The High Price Of Political Corruption

Our never-elected Republican President has done a lot of damage to both his party and the country he was illicitly appointed to serve these past seven and a half years. Republicans have the U.S. at war with two countries derived from lies and deceptions — while facing the very real threat of two more wars with Iran and Pakistan before year’s end — and has alienated the U.S. from the entire Muslim world, not to mention the vast majority of the rest of the world while corporate media, who has catered to President Bush’s deceptions for years and is more interested in ratings than telling the truth, continues losing profits and in some cases credibility, at near-record levels.

A recent article by Paul Craig Roberts from Counter Punch details how the Republican Party has created “The Mother of All Messes.” One of the few things Republicans have excelled at is creating and spreading lies and propaganda, such as a photo that appeared on the internet of a cute little boy wearing a T-shirt that reads: “The mess in my pants is nothing compared to the mess Democrats will make of this country if they win Nov. 2nd.” Republicans have tried blaming their screw ups on Democrats and twisting the truth around for years.

Some highlights of Mr. Robert’s article, on top of the wars mentioned above, include: the dollar has lost 60% of its value while the mighty dollar is losing its reserve currency role in the world, Republican policies have driven up the price of both oil and gold by 400%, inflation is in double digits and the unemployment rate is rising. Money has been no problem for President Bush and his cronies — who effectively created Odious debt — in the defense and oil industries though. They’ve made billions that the American public will probably be paying for for generations to come.

Republican deregulation has resulted in fraud in mortgage lending and dangerous financial instruments that have collapsed the housing market, leaving more than a million homeowners facing foreclosure and financial ruin, loopholes allowing speculation to run up oil prices are left wide open and the financial system is in such disarray that it could collapse from insolvency.

Trade and budget deficits have exploded resulting in the U.S. trade deficit being larger than combined trade deficits of every deficit country in the world. Since the U.S. can no longer finance its wars or its own government, the U.S. relies on foreign loans for day to day functions — which has resulted in the U.S. selling off existing assets such as companies, real estate, toll roads and whatever else it can — to foreigners.

Republicans see no need for the U.S. Constitution, Congress, the courts or civil liberties, but they regard themselves as the “Patriotic” Party. The U.S. government, under the leadership of a Republican President has committed numerous war crimes, violating the Geneva Conventions against torture and prisoner abuse. Of course, when the President turns himself into a tyrant instead of a President, disregard for human rights runs rampant, which ends up resulting in a police state, as evidenced by Bush’s actions these past seven and a half years.

Neocons Are Destroying the Republican Party

Under the corrupt, misguided leadership of President Bush, the Republican party has transformed into the Neoconservative Party that represents the biggest threat America has ever faced.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of the Republican neoconservative party does not support the U.S. Constitution — choosing to set it aside for themselves while telling us to trust what they tell us because it’s for our own good and our own safety — such as Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and the threat we face from the most dangerous people alive imprisoned at Guantanamo, while releasing two thirds of them with little fanfare after five years of being falsely imprisoned. Neoconservative Republicans don’t care about anyone other than their own so they cut programs that help others.

As a result of Bush’s lies, deceptions and his illegal invasion of Iraq, 4 million Iraqis have been displaced and 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed — which in other terms is called genocide. Israeli Zionists have controlled U.S. foreign policy for years. People who question neoconservatives and are loyal to the U.S. Constitution are labeled as ‘anti-American.’ Evangelical ‘christian’ churches controlled by Republican neoconservatives teach their followers that America’s purpose in the world is to serve Israel.

Neoconservatives believe the government makes decisions and loyal citizens support those decisions since there is no place for the voices of citizens. There is no democracy, no liberty and no debate. If you dissent from the government’s point of view, you are viewed as a traitor. Neoconservatives have a bad habit of twisting the truth around and rewording it to suit their needs.

Neoconservatives believe that newspapers commit criminal acts when they report that their government is spying on them illegally — spying illegally on Americans is all right though. Despite being given control of Congress, numerous Democrats have shared those same views. Fortunately, some Democrats do care about the Constitution and the country. Unfortunately, several ‘Justices’ in the U.S. Supreme Court share the same views as neoconservatives, which led to the illicit appointment of George W. Bush to the presidency in 2000.

Tough Times for Newsrooms and Democracy

TruthOut reports that some 6,000 journalists nationwide have lost their jobs. The rise of the corporate state combined with the loss of civic and responsibility to inform the public has contributed to the decline of newspapers. Advertising revenues have resulted in many newspapers seeing double-digit drops in revenue.

Noted by TruthOut:

“Newspapers, when well run, are a public trust. They provide, at their best, the means for citizens to examine themselves, to ferret out lies and the abuse of power by elected officials and corrupt businesses, to give a voice to those who would, without the press, have no voice, and to follow, in ways a private citizen cannot, the daily workings of local, state and federal government…”

One major part of the problem lies in the fact that many major media outlets are owned by Zionists who have become the corrupt, greedy businesses they’re supposed to report on. Bowing down to the President and printing propaganda has been a problem for years, but has grown much worse since Bush was appointed to the Presidency.

