Daily Archives: June 20, 2008

Congress Capitulating on FISA Again

The ongoing battle for a ‘compromise’ over legislation in the House of Representatives conducted by Congressional leadership has ended…and as usual, Congressional Democrats are preparing again to capitulate and pass unconstitutional ‘law’ to make sure all the crimes committed by Congressional Leadership and President Bush stay hidden — Majority ‘leader’ Hoyer was one of the many leaders who caved into granting amnesty to the telecoms that participated in Bush’s illegal spying — despite the fact that the Constitution expressly forbids passing laws Ex Post Facto (after the fact) that will (or should) end up being ruled as unconstitutional when it goes in front of a judge. A lot more information can be found from Salon News, The Daily Kos, The American Civil Liberties Union, FireDogLake, Boztopia, and Wired.com.

As I’ve said before, it’s time to remove the stench of corruption in the Congress. A new movement is under way to educate people on how deep the corruption goes. It’s gaining momentum at an amazing rate.

I hope some of these ‘leaders’ such as Pelosi, Reed, Hoyer, Bond and a few others, most of which have profited from the illegal war they’ve helped Bush wage, enjoy their last term in Congress. This Congress has been nothing but negligent in their blatant disregard of their constituents and the Constitution, choosing instead to cater to and support the most corrupt presidential administration never elected to office. I sure hope it’s been worth it, because times are changing and A LOT of their constituents are fed up with being shafted on a constant basis.

In 2006, American voted to make Congress more Democratic because we were sick and tired of an illegal war and our unconstitutional losses of privacy and rights. Unfortunately, the 110th Democratically controlled Congress has proven to be an unethical den of liars and thieves that will rank highly in the Congressional hall of shame — essentially the biggest disappointment in United States history. Several members of said Congress have been bought by the telecoms they’re providing amnesty to. Since Congress can’t seem to help America, the people are beginning to help themselves. The ‘legislation’ will be voted on today. Even if it’s already voted on, feel free to contact your representatives in The House, The Senate and the ‘leaders’ listed below.

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