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Forgery, Fabrications And Charades Of Justice

The damage done by the most corrupt, neverelected presidential administration in the history of the U.S. continues growing at a rapid rate — the latest corruption includes forging letters to justify an illegal war started with false flags and lies, phony military and civilian justice, endless propaganda, the misuse of ‘the war on terror’ to instill a dictatorship…the list goes on and on — coupled with the help of corrupt politicians and federal judges mixed with unethical journalism continues wreaking havoc, imperiling America  and everything it stands for.

An article describing why misgovernment was no accident in Bush’s Washington from The Nation details some of the corruption under Bush in Washington, and the extraordinary incompetence of the executive branch that has coincided with both the political triumph of conservatism and the rise of the Washington area to the richest rank of American metropolises.

Politicians have made careers out of lying — using Doublespeak and Newspeak for so long they actually believe that lies are truth and that freedom is slavery — and ‘CHANGE’ has long been one farce among the mountains of propaganda that have arisen from the never-ending lies, yet most Americans still believe that they’re living in a free country with laws designed to protect the citizens from any and all attacks, because failing to believe this makes people seem ‘un-American,’ which is wrong. Not questioning the blatantly obvious corruption our Federal government has gotten away with these past seven and a half years is ‘un-American.’ A lot of information can be found in the ‘Everybody Knows!’ article from Rense.com.

The Rand Corporation, the top advisor to the U.S. Military confirmed what has been known by some for a long time — the U.S. “War On Terror” is a hoax, and the battlefield is not the solution to fighting it. A press release stating that the U.S. should rethink the war on terrorism strategy to deal with al Qaida and the report from the Rand Corporation can be found on their web site. It’s not the first time false flags and lies have been used to start a war. A partial list of crimes and misdemeanors committed by the Bush administration can be found at Slate. The only thing the war on terror has done is destroy America’s civil liberties and weakened the U.S. More on Bush’s terror error can be found at The Daily Kos.

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