Daily Archives: August 27, 2008

U.S. Media’s Growing Credibility Problem

Many times in the past I’ve written about some of the problems with Corporately owned media and how they cover up crimes and push bold faced lies for the Washington establishment, particularly for President Bush. For the past few weeks their credibility has taken a harder beating — the conflict in Georgia, the 3-years-in-the-making report about the implosion of World Trade Center (WTC) building 7, and the current presidential race are just a few of the latest stories making corporately owned media look bad.

The war in Georgia is a great example of how the media skewers facts to manipulate public opinion. Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia, conveniently timed to start with the opening of the 2008 Olympics, was conducted with U.S. approval. Georgia’s military is funded, trained and supported by the American military as well as Israeli’s military and intelligence. Russia’s quick military response to Georgia’s attack seemed to surprise the Bush administration. A look at the puppet masters behind Georgian President Saakashvili can be found from Information Clearing House. Once the Bush administration started their hypocritical rhetoric blaming Russia, corporately owned media followed suit and created “news” that suited the requirements of the Bush administration.

As noted by The World Socialist Web Site:

“The media presentation of the Georgia crisis is a textbook example of the way in which the “free press” in America functions as little more than a semi-official propaganda agency of the government.”

Unfair and Unbalanced Reporting

An article from The Washington Post written by a Russian citizen studying journalism in the U.S. notes that the journalism of Watergate is well behind us and reporting in the U.S. is no longer fair and balanced.

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