Class Action Pet Food Settlement

Consumers who purchased pet food and/or treat product(s) recalled after March 16, 2007 need to be made aware of a proposed settlement (PDF) that may affect their rights. The proposed settlement includes the United States and Canada. Consumers are eligible if they purchased Recalled Pet Food Products (PDF) and/or if their pet consumed the Recalled Pet Food Products. is reporting on a proposed settlement of the class action lawsuits — known as In Re: Pet Food Products Liability Litigation, MDL Docket No. 1850, Civil Action No. 07-2867 (NLH) — that are pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and similar lawsuits pending in Canada.

The proposed Settlement Agreement is with various companies and persons or entities that handled, distributed, purchased for resale and/or redistribution, supplied, manufactured and/or sold or offered for sale pet food and/or pet treats that may have contained contaminated wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate and were recalled beginning in March 2007, as well as certain companies, persons or entities that supplied the wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate (the Recalled Pet Food Products).

A complete list (PDF) of persons or entities involved (Defendants and Released Entities) and a list (PDF) of the Recalled Pet Food / Treat products is available from

A $24 million dollar cash settlement fund will be created from which eligible consumers and/or pet owners may receive a cash payment for up to 100% of all documented economic damages incurred relating to their purchase of or their pet’s consumption of the Recalled Pet Food Products, subject to certain limitations which are described on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page from

Economic damages refers to expenses incurred that are related to a consumer’s purchase or pet’s consumption of the Recalled Pet Food Products, including but not limited to Veterinary screening or treatment bills, expenses related to your pet’s illness and/or death, and other expenses such as lost wages and property damage.

Consumers may recover up to 100% of the reasonable economic damages for each pet that used or consumed Recalled Pet Food Products if they can supply documents showing the economic damage subject to certain limitations as described in the FAQs.

Consumers may also receive up to $900 per pet for other reasonable economic damages for which supported documentation is not necessary. Consumers must still complete a claim form and provide information about the economic damages to be eligible for payment of the undocumented expenses.

Canadian and U.S residents are eligible for the settlement, but there are different timelines in Canada for completion of the steps required to make a claim. Canadian residents involved in the settlement can find the information for their claims on this page from, or they can call 800-392-7785 and talk to the Claims Administrator for more information.

Notice of the proposed class action settlement and final fairness hearing information is available here (PDF) and claim forms in English and Spanish can be found here (PDF) and more information (click here for spanish) can be found from

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