Dangers and Delusions of Complicit Media

Many have known about the role of corporate media in the Bush administration for years — complicitly manipulating propaganda under the guise of News to further support for illegal wars, purposely printing false information while using fear-mongering to coerce passage of illicit, proven illegal legislation, making false statements to appease the disaster of the Bush legacy, etc. — and, pretty much on a daily basis, more of the fallacies and lies continue being revealed. When you throw in Congressional collusion and deception on top of the whole equation, you have some disastrous situations.

For years, The New York Times (NYT), The Washington Post (WAPO), FOX News, CNN, ABC, The Associated Press…the list goes on and on…has knowingly and willingly lied or ignored pertinent facts that would destroy the Bush administration. That’s not to say that these media corporations are all bad. There are some excellent journalists and reporters in all of the above mentioned entities. Unfortunately for them though, all it takes is one bad apple — and corrupted, ignorant executives — to drag them down.

Below are several examples of dangerous, damaging delusions of complicit corporate media as well as examples of why they have no one but themselves to blame for losing credibility and money from a public that relies on getting credible information from various alternative blogs and media online.

There was a time when large corporate entities such as The NYT or The WAPO could print whatever they wanted the public to believe and get away with it. Times have changed considerably. More people are getting involved in setting the records straight and pointing out the fallacies and lies of corporate media and the Bush administration.

NYT’s Intentional FISA Fallacies and Lies

One example of the latest blatant deception and fear-mongering by corporate media involves an article written by Eric Lichtblau, published in the NYT. The NYT published an article titled “Return to Old Spy Rules Is Seen as Deadline Nears” that is full of lies apparently designed to coerce passage of a “compromise” in legislation that will give President Bush and the telecoms who broke the law at his request a get out of jail free card.

Glenn Greenwald from Salon News has an informative article that repudiates each lie written by Lichtblau. In what Mr. Greenwald refers to as shoddy journalism, Lichtblau cites unnamed “officials” talking about all the scary things that will happen if Congressional Democrats don’t cave in and pass a new FISA bill similar to the Rockefeller/Cheney version granting retroactive immunity to all the telecoms who participated in the illegal activities requested by President Bush. Mr. Greenwald’s article is definitely worth reading as it explains in detailed fashion the complete stupidity and disregard for truth in the NYT article.

Mr. Greenwald also provides explanations of the role Congress has played in complicitly caving into the demands of President Bush and what they can do to avoid being complicit again. More information regarding what will happen to surveillance in August 2008 can also be found from The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

WAPO Tries To Cover-Up Bush’s Lies

The Washington Post recently ran an article by Fred Hiatt trying to discredit the Senate Intelligence Committee’s weak affirmation that Bush lied to start the illegal invasion of Iraq — despite the mountain of evidence showing that Bush lied to start the illegal invasion of Iraq. Hiatt tried to blame the lies on bad intelligence, just like Bush did. Robert Perry wrote an article in Consortium News repudiating the fallacies of the WAPO article.

Not only did President Bush and his administration blatantly lie about Saddam Hussein and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), Bush also lied when he tried to say the intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq was flawed. The Seminal has more information regarding the blatant lies utilized by the Bush administration.

Unfortunately for President Bush, the intelligence regarding Hussein and WMDs was not flawed. It was purposely twisted around to suit the desire of President Bush to illegally invade and occupy Iraq. Al-Qaeda is not now, nor has it ever been, linked to Saddam Hussein. Prior to the illegal occupation of Iraq, al-Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq. More examples of lies and false statements can be found from The Center For Public Integrity.

Articles of Impeachment Barely Mentioned

Ohio Republican Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment of President George Bush. Corporate media did mention it briefly in passing while trying to make you believe it wasn’t feasible, but didn’t delve into the details. The Articles of Impeachment can be found from The House of Representatives web site or After Downing Street (PDF).

Congressman Kucinich introduced Articles of Impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney in the past. The impeachment of Cheney was shelved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Cheney should be impeached first so he can’t take over for Bush.

