Bill’s Links and More Site Update

Those of you familiar with the old Bill’s Links and More site will notice a recent change. Because the old site hadn’t been updated in quite a while and was in fact compromised, I decided to make the blog the main site and add the link pages to it for now. I may eventually republish something similar to the old site, but for the time being I will be recreating much of it here.

Checking more than 4 thousand links can be daunting, but it is necessary. I have so far completed a few of the old links pages and will be adding them to this blog as individual pages for you to peruse. The old links are being double checked and removed if they take too long to load or are obsolete. As time allows, more links pages will be added.

You’ll notice that the blog itself hasn’t been updated in quite a while either as I’ve been doing most of my writing elsewhere. That too will change and articles as well as links about a myriad of subjects will be published on the main page of this blog on a more regular basis. I will also be adding a contact me page and some other things to improve the functionality of the blog and make it easier to share and contact me for link additions or removals. Dead links will now be removed more quickly.

See you soon.

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