Then you have major outlets such as CBS and FOX News, who have no one to blame but themselves. CBS edited out false statements made by presumptive Republican Presidential Senator John McCain in interviews not once, but twice when McCain misspoke, which happens entirely too often. McCain has a major problem with telling lies and CBS tried to cover it up. FOX News — allegedly ‘fair and balanced’ — was busted, although several have known it for years, for routinely sending literal talking points for the morons passed off as journalists such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and many more to spread their primetime propaganda. You can probably rest assured that it’s still common practice. FOX News tried to make McCain look younger too by airing 8 year old footage. The White House illegally supplied false propaganda to FOX News to spread and FOX News willingly and knowingly mislead the public. Media that constantly gets caught spreading lies and deceiving the public deserve what they get.

A Sea of Competing Propaganda

Noted by TruthOut:

“… Journalism is about transmitting information that doesn’t care what you think. Reporting challenges, countermands or destabilizes established beliefs. Reporting, which is time-consuming and often expensive, begins from the premise that there are things we need to know and understand, even if these things make us uncomfortable. If we lose this ethic we are left with pandering, packaging and partisanship. We are left awash in a sea of competing propaganda…”

Unfortunately, we lost that ethic years ago. Time Warner, Disney, General Electric, Rupert Murdoch’s ‘News’ Corp. and Viacom control the vast majority of what the public reads, watches and hears, which means they ultimately control what the vast majority of America thinks. Owners of these corporations hate real news since it inconveniences their rape of the nation and makes people ask questions they would rather not have answered. These corporations have turned news into another form of mindless amusement and entertainment that have turned puppets like Katie Couric into millionaires.

These corporations have done their damnedest to destroy Democracy by destroying the traditional news business while attempting to leave us in the dark about real issues, or as noted by TruthOut, deaf, dumb and blind. More information can be found in the article from TruthOut.

Despite the best attempts by neoconservatives such as William Kristol — who, for some reason was hired by The New York Times to write opinion editorials — to make you believe that loyalty to the country means loyalty to the government, nothing could be further from the truth. Criticizing the government for lying the nation to war and blatantly committing war crimes, as well as numerous other crimes, is not a disloyal act. Try as they may to spread the lies and propaganda, Republicans are losing the media war.

Election Fraud and Endless Corruption

A few times in the past I’ve mentioned Bush’s illicit appointment to the Presidency by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000. Election Fraud played a major role in both the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections. Republicans are still trying to make it more difficult for many to vote. The only way presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain has any chance of being ‘elected’ will be through the use of election fraud.

The Transportation Security Administration, under the control of Michael Chertoff, the Secretary of The Department of ‘Homeland’ Security — if it sounds more like Israels home land, it’s because Chertoff is one of many neocons serving in the Bush administration who has dual Israeli-American citizenship — continues treating innocent Americans as terrorists, subjecting them to all kinds of control tactics under the guise of keeping them safe from terrorists while maintaining uncontrollable lists of ‘suspected terrorists’ that actually entrap hundreds of thousands of Americans. Then again, using terror tactics in the attempt of scaring the American public into submission is one of the trademarks of Bush’s presidency.

Torture is just one of the many illegal activities authorized by Bush. Numerous crimes have been committed by Bush and his administration in their quest to destroy America and those who live there, which is what happens when people abuse the power entrusted to them. The Bush administration even went so far as to redefine torture to suit their needs and make them feel it was legal. America is facing a major financial crisis. People are dying due to deregulation of federal agencies by the Bush administration. Bush has made over 1,100 signing statements, twisting or ignoring laws that he felt didn’t apply to him. It goes on and on.

James M. Byrne, second in command in the Office of Special Counsel reportedly resigned due to Bush administration political agendas and personal vendettas. The Department of Justice has been completely politicized. Lies and deceptive propaganda intentionally used to coerce Americans to war that has resulted in the tragic loss of American lives and genocide in the Middle East. Illegal spying on Americans. Numerous crimes and Washington-grown terror used to fight the illegal ‘war on terror.’ The Bush family has a long history of ties to terrorists and large-scale corporate corruption. The United States has a long history of creating and supporting terrorists and terrorism. The depths of corruption in the Bush administration — aided by arguably the most complicit, corrupt Congress in the history of the United States — just seems to grow deeper with each passing day.

Constantly overusing ‘national security‘ to cover up previously committed crimes by Bush and his administration inevitably leads to more crimes being committed. We need major change, and having two presidential candidates from the two major political party with eerily similar agendas won’t cut it. It’s long past time to hold Bush, his administration, those who put him there and those who have helped along the way accountable for their actions and it’s time people in this country stop asking for their basic human rights and start taking them. Corrupt Congress persons need to be voted out of office and replaced with people who will do what their supposed to do — represent the people and the Constitution they were elected to serve. Maybe then we can find out the truth about Bush and how low the corruption really goes. America has paid a heavy enough price for Washington’s corruption already.

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