All of the information in the Articles of Impeachment has been mentioned at one time or another by corporate media — although a lot of it was hushed up — the same corporate media that doesn’t want to hold the Bush administration accountable for their crimes, probably because corporate media is just as responsible for the past seven plus years as the Bush administration is. Corporate media knows that if (more like when) Bush is held responsible for all the crimes he’s committed, they will be too.

A Long History of Complicity

There has been little mention in corporate media of the Bilderberg meeting which is newsworthy. There has been no mention of Barack Obama attending the Bilderberg meeting or what exactly the purpose of the Bilderberg meeting is.

There is little if any mention of what our relationship with Israel is, or why the fact that they attacked us was covered up, or why President Bush continues pushing for war with Iran in collusion with Israel, or why we’re financially supporting their war when we can’t even afford the wars we’re in. A lot of the draconian legislation alleged to be used to fight ‘the war on terror’ goes unmentioned and the recently held Winter Soldier event was ignored by the vast majority of corporate media.

For years corporate media has ostracized everyone who points out the facts and evidence that the Bush administration is purposely hiding and withholding information pertaining to the facts of 9/11. Again, most likely because corporate media has been involved from the beginning and is just as responsible as President Bush is for the blood of all those killed in the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11 and all the dead American soldiers and Iraqis being used as pawns in a never-ending illegal war. The list goes on and on.

Why Pelosi Insists Impeachment is “Off the Table”

Madame House Speaker Pelosi had better put the Constitution and the people she is supposed to represent ahead of her punitive beliefs of doing what is right for the Democratic party. If she continues trying to block impeachment because it implicates her, she may very well end up wondering how she lost her seat in the House of Representatives. This horse crap about the people not wanting impeachment couldn’t be further from the truth. At last glance, there were over a million people who signed a petition to impeach Bush.

Threatening Michigan Congressman John Conyers with removal of his chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee if an impeachment inquiry is opened was definitely not a smart move either — more evidence that Pelosi is just as involved as Bush, Cheney and the rest — possibly because she is involved in the illegal activities of the Bush administration.

At least two of the 35 Articles of Impeachment implicate leaders in Congress as apparent accessories to Bush’s crimes. As noted by Daily Kos, under the House Ethics Rules, Nancy Pelosi and the other witnesses, who may be accessories, are required to recuse themselves from participation to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. Nancy Pelosi has no right or justification to keep impeachment off the table. When the truth is revealed, Pelosi and some of the other Congressional leaders will be implicated in Bush’s crimes.

Nancy Pelosi made history when she became the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives. Now she’ll make history for obstructing justice and impeding the process of impeachment. Letting impeachment proceedings for Bush and Cheney fall by the wayside could prove more damaging to the Democratic party than they think. On top of that, it appears that Pelosi acts on orders of Israel too, begging the question of who’s running America…America or Israel?

Bush’s Delusions of Vindication

A recent article from The WAPO details how Bush, citing history, suggests his policies will one day be vindicated. Bush apparently majored in history at Yale — proof that anyone can get in with the right connections — though you wouldn’t know it with some of his references to history in the past.

However, many historians have already reached a conclusion regarding Bush’s legacy. An informal survey of scholars showed that 2 of 109 historians said Bush would be judged a success while a majority of those surveyed deemed him the ‘worst president ever.’

The bulk of Bush administration policies have been based on secrecy, lies and cover-ups. It’s highly unlikely that history will vindicate Bush. With any luck, once he and his cronies leave office next year — if they’re not impeached this year. They should all be charged with war crimes as well as numerous other crimes.

If corporate media wants to continue manipulating the news and lying for this corrupted, inept idiot who was never elected in the first place, be aware that we’ve had more than enough of the Bush administration these past seven plus years, and we’re very aware of what is going on. This President and those in the upper echelons of his administration should have been impeached and imprisoned years ago. Truth is the biggest fear and the biggest enemy of the Bush administration because if everyone knew the truth — and soon everyone will — President Bush and the rest of his war criminals will be seen for what they are.

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