Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Politicized Fear and Muted Media

The constant use of fear to further political agendas has been a recurring problem of epidemic proportions, used intentionally to badger Congress and American citizens into what amounts to a totalitarian police state, while the vast majority of corporate media complicitly sat by and allowed it to happen.

In case you missed it, a tell-all book written by Scott McClellan comes out June 1, 2008, and it reiterates what has been known for some time — propaganda and manipulated data was used illicitly by the Bush administration to garner public support for a war with Iraq. It also accuses the media of being complicit, not asking tough enough questions. Scott McClellan is a former press secretary for the Bush administration.

While it has been known for years that corporate media was in bed with the president, corporate media never talked about or acknowledged it — relying instead on trying to discredit those who dared question their loyalties. McClellan’s book has succeeded in forcing corporate media to finally acknowledge those facts.

While ‘rightwing’ pundits and Bush Co. flunkies continue trying to smear McClellan’s reputation, they also continue, for the most part, not to deny the allegations made in the book. McClellan is the latest former employee of the Bush administration to admit what has been known to some for a long time.

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