Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

Dangers and Delusions of Complicit Media

Many have known about the role of corporate media in the Bush administration for years — complicitly manipulating propaganda under the guise of News to further support for illegal wars, purposely printing false information while using fear-mongering to coerce passage of illicit, proven illegal legislation, making false statements to appease the disaster of the Bush legacy, etc. — and, pretty much on a daily basis, more of the fallacies and lies continue being revealed. When you throw in Congressional collusion and deception on top of the whole equation, you have some disastrous situations.

For years, The New York Times (NYT), The Washington Post (WAPO), FOX News, CNN, ABC, The Associated Press…the list goes on and on…has knowingly and willingly lied or ignored pertinent facts that would destroy the Bush administration. That’s not to say that these media corporations are all bad. There are some excellent journalists and reporters in all of the above mentioned entities. Unfortunately for them though, all it takes is one bad apple — and corrupted, ignorant executives — to drag them down.

Below are several examples of dangerous, damaging delusions of complicit corporate media as well as examples of why they have no one but themselves to blame for losing credibility and money from a public that relies on getting credible information from various alternative blogs and media online.

There was a time when large corporate entities such as The NYT or The WAPO could print whatever they wanted the public to believe and get away with it. Times have changed considerably. More people are getting involved in setting the records straight and pointing out the fallacies and lies of corporate media and the Bush administration.

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