A Decidely Corrupt and Deceptive Legacy

President Bush likes to refer to himself as the “decider,” and claims to decide what is best, but it appears that he decides what is best for himself and all of his wealthy cronies who have contributed to creating a decidedly delusional, lawless bubble they believe themselves to be shrouded by — a bubble filled with Pentagon Corruption of epic proportions, genocide in the Middle East that will affect several American and Allied soldiers and personnel for years to come as well as numerous other illicit deceptions — while financially and morally bankrupting Americans. Middle Eastern countries have also been destroyed along the way, and President Bush has plans to destroy a few more.

President Bush created a legacy of deception, lies and propaganda. Several Congress persons, judges and corporate media executives have also helped along the way. President Bush succeeded in politicizing the Federal government while virtually turning America into a dictatorship.

More than enough is known to impeach both President Bush and Vice President Cheney, yet Congress refuses to do anything about it. Just when you thought you’ve heard all the ignorance and B.S. you can stomach, newer, more startling revelations shedding more light on unfathomable depths of corruption in the Pentagon and the Bush administration surface.

Most if not all of this could have been avoided were it not for five fabulous ‘Justices‘ in the U.S. Supreme Court — as well as help from then Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George Bush’s brother. Extensive Vote Fraud played essential parts in the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections as well.

Unfathomable Depths of Pentagon Corruption

A former high-ranking member of the CIA, now retired, has reportedly given 46 pages of testimony alleging that Halliburton, the CIA, the Pentagon, Bush, Cheney and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have been stealing billions of dollars to The International Forecaster. The documents will also be presented to Congressman Waxman’s Oversight and Reform Committee in the House of Representatives. The 46 pages contain step-by-step criminal procedures and represent only part of a larger body of evidence being presented to Congress.

The information is from a whistleblower who was given the rank of a 2-star general in the US military who collected intelligence in Iraq and Afghanistan for the CIA until August 2004 when she was outed by Cheney for refusing to make propaganda that Iran was developing Nuclear weapons. The rank was admittedly largely a bogus ploy by the Pentagon to get more of her time from the CIA and to force her to attend Joint Chiefs of Staff meetings once a month which she did from October 2003 to July 2004.

Former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet was her boss. He ordered her to collect a moving van full of Pentagon documents showing Defense Contractor kickbacks to Pentagon officials. The CIA’s intention turned out not to be exposing and correcting the corruption. The CIA’s intent was to cover it up. Some of the people in the Pentagon felt immune from prosecution, especially under Bush in the White House.

The alleged main reason for collecting those documents was to allow CIA analysts to evaluate how to take business away from other US Defense Contractors and give it to Halliburton and Carlyle-related — former President George Bush Sr. is a part the Carlyle Group — contractors. The mood at the CIA and Pentagon was “war is coming” because the Bush Family stands to make billions from it — so get ready. Later reports confirmed that the documents had been used in that fashion — used to blackmail Pentagon officials into ‘working on’ the Halliburton-Carlyle team. The corruption is definitely not in the best interests of the US public or the country’s national security interests. Some of the documents collected were believed to have been sold later to the Russians.

A few of the revelations include:

  • The Ordering of Unneeded New Models of Fighter Planes
  • Halliburton Delivers Half Full Cartons to the Swing Shift
  • The White House Conspiracy to Cook the Books: Halliburton, Carlyle and the CIA
  • Halliburton’s Rigging a Back Door in the Pentagon Accounting Computer
  • Was Rumsfeld Criminally Negligent in Protecting US Troops and National Security?
  • Toasters, Traitors and the Criminal’s Hideout
  • Halliburton’s Stolen Federal Salaries
  • Halliburton’s Thieves inside the CIA & the Predictable Consequences

The article is long and detailed, and it shows the depth of the corruption within our government. It’s well worth the read. More details of corruption in the Bush administration can be found from Conspiracy Planet. Information on some of the political damage Bush has done to the Pentagon can be found from The Asia Times Online.

Will the Oversight and Reform Committee in the House of Representatives do anything about the corruption, or continue holding useless circle jerks? Leadership in the House and the Senate has constantly capitulated to the President while disgracing and screwing the American public — similar to the way they’re attempting to screw Americans over FISA again. They’re just as responsible for this mess as President Bush is.

Maybe it’s time to look at term limits in Congress and the Supreme Court. Some in Congress have been there entirely too long, and have been bought by corrupted corporations, with no regard for those they were elected to represent. If Congress started impeachment proceedings, it would put an end to the abuses and corruption of executive power. When all is said and done, we’ll find out how deep the corruption goes in Congress too.

A lot of information was allegedly covered up by former CIA Director George Tenet at the orders of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has a lot of evidence, including videotapes. With this much corruption in the Pentagon and the upper echelons of the Bush administration, it would be very easy to orchestrate a cover up of epic proportions, such as in the case of the attacks of 9/11. There are still too many unanswered questions about those attacks as well as too much being withheld from the ‘official‘ version of the 9/11 Commission.

Real Iraqi Death Toll Unknown

AlterNet recently reported on Iraq’s death toll. A study by doctors from the Johns Hopkins School of Health in conjunction with Iraqi doctors from al-Mustanceriya University in Baghdad published in October 2006 estimated the number of Iraqi deaths as a result of the occupation to be above 655,000.

