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Multiple Facets Of Attempted Election Theft

With Election day being hours away, reports of attempts to steal the election are in full swing — racism and discrimination are playing their usual roles, the familiar, never-ending smear tactics, lies and misinformation campaigns continue growing more blatant, fraudulent attempts at voter suppression, many examples of which can be found below, by the desperate Republican party are getting more ridiculous and attempts at stealing the election with the usual dirty tricks are shifting into overdrive — but they don’t appear to be working very well because the public has had more than enough of the damage done by the Republican party and are fully aware of what is happening.

Accusations of voter fraud and voter suppression have practically become commonplace in several states. Reports of widespread vote flipping are growing. There are also reports of ballots not being recorded. Numerous examples of election fraud are available from After Downing Street. There is still too much secrecy in how ballots are counted too. Despite all the reported problems with Electronic Voting machines, they are still used all over the country.

Georgia’s Secretary of State reportedly opened the door for racial targeting, declaring that regular citizens could address the “problem” of non-citizen voting by contesting the citizenship of fellow voters at the polls, forcing them to cast “challenge” ballots that won’t be counted on election day. 11,000 voters in Denver, Colorado didn’t receive mail-in ballots due to an “unfortunate mistake” by Sequioa Voting Systems, after originally lying and telling the city that they had delivered all of the ballots they were supposed to print and deliver. More information on the missing ballots is available from The Denver Post and ABC7 News in Denver. Another example of a Republican actually trying to steal the election can be found from The Daily Kos.

Another slanderous DVD is reportedly being spread, this time to three of Ohio’s largest newspapers, along with papers in Florida and Nevada. Phony fliers are reportedly being distributed in Virginia telling Democrats to vote on November 5 and what are referred to as fear fliers on steroids are reportedly being distributed throughout Ohio. Just because the Federal government has been racially profiling for years under the guise of the attacks of 9/11 that Bush allowed to happen does not mean that racism and prejudice are the norm. This is the 21st century and there is no need for it. A lot of racial evangelicals are spreading all kinds of lies about Obama. Calls are also being made in Ohio telling people that they can vote by phone to avoid long lines at the polls, which is absolutely false. Racial slanders and discrimination should not be tolerated.

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