U.S. is Being Lied to War with Iran

The U.S. government and its illustrious mainstream media — as well as a few other governments — are again busily trying to manufacture consent for a war with Iran by purposely lying about Iran’s nuclear program and intentions while completely ignoring Israel’s nukes. Israel is the reason America is now involved in two (three if you include Pakistan) illegal, never-ending wars and Israel is the reason the U.S. government has such a hard on for attacking Iran.

The U.S. has known about the 150+ nuclear weapons that Israel has possessed for the past four decades, yet no mention is ever made of that…presumably because Israel has owned U.S. politicians for decades. The same people that lied us into invading and occupying Iraq are now trying to lie us into attacking Iran. The Bush administration left office in January 2009 and was replaced by the Obama administration — our leadership has a few new faces, but many of the old ones remain — and the eight months that have passed since Bush left office have revealed that the rhetoric of hope and change has been nothing more than double speak and lies.

The same strategy used by the Government and its propaganda pushers — the mainstream media — to guide us into a never-ending, unwinnable, illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan are reportedly being used again. This time around, Iran is the target. Mr. ‘hope and change’ is using the same exact fabricated playbook that the previous criminal White House cabal used. History is about to repeat itself. When Obama announced that ‘Iran is breaking rules all nations must follow,’ he is technically and legally wrong.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitors Iran’s nuclear energy program since Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty — something Israel won’t do because they’re intent on keeping their nuclear bombs hidden from the world’s view, despite the fact that virtually everyone knows they exist — to make sure that Iran’s nuclear program isn’t being used to make weapons.

Politically motivated Hype Used to Justify War with Iran

The IAEA has repeatedly announced that it has found no evidence of Iran’s diverting of nuclear material to manufacturing weapons. 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have repeatedly confirmed that Iran abandoned it’s intentions to create nuclear weapons long ago. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has also issued warnings about the ‘politically motivated hype’ over Iran’s nuclear program that is being used to railroad this country to war.

That’s not good enough for the neocons that illegally lied — and bankrupted — this nation after the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11. Truth and facts have no place in the corrupted politics of Washington and their desire to start another illegal, unwinnable war.

On September 21 of this year, Iran informed the IAEA that it had a new nuclear facility under construction, fulfilling its obligations under the treaty. Despite that, President Obama announced 4 days later that Iran had been caught with ‘a secret nuclear facility’ to produce a bomb that would threaten the world. In reality, the only thing that threatens the world is Israel’s intentions and the U.S. complacency shielding Israel. Both the U.S. and Israel are responsible for committing numerous acts of terrorism against other countries, as well as their own.

By lying about Iran’s ‘secret nuclear weapons program,’ Obama has again proven that he is nothing more than an extension of the Bush cabal and is using the same tactics to lie this country to war with Iran. The mainstream media has once again proven that they are nothing more than propaganda puppets for our corrupted politicians by lying about the revelation of Iran’s ‘secret’ nuclear facility.

Despite the IAEA’s announcement that Iran had reported the facility and was in fact was honoring the agreements set forth by the treaty, the mainstream media is still lying and carrying on its disinformation campaign. The lies that are repeated willingly by the mainstream media have done nothing but heighten the war cries, proving yet again why so many people no longer trust them or have any faith in them.

By repeating the lies as facts, the mainstream media is once again making itself an accomplice. As noted by Paul Craig Roberts, apparently the mainstream media’s main interest is to please the U.S. government and hopefully obtain a taxpayer bailout of its failing print operations, for which as I’ve said numerous times in the past, they have no one but themselves to blame. The U.S. and Israeli governments are once again using dirty politics to advance the egregious agenda of a select few. The Director General of the IAEA — one of the few that hasn’t sold his soul to the corrupt Washington and Israeli politicians — says the false allegations used by those governments violate Article VII.F of the IAEA Statute and need to cease.

Using ‘Anti-Semetism’ to Legitimize Atrocious Israeli Crimes

In keeping with the intentional destruction of rights, laws and liberties, such as this country has faced since the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11, the Obama cabal is intentionally creating a ‘crisis’ to lie this country to war since there is no legal basis for actions against Iran. Many of the Obama administration policies are based on the same lies and deceptions that were utilized by the Bush cabal, making one wonder who the actual enemy of the American people really is — Iran or the U.S. government and the media whores that serve it.

A list of the top ten lies about Iran and its ‘nuclear program’ can be found from The Rag blog or Salon News. Some are claiming — and it wouldn’t be surprising if they were correct — that the charade over Obama’s threats to Iran were meant to distract from the 600 page UN report that highlights the war crimes committed by Israel in their ethnic cleansing of Gaza earlier this year. When the ‘Gaza war’ happened, it was completely obvious that Israel had committed war crimes.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all. Israel, and all of the neocons in the U.S. that support all the crimes committed by the Israeli government, are always trying to claim that someone is ‘anti-semetic’ when they mention those crimes. The BBC News recently ran a story on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging UN members to ‘come to their senses’ and reject the Goldstone report into the Israeli’s war crimes committed in Gaza, claiming that UN endorsement of the strong criticism of Israel would deal ‘a fatal blow’ to peace efforts. Any mention of Isreal and ‘peace efforts’ is a joke in itself. It’s time for the world to realize who the real terrorists are.

Israel has done all they can — and continues doing all they can — to try and legitimize all the atrocious crimes they’re responsible for committing. As with the bogus ‘anti-semetism’ cries, mentioning Isreal’s ‘peace efforts’ is a smoke screen designed to take attention away from the crimes Isreal has committed. Isreal has used the ‘anti-semetism’ trick for years to deflect the truth and coverup their illegal actions. The rest of the world is finally beginning to realize that.

U.S. is About to be Lied to War with Iran

Israel is hardly threatened by the countries they’re so anxious to destroy and is by no means as vulnerable as it would have you believe. Iran’s nuclear developments do not serve an immediate threat — unlike Israel’s — but could end up being a threat in the future.

But, President Obama is conveniently aiding Israel’s ambitions — in May Obama met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was apparently there to seek assurances that the U.S. would still unconditionally support Israel’s policies regardless of how egregious or illegal they are.

Isreal has more than enough nukes to obliterate the Middle East. Israel gets billions of dollars a year courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, some of which is used to buy military equipment and weapons of mass destruction and Iran has been on Isreal’s hit list for years despite the fact that Iran poses little if any threat to Israel. Iareal still refuses to sign the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty. America’s relationship with Israel needs closer scrutinization by the American Public.

Isreal has hundreds of atom and hydrogen bombs as well as devastating biological ‘tools’ — some of which were used during their ‘war’ with Gaza on innocent civilians, including women and children. As I said before, Israel in the biggest threat to the Middle East. If President Obama and the rest of the world is going to go after Iran, President Obama and the rest of the world need to go after Israel as well.

If the political theater doesn’t end soon, the U.S. people are going to be lied to war with Iran just like they were lied to war with Iraq and history could repeat itself. President Obama has an opportunity to prove that he’s not serving Bush’s third term. Will he?

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