Congress Feels the Heat from Their Treachery

The American public is fed up with the Congressional corruption and treachery — recent polls suggest that only about one-third of Americans approve of how Congress is doing — and many in Congress are reportedly worried about holding on to their seats in the November 2010 elections.

Congress should be worried. After suffering through the past eight and a half years of criminal rule, it has become painfully evident that it’s time to fix America’s broken two-party political system. Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same in most ways. It’s time to look at alternative parties to do the bidding of the American population or to clean up our current system.

The Reuters report attributes the declining popularity of Congress to the depressed U.S. economy and passing a significant healthcare reform bill, but America’s dissent of Congress stems from a lot more than that.

Many of the current Democrats in Congress were elected because America wanted a change from the tyrannical dictatorship that America became under President George W. Bush. Americans wanted out from under the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and Americans wanted their civil rights and liberties restored.

Congress Abdicated its Role of Oversight and Accountability

The political corruption that has permeated Washington for the past eight and a half years has only gotten worse. Congress — the alleged voice of the people — has been owned by Israel and large corporations for decades. Many crimes have been committed against the soul of America and it’s long past time to change that.

Congress has a habit of letting its members continue getting away with crimes — total impunity. Congress abdicated its role of oversight and accountability long ago. Controversial hearings never take place. Investigations are dropped without any justification. Democrats have the majority of Congress, but have repeatedly proven to be useless and languorous at best when it comes to implementing any relevent reform.

Republicans have purposely done everything they can to impede any type of reform and have become quite adept at using racial tactics and slurs to take attention away from important things like universal healthcare and reform. None of the criminal Congress critters ever does anything about any of their colleagues because the vast majority of Congress is corrupt — whether its taking massive payoffs by lobbyists or keeping crimes committed by other politicians hidden. Some good insight into the corruption can be found in this article by Sibel Edmonds. The only thing about Republicans that keeps holding steady is the blatant lies they continue spreading.

It’s not known how much blackmailing has gone on between the Executive branch and Congress, or for that matter, how much blackmailing is going on between different factions of Congress. What is known is that people that Congress allegedly represents are fed up with being lied to and screwed over by a bought and paid for Congress who continues destroying rights and liberties for personal gain.

It’s Time to get the Trash out of Office

When voters tried to change the congressional majority in the last two elections by voting in more Democrats, they were looking for change, accountability and justice. Change, accountability and justice have not happened. Both Democrat and Republican members of Congress have repeatedly proven to be corrupted and owned by Israeli lobbies and large corporations. Our primarily two-party political system has proven to be broken and needs to be fixed.

Ms. Edmonds closes her essay with the following quote by Will Rogers: “If we have Senators and Congressmen there that can’t protect themselves against the evil temptations of lobbyists, we don’t need to change our lobbies, we need to change our representatives.” Truer words have never been more applicable than they are today.

As noted by Charles Hugh Smith, “in the U.S., crony capitalism collusion with State elites (the Fed and Treasury, the executive branch, toothless regulatory agencies captured by Wall Street and political hacks, etc.) has duct-taped together a structurally flawed economy by expanding debt…” Smith’s article does a good job of explaining how a viable third party could emerge in the U.S. since the American people are fed up with the stench of corruption. Since the politicians refuse to do anything about it, the people will have to.

President Obama was elected under the assumption that he would do something to change the atmosphere in Washington and restore all the rights and liberties that were illegally taken away from Americans. So far, Obama has done nothing about restoring those rights and liberties. Having a lot of the same members on his staff as his predecessor only makes things worse while squashing any remnant of change. It was completely obvious that Obama wouldn’t change things when he appointed his staff and that promises of change were nothing more than empty words and lies. It’s time to get the trash out of office and it’s time to hold them all accountable.

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