest example of this journalistic malpractice is evident in the coverage of the Ukrainian “crisis” that came about due to Washington’s latest imperialistic endeavors in its quest for world domination.

On February 23 of this year the U.S., in collusion with the European Union and NATO, orchestrated a coup d’état in Kiev to overthrow the democratically elected — albeit obscenely corrupt — regime of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to appoint a pro-Western puppet government in Ukraine to force austerity on its unsuspecting populace and open the floodgates for Western plunderage. Also in typical fashion– after using neo-Nazi fascists to perpetrate the apparently successful coup — no one in Washington bothered to think things through. When Russia put its foot down and sent its military to Ukraine, America’s illusory press corps had a field day spinning Washington’s fairy tales as truth without bothering to tell the whole story.

The stakes are high in Ukraine after Washington successfully orchestrated regime change as Crimea quickly annexed itself from Ukraine to seek a union with Russia which obviously isn’t too pleased with a fascist takeover of Ukraine because the majority of Crimea’s population are Russian whose loyalties lie with Russia. The American public isn’t hearing both sides of the story regarding the Russian military on Crimea’s border which isn’t surprising since propaganda has ruled the News since George W. Bush’s appointment to the White House in 2000.


This time around with the coup in Ukraine, the U.S. may have gone too far. Russia President Vladimir Putin’s responses to the overblown Ukrainian “crisis” have been well choreographed and there are no signs of his backing down any time soon as he appears to be willing to use force if necessary to counter Washington’s attempts to use economic enticement and subversive incitement to protect Crimea. Unfortunately for Washington, there is more than sufficient evidence revealing that the U.S. was largely responsible for the violence in Kiev and may have broken international law by overthrowing the Ukrainian government. Russia — and everyone else not entrenched is Washington’s corruption — is profoundly aware of this.

There are a multitude of strategic implications and intentions for the premeditated U.S-European coup in Ukraine against its elected government. one of which involves the planned removal of the Black Sea base of the Russian Navy which is currently being used to supply and defend Syria. Russia has had an agreement with Crimea to keep part of their military there for decades. A U.S. takeover of that Russian base would also lead to a takeover of the local Crimean government. In December 2013 it was revealed that the U.S. and its EU allies have been planning a Crimean takeover and the Governmental Intelligence of Turkey trained jihadists for the premeditated U.S.-EU-NATO Ukrainian coup.

As usual, the delusional statements coming out of Washington are riddled with hypocrisy but America’s illusory press corps escalates Washington’s propaganda offensive without question. Americans continue being fed overblown propaganda about what is happening in Ukraine to serve the interest of Washington and its criminal allies so most of what you hear about Ukraine isn’t true. I say the Ukrainian “crisis” is overblown because America’s illusory corporate press corps claims that Russia has invaded Crimea when in reality, both the Russian and U.S. militaries are in Crimea. Russia’s military is there to protect Crimea. American soldiers — “military advisors” undoubtedly tied to Academi’s (formerly BlackWater’s) private army are there to patrol Kiev and try to suppress the revolt in Donetsk. These “military advisors” were officially “invited” by their newly installed pro-Western Ukrainian regime to spearhead the U.S. invasion while trying to prop up their puppets and break down all resistance. You won’t find that information in the U.S. press.


Instead of reporting the truth about Ukraine and its population, America’s illusory corporate press corps pushes the ignorance of corrupt Neocon former and current political officials, War Hawk policy makers and fraudulent “think tank” experts whose only purpose is to deceive the public and push the felonious agendas of those in charge of Washington’s culture of corruption. America’s illusory corporate media gets paid well to keep Washington’s crimes secret from the public to prevent them from making informed decisions. When the truth rears its head and threatens to expose Washington’s criminal actions, American media sweeps important incriminating evidence — the covert killing of innocent Ukrainians during the bloody riots in Kiev that were revealed by a “leaked recorded conversation between EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and the Estonia minister of foreign affairs Urmas Paet in which Paet told Ashton: ‘There is now a stronger and stronger understanding (in Kiev) that behind the snipers, it was not [ousted president Viktor] Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.’” for example — under the rug to keep it covered up and out of the public realm.

Owning America’s illusory Corporate media is imperative to the success of Washington’s imperialistic endeavors. Despite claiming to be the public’s watchdogs, America’s illusory corporate media acts like Washington’s lapdogs whose mission is to conceal Washington’s illegal activities and lies. Hearing President Obama and his administration bloviating over Russia and Ukraine would be funny were it not so pathetic. The media has turned too much of the public into a bunch of mindless lemmings to the point that many have lost their common sense, sense of reality, and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. The fallacious Ukrainian “crisis” calls are the illusory corporate media’s way of trying to proliferate an American hatred of Russia to justify Washington’s role in Ukraine’s regime change that violated International law. Despite the media’s attempts to suppress Washington’s crimes the truth is coming out and will prevail.

The duplicitous alliance between the U.S., the EU and NATO which has dictated the massive failure that is American foreign policy since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 — which is precisely responsible for the cluster you-know-what in Ukraine that caused this “crisis” and all the negative consequences it will bring for the next several years — should be obvious to everyone. Washington’s ignorance in pushing said failed foreign policies and trying to isolate Russia while expanding NATO and the EU is a dismal failure. For more information on what is really happening in Ukraine see here and here. After lying us to multiple illegal wars in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf, the American public has paid a heavy enough price already for the lies and manipulated falsehoods of their illusory corporate media. Recognizing the American version of the Ukrainian propaganda charades for what they are will go a long way towards putting an end to them. The lemmings created by Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda need to recognize America’s illusory Corporate press corps for what they are, start thinking for themselves and stop jumping off the cliff.

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