Daily Archives: February 7, 2009

States Starting To Declare Their Sovereignty

For the past eight years the United States was victimized by an illegal reign of terror by the most lawless presidential administration — courtesy of the Supreme Court who illicitly appointed George W. Bush to the presidency in 2000 — aided by a corrupted, complicit Congress and a highly politicized Justice Department.

A lot of unconstitutional legislation was passed by ‘lawmakers’ and illicit Executive Orders issued by the president in their attempts to legalize criminal conduct from the Bush administration after it allowed terrorist attacks to happen that shouldn’t have.

Egregious legislation that allegedly ‘protects’ us from terrorist attacks — with the exception of all those conducted against U.S. citizens by the Bush administration — has done quite the opposite. The legislation makes U.S. citizens guilty until proven innocent and opens the door for the federal government to potentially implement martial law and a police state while attempting to cover up a plethora of crimes committed against the U.S. and against humanity after they had already occurred.

The constant use of terrorism by the Bush administration to coerce the American public into acquiescing to demands while destroying this country economically should not be allowed to go unrecognized or unpunished.

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