Daily Archives: May 28, 2008

Our Troops Deserve Better Than This

Since the beginning of the ‘Iraq War,’ President Bush has said he supports the troops. His actions though, have repeatedly shown a completely different story. Below are a few examples of Bush’s support — soldiers being prevented from leaving the service, multiple tours of extended duty, affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), inefficient care for the badly wounded, being poisoned by the military to name a few — and how it has affected our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and the rest of us.

Since the invasion of Iraq, despite the declaration of “mission accomplished” amongst highly choreographed fanfare, Bush has never had a plan for pulling out of Iraq. His war appears to have been intentionally designed to make sure it never ended so the illegal occupation of Iraq would continue indefinitely.

A series of calculated lies and phony (and illegal) military propaganda was utilized by the Bush administration to gain support — while brazenly spreading more lies and misinformation to continue support — of a war with Iraq. Defense contractors, mercenaries and other companies such as Halliburton have continued getting wealthier while Americans, Iraqis and our troops have continued paying high prices.

President Bush and the G.I. Bill

A recent editorial from The New York Times explains how President Bush opposes a new G.I. Bill of Rights that would pay college tuition for veterans who served four years, worrying that if the traditional path to college for service members since World War II is improved and expanded, too many people will take it and leave the service.

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