Just Foreign Policy came up with a total of 1,213,716 at the time AlterNet published the report. In September 2007, Opinion Research Business in London came up with 1,220,580 deaths resulting from the occupation.

A lot of the innocent Iraqis are killed by American soldiers. The U.S. military benefits from hiding the real totals, and since the Iraqi government is just a puppet of the Americans, their figures are going to be ridiculously low too.

While the figures of Iraqi deaths due to the illegal occupation of Iraq appear to be equivalent to genocide, it’s virtually impossible to get an accurate count of Iraqi’s killed for many reasons. More details can be found from AlterNet. The Guardian UK reports that more than 2 million Iraqi’s have fled abroad and another 1.5 million have sought safety elsewhere in Iraq.

Genocide Masquerading as Anti-Terrorism

Propaganda has played a major role over the past seven plus years of the Bush administration, including the myth that the on-going War in Iraq is an anti-terrorist operation designed to turn Iraq into a democracy and to bring security to Americans and the world, as well as the professed statements of ‘success.’ As noted by The Canadian National Newspaper, this kind of mass-deception was used by Nazi Germany to round up Jews in extermination camps.

The Canadian National Newspaper explains how apparent Eugenics practitioners are subjecting Iraqis, U.S. and allied troops to genocide through the well documented use of “dirty bombs” packed with more nuclear radiation results than were used against the Japanese at the end of World War II.

Like Nazi Germany, America’s ruling elites have sought to create distorted presentations of the enemy to legitimize the spread of mass human suffering. The distortions have included monolithic presentation of ‘the taliban,’ the ‘freedom hating’ terrorists in Iraq, and ‘Iranians’ as the latest target for a ‘tactical’ nuclear attack. If the object of the illegal occupation was to ‘weed out terrorists’ rather than the whole Iraqi population, Depleted Uranium would not be used in their military armaments.

Noted by The National Canadian Newspaper (note: links in the quoted text were added by me): “The use of Depleted Uranium is evidence of an apparent intent to execute a Eugenics inspired “de-population” agenda. It is apparent that this de-population agenda is against both U.S. soldiers (and allied soldiers) who are largely African Americans and “poor whites” who are viewed to be of “inferior genetic stock” and a whole nation of “coloured” infidels, under the mass-deceptive pretext of targeting so-called terrorists.”

Proposed Iraqi-American Security Agreement

Gulf News has reported on a proposed Iraqi-American security agreement that will include permanent American bases in Iraq, and the right for the United States to strike, from within Iraqi territory, any country it considers a threat to its national security.

The long-term (ten years) controversial agreement is likely to include three major items:

Iraqi security institutions such as Defense Interior and National Security ministries, as well as armament contracts, will be under American supervision for ten years.

The agreement is likely to give American forces permanent military bases in the country, along with the right to move against any country (Syria and Iran) considered to be a threat against world stability or acting against Iraqi or American interests.

The American army is in the process of completing the building of the military facilities and runways for the permanent bases. A British brigade is expected to remain at the International airport in Basra for ten years as long as the American troops stay in the permanent bases in Iraq.

Other Forgotten Lies and Deceptions

Anthrax attacks that just happened to occur the month after the 9/11 attacks have probably been forgotten by a lot of Americans too — anthrax that only a select few had access to from a highly secure military facility that was used to kill and terrorize Americans, apparently to coerce passage of illicit legislation by Congress — legislation known as the USA Patriot Act. There were too many convenient ‘coincidences’ associated with the anthrax attacks, courtesy of the Bush administration. The anthrax attacks are ‘still under investigation’ from the FBI.

A Senate committee confirmed what’s been known for some time…President Bush and his administration intentionally lied to America to support their illegal invasion of Iraq. Bush and his cronies have been pushing to invade Iran too, despite the fact that our military can’t handle it. Turns out that invading Iran is part of the Israeli agenda — apparently murdering Palestinians isn’t enough for Isreal’s leaders. Isreal has some leaders that are almost as corrupt as the leaders in the Bush administration.

Information on how Robert Kennedy felt about Isreal can be found on the Robert Kennedy and Israel Blogspot. Questions as to why politicians practically swear loyalty to Israel may have been answered. It appears that the Israelis may have been blackmailing politicians for years since they have access to more illegal wiretaps than President Bush. That would explain a lot of things. It does make one wonder how long Israel has been running America, and more importantly, why?.

Several people may have also forgotten the Abu Ghraib scandal, which wouldn’t be surprising since the majority of corporate media has let the Iraq war fall by the wayside, until it’s convenient to bring up to serve some illicit purpose. Vice President Cheney has again begun playing the trumped up terror card. The damage done to America by corrupted politics has grown extremely old.

The Iraq War was illegal and poorly planned from the start. The idea of embedding reporters was embraced by America. Unfortunately, every aspect of the illegal occupation shown on television was scripted and staged for TV cameras, similar to several other facets of the Bush administration. When this Presidential term is over, war crime trials — among others — should begin.

Regular viewers of FOX News or CNN (just a couple of the many major ‘news’ organizations that have constantly acquiesced to President Bush) have been purposely left in the dark these past seven plus years. It’s time to bring them to the light. It’s time for every American to demand justice and accountability from their ‘elected’ representatives and to hold those accountable for helping the decider pave his decidely corrupt and Deceptive Legacy along the way — from the Supreme Court on down. Too much damage has already been done.

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