The Perpetuating Financial Fraud Cover-Up

If the United States Government spent as much time trying to fix the Financial problems their Treasonous actions have enabled and created instead of trying to constantly cover them up, the world would be a much better place and we wouldn’t be facing the repetitive financial crises that we have faced — and will continue to face until the perpetrators and enablers are put in prison where they belong.

President Obama has continued where President Bush left off in the war on Democracy, Rights and Liberties, despite the campaigning lies of hope and change. Instead of telling the people the truth about all the Treason and war crimes committed by the Bush administration, Obama and those in his administration are covering those up as well. ‘National Security’ and ‘States Secrets’ are nothing more than extremely questionable attempts by the Federal government to keep their atrocious crimes hidden from the public.

Sneaky, underhanded politics have plaqued this nation for decades. This past decade has revealed a Congress that keeps passing egregious — and oftentimes unconstitutional — ‘legislation’ to keep their crimes covered. A recent example of sneaky, underhanded politics involves the House of Representatives slipping a provision that bans the release of photos showing detainee abuses (torture) into a Homeland Security spending bill ‘apparently under direct orders from the Obama Administration.’ For years Congress has been railroading ‘legislation’ that screws their constituents and it’s time to put an end to that.

The massive fraud — everyone involved knew that exotic instruments were intentionally created to defraud investors — that caused the economic crisis has been purposely covered up because our Representatives in Washington know that once the truth is known, their world’s will collapse and the financial plutocracy that has ruled this country for decades will come crumbling down. Politicians have been paid well by the Financial industry at the expense of the rest of America.

Government’s Strategy is to Misinform the Public

William K. Black, a professor of economics and law, and the senior regulator during the S & L crisis, reportedly says what many of us have known all along; the government’s entire strategy now — as during the S & L crisis — is to purposely cover up how bad things are so the public doesn’t get the facts.

We The People need to get our money back and recognize the fraudsters for what they are…they can go through what we have been forced to go through because of their corrupted actions. Until there is accountability, there will never be an end to the crises the Federal Government continues enabling.

According to Mr. Black, there has been no honest examination of the crisis because it would embarrass C.E.O.s and politicians that have enabled them. The Treasury and the Federal Reserve don’t want us to closely examine the crisis and they want us to believe that all will be well soon. The problem is, it won’t.

As noted by Dean Baker, a special commission appointed by Congress to investigate the causes of the economic crisis and to determine who is to blame may follow a different precedent today. Instead of striving to uncover the truth, it may seek to conceal it and tell the fraudsters that they’re free to steal again. That’s because so many in Congress are responsible for the crises, and are extremely corrupt having been bought and paid for long ago. Congress won’t police themselves so We The People need to do it for them.

Wall Street Profited Greatly from Fraudulent Bailout

As numerous News reports have revealed, Wall Street has profited greatly from the fraudulent bailout that American taxpayers are footing the bill for. Wall Street profits from rising asset prices and as the stock market rises, so too do the profits made by the Wall Street fraudsters. After being fraudulently bailed out by the American public, Wall Street is about to pay out record bonuses to the crooks responsible defrauding the American public.

The major U.S. banks and financial firms are reportedly on track to hand out a record $140 billion in compensation this year, up 20 percent from last year when the current economic crisis began crumbling down. The record pay for these financial companies highlights the class interests that the Obama administration serves, revealing that the U.S. government is subverted by the financial industry which in all actuality, dictates government policy. The financial sector, enabled by the government it owns, is profiting greatly in spite of defrauding this country. Then again, almost everyone in Congress, including Obama while he was still a Senator, has profited greatly after being bribed with millions of dollars by the fat cats on Wall Street that they serve at the expense of every taxpaying American. It’s time for the American public to put an end to the rampant fraud and deception and make things right.

In keeping with tradition, the mainstream media has routinely parroted what the White House and Wall Street are saying, telling the story primarily from the perspective of the Obama Administration and big business. Then again, as much as the owners of these large mainstream media entities have made for pushing lies and shaping America’s beliefs, that is not surprising in the least. As I’ve written numerous times in the past, mainstream media has no one but themselves to blame for losing their credibility.

A Goldman Sachs executive has reportedly been named the first chief operating officer of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division. That effectively puts the corrupted in charge of the corruption. Goldman Sachs is and has been responsible for running the economy into the ground and perpetrating the vast majority of the fraud. This is how our government is and has been operating for decades — putting crooks in charge of the criminals — and until that changes, we the people will continue getting screwed while the defrauders keep getting richer keeping the facts and the truth covered up.

Federal Government is Saturated with Fraud

We need to be concerned about the cover up and we need to find out what’s really going on. Until the corruption in Washington — which goes very, very deep — is fixed, we’ll never know the truth about all the fraud that has been perpetrated against Americans for decades.

In keeping with the incredibly misleading and vile tradition of claiming ‘anti-semitism,’ senior executives inside Goldman Sachs are reportedly trying to blame the public outrage over their crimes and greed on prejudice against the firm’s Jewish chiefs — they’re either too stupid or incredibly naive to believe that the people of this country are fed up with being repeatedly robbed blind and defrauded by Goldman Sachs — so they’re trying to hire a ‘brand manager’ to improve their image.

The saturation of Fraud in the Federal Government has greatly enabled the financial crisis. As noted by Washington’s Blog, there was fraud in the origination of the mortgages, underwriting and ratings agencies that caused the fraudulent housing bubble to burst which helped create the financial meltdown we are stuck with today.

There was rampant fraud leading up to the crash. There was rampant fraud used to coerce the public into agreeing to the fraudulent bailout a year ago, along with the usual terroristic fear tactics the U.S. government loves to utilize. As usual, information relating to the fraudulent bailout was purposely kept from the public. Rampant fraud, perpetrated against the U.S. became global when the fraudulent mortgage bundles started being sold worldwide.

Banks Intentionally and Knowingly Committed Fraud

The financial companies, auditors, rating agencies and regulators are all criminal — all purposely committed fraud and many were given bribes and paid well for doing nothing to stop it. It’s easy to see why the public has no trust of their government. The FBI, the politicized DoJ and other government agencies stood by and did nothing to stop the fraud either, despite knowing about it for years.

Lack of accounting has lead to lack of accountability for Wall Street’s crimes. In November 2007, Fitch’s, one rating agency, looked at some of the loan files and came to the conclusion that the appearance of fraud was evident in nearly every file they reviewed. Banks intentionally and knowingly committed fraud knowing that taxpayers would bail them out when their illegal actions caused the financial meltdown. This will continue until the perpetrators are held accountable and prosecuted for their crimes.

The secrecy surrounding the ‘Federal’ Reserve and the U.S. Treasury needs to be unmasked so we can see where all of our money that has been swindled went to. The financial crisis is deepening because of their fraudulent actions. Of course, the Fed is terrified of being audited or investigated, for good reason. If there were trillions of dollars that were missing and unaccounted for because you’ve defrauded the world, you’d be scared too. The secrecy needs to end and the justice needs to begin.

Banks, Wall Street and the Government are trying to avoid the consequences of their treasonous actions, consequently creating another bubble that will inevitably burst. When Governments enable perpetual financial fraud it makes them just as guilty as those committing the crimes. Their manipulations are not working and will only end up making things worse. Until we get rid of the trash, put the money that has been defrauded back in the hands of Americans and throw the perpetrators in jail, little if anything will change. Maybe if America cleans house, the rest of the world will follow.

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