The Government’s Race to Control the Internet

A recent article by Philip Giraldi, aptly titled ‘The Ministry of Truth,’ explains how Washington and Governments around the world are using every fraudulent deception they can dream of to try and control the flow of information on the Internet.

The Internet has made it virtually impossible for Governments to keep information relating to their premeditated crimes and other atrocities hidden from the vast majority of the world and Governments are getting upset about it.

Mr. Giraldi points out the similarities between George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in his seminal novel 1984 and the deceptions used by the U.S. Government to destroy Democracy, rights and freedoms in their fraudulent, pre-designed ‘War on Terror’ to control information, especially information that the public has easy access to.

Most countries in the European Union (EU) are now legally required to log and maintain everyone’s Internet usage and make it accessible to government authorities on demand, with no court order or independent authority for six months, though there are attempts being made to require maintaining the information even longer. Consequently, there is no privacy.

Arguments for controlling and shutting down the Internet are fraudulent

Excuses for implementing government control of the Internet include claims that the anonymity of the Internet permits criminal behavior, fraud, libel and a host of other crimes, and that managing the Internet is crucial to winning the fraudulent ‘global war on terror’ since ‘terrorists’ are using it to plan their attacks.

Of course, given the stench of corruption the U.S. has in Washington politics, factions of the U.S. government are trying to claim that the Internet is a ‘natural asset’ that is vulnerable to being seized or damaged by terrorists and must be protected. Leading the way, as noted by Mr. Giraldi, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is claiming that ‘violent Islamist extremists’ use the internet to communicate with and recruit these ‘terrorists’ and crafted ‘legislation’ giving the President the authority to ‘kill’ the internet in case of a national emergency. Lieberman is delusional.

Unsurprisingly, the arguments are fraudulent, designed to give the government control of the internet to hide their numerous crimes. As also noted by Mr. Giraldi, the anonymity and low cost nature of the Internet means that it can be used to express views that are unpopular or unconventional, which is its strength. Sometimes people use it for committing criminal acts because it’s a mechanism, not because there is something intrinsic in it that makes it a choice of wrongdoers.

Before the Internet was created, crimes were carried out by other means such as the postal service and the telephone. Crimes are still carried out by those means too. As far as terrorists go, intelligence sources say that Internet use by terrorists is rare because governments are constantly monitoring websites.

U.S. authorities already have the power to shut down the Internet

Governments want to control the Internet so they can restrict information, especially when it proves embarrassing to them. Giving the president control to shut down the Internet due to an undefined ‘national crisis’ would prove even more damaging to free speech and the Bill of Rights. Given the state of politics in Washington this past decade, it’s extremely easy to see how that scenario would play out.

Besides, due to fuzzy, loosely-defined ‘terrorism’ laws already in existance, U.S. authorities already have the power to shut down the Internet: Blogetry, a WordPress hosting site, had 73,000 blogs shut down — at least temporarily — for no apparent reason, other than undefined ‘material hosted on the server.’ No charges have been filed and little explanation has been given, meaning that the government can shut down anyone based on suspicions only.

In addition to fraudulently trying to gain control of the Internet, many governments are passing ‘laws’ aimed at criminalizing free speech and any other act the government can conveniently define as terrorism. Other illicit actions, such as the implementation of the Patriot Act — which was written years before the complicity of the Bush cabal enabled the attacks of 9/11 — have created several illegal means for the Government to spy on and monitor anyone it sees fit with no legal oversight or accountability whatsoever.

Be prepared for another false flag incident designed to make it appear that the president has to have the authority to shut down the Internet. As also noted by Mr. Giraldi, “American citizens who are concerned about maintaining their few remaining liberties should sound the alarm and tell the politicians that we don’t need more government abridgement of our First Amendment rights.”

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