Congressional Collusion and Lawlessness

We, as noted by TruthDig, are ruled, entertained and informed by courtiers comprised of complicit Corporate media, Democrats and Republicans, experts and pundits. We are being had — by a corrupted, complicit Congress and a presidential administration with no regard for American citizens, hell-bent of politicizing every aspect of the federal government strictly for personal and political profit — regardless of freedom, liberty, privacy and the law.

Corrupt Corporate Media, under the guise of journalism — full of overpaid ‘journalists’ — provides a platform to the to the powerful and famous to conveniently promulgate prepared propaganda so they can spin, equivocate and lie to the nation.  The overpaid journalists have comfy cozy relationships with the powerful and famous. The powerful and famous fear real journalists because they don’t cover up or spread lies and propaganda. Real journalists report on the truth and inform the public about the lies and propaganda. America has too few real journalists.

Courtiers on television play the role of journalists, feeding off the scraps tossed to them by the powerful and famous, never questioning the system — taking everything they’re told at face value. The courtiers, including the late Tim Russert, never gave a voice to credible critics in the buildup to the war with Iraq and never fought back against the steady erosion of our civil liberties and the trashing of our Constitution. The large corporations that employ them make them rich and famous.

Democratic ‘leadership’ in the House, led by ‘impeachment is off the table’ Pelosi, passed the illegal, unconstitutional FISA legislation that provides retroactive immunity to the telecoms. The legislation passed in the House of Representatives in a 293 to 129 vote and is reportedly expected to be passed by the Senate. Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama conceded on the so-called FISA ‘compromise,’ saying “given the grave threats we face, our national security agencies must have capability to gather intelligence and track down terrorists before they strike…” There is no doubt that the world is a dangerous place, but given the past conduct of Bush — aside from creating and financing a lot of the terrorists, there are also all the lies told along with all the falsified ‘intelligence’ — one has to wonder how credible these threats are. Mr. Obama’s statement on top of his recent pledge to Israel at the Bilderberg meeting makes one wonder exactly where his allegiances lie and why his campaigning on ‘change’ is changing. There are also other options.

Despite being given sugar-coated validation full of lies from TIME magazine and hailed as a ‘significant victory for the Democratic Party by Senator Hoyer, the bill, if passed by the Senate, means we won’t know the extent of violations ordered by Bush — which is why he was pushing so hard to get it passed — and it gives the U.S. government authority to eavesdrop on our phone calls and e-mails, essentially destroying our privacy. It also endangers the work of journalists, human rights workers, crusading lawyers and whistle-blowers who attempt to expose abuses hidden by the government. If passed, those in power will be able to identify and silence anyone wanting to provide information to the public. So much for America and freedom.

The Democratic Party — with the exception of a few — continues funding an illegal war, refuses to impeach Bush and Cheney and allows the government to spy on us without warrants or cause, telling us it’s for our salvation. Corporate bureaucracy led by the media, telecoms and the oil companies are the ones making all the decisions and raking in the dough while bankrupting the country. Said corporations buy off the politicians who are supposed to represent the people which is why they keep capitulating to Bush, why Bush wants amnesty for the telecoms and why gas prices continue rising. More on the FISA capitulation from The House of Representatives that gave the White House a better deal than they demanded can be found from The Daily Kos, Salon News, The Future of Freedom Foundation, AlterNet, CBS News, YouTube, The New York Times and The American Prospect. The Senate is expected to vote on the ‘legislation’ this week.

A Totally Lawless Regime

An article by Paul Craig Roberts from Counter Punch asks what regime is more lawless than the Bush Regime? Only one — the Zimbabwe regime of Robert Mugabe who was voted out of power in the last election but never left. Zimbabweans will vote again and anyone not voting for Mugabe has been threatened with being shot.

It’s now widely known that George Bush and his regime lied multiple times and intentionally falsified propagada to sway public opinion as a pretext for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Intentionally falsifying propaganda is continuing as Bush lies through his butt with the intent of attacking Iran.

Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil informed us that the invasion of Iraq was planned prior to 9/11. A leaked Downing Street Memo confirmed that ‘intelligence’ was created to justify an attack on Iraq. Scott McClellan, former White House spokesman wrote a book detailing how President Bush deceived us and led us to war entirely on lies and fabrications. The American and European press complicitly lied us to war. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 conveniently provided the premise for the ‘war on terror.’

Because of Bush’s lies, a million Iraqis (mostly women and children) have died, four million Iraqis have been displaced, over 4,100 (reported) American soldiers have died and tens of thousands American soldiers have been seriously wounded. The number of dead in Afghanistan is unknown. Israel continues slaughtering Palestinians and Lebanese under the guise of the “war on terror.”

American neoconservatives, the Israeli right-wing and the U.S. corporate military complex are pleased with the results of the ‘war on terror.’ George Bush is one of the least trusted world leaders according to a recent poll.

Over the course of the past seven years, the Bush administration, aided and abetted by Congress, has destroyed America’s civil liberties, America’s reputation, jobs for Americans and has committed numerous war crimes. By abandoning the U.S. Constitution, Republicans and Democrats have made America unsafe for anyone who takes exception to the government.

The Deceptions and Lies Continue

After standing behind the evidence against Guananamo Bay detainees for years, the Bush administration now reportedly wants to rewrite it before coming under scrutiny by civilian judges for the first time — evidence military review boards relied on to justify holding hundreds of prisoners indefinitely without charge or legal representation — evidence Justice Department attorneys said was thoroughly and fairly reviewed.

After the ruling by the Supreme Court that detainees could not be denied habeas corpus, government lawyers now say they need time to add new evidence and make changes to evidentiary documents known as “factual returns.” Basically, the government needs to take evidence received while detainees were under torture and attempt to make it legal since most, if not all, of the evidence is hearsay and was derived from bounty hunters and border guards who accused people of being terrorists in exchange for reward money.

An Arab-language television network and radio station — funded by nearly $500 million in U.S. taxpayers dollars so far — founded by the Bush administration to promote a positive image of the United States in the Middle East, has reportedly aired anti-American and anti-Israeli viewpoints, showcased pro-Iranian policies and recently provided air time to a militant who called for the death of American soldiers in Iraq.

Twisting false ‘intelligence’ around to justify invading Iraq was a convenient way for Bush to catapult plans to start his war in order to profit from the oil in the Middle East. Contrary to what Bush would have you believe, the situation in Iraq is grave, and Bush and his cronies have committed numerous war crimes as well as numerous high crimes. Bush has spent years justifying the unjustifiable, aided by his cronies in Congress that have been bought and paid for by large corporations, while Americans have been purposely lied to and misinformed.

Recently it was revealed that the Bush administration perverted justice — not that it will come as any surprise — when a hiring committee at the Justice Department decided who got key job interviews based on political affiliations. Applicants with Republican affiliations got better chances at the key jobs while applicants with Democratic and Liberal affiliations were denied job interviews at the Justice Department. Basing hiring decisions on political affiliations is a violation of federal law and Justice Department policy. For what it’s worth, Attorney General Mukasey allegedly put a stop to it but that will remain to be seen.

Congressional Republicans would rather try to force offshore oil drilling that would have negative impacts on the environment and wildlife than pass legislation closing the loophole that would cut gas prices in half — their corporate sponsors need their multi-billion dollar profits to buy them off, so to hell with their constituents. As an oil man, George Bush has been the biggest ASSet to the large oil companies, making sure his cronies profit while the rest of the world pays the price.

It’s time for America to wake up. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney — as well as Pelosi — is warranted and long overdue. The state of Minnesota and a law school in Massachusetts have begun working on bringing justice to the Bush administration, and others are working on removing those in Congress who have constantly bent over backwards to continue illegally aiding and abetting the illegal, unethical tactics of the most lawless regime ever appointed to the White House. You can make a difference and rid the Congress of the corrupted Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, looking at term limits for Congress and lawsuits against Congress, Bush and the Supreme Court sounds appealing…

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