Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

McCain’s Mailers And Other Election Issues

As Senator John McCain continues to implode, revelations that the McCain campaign is mailing apparently fraudulent absentee ballot applications — applications designed to disenfranchise primarily Democratic voters — in at least ten states are being reported. Actions are being taken in some states to fight attempts at voter disenfranchisement and fraud, but the desperation by the Republican Party is becoming more and more evident as election day approaches.

Despite being caught in a blizzard of lies, the McCain / Palin campaign has vowed to continue blatantly lying, since apparently, McCain has no issues to run his campaign on and wants to win regardless of the cost, even if it means committing more fraud. McCain can’t run an honest campaign, partially because he reportedly has 83 Wall Street lobbyists — which obviously shows how much he’s lying about attacking Wall Street greed — helping him campaign.

While attempted election fraud, committed primarily by the Republican Party, continues running rampant, the recent rash of major bank and financial institutions failing due to fraud, greed and political ineptitude necessitate the need for the American public to take a closer look at McCain’s Keating Five scandal, the largest scandal of his political career.

Sarah Palin is shaping up to be a completely fraudulent, lying politician — basically George W. Bush in a dress. She continues pushing the same lies repeatedly, making her the perfect partner for John McCain.

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