The Terrorization of America

An article from the Washington Post details how the “war on terror” has created a culture of fear in America — a three-word mantra that has undermined America since the attacks of 9/11, which were preventable and are still shrouded by unanswered questions — and had a pernicious impact on American democracy, America’s psyche and on U.S. standing in the world.

With the usual stupidity and corruption that we’ve all grown to know and loathe since he was illicitly appointed to the presidency in 2000, the ‘war on terror’ has actually been used against Americans while undermining our ability to effectively confront real challenges we face from those who may use terrorism against us. Though in retrospect, that may have actually been the plan all along. Terrorism is not an enemy. It’s a technique of warfare — political intimidation through the killing of unarmed non-combatants.

Apparently those three little words — ‘war on terror’ — were deliberately calculated by the Bush administration. It has resulted in fear-mongering and terrorism being intentionally used against Americans by the Bush administration.

When you use fear against the American public, it intensifies emotions and makes it easier for corrupt politicians in Washington to mobilize the public on behalf of the policies they want to pursue. If the attacks of 9/11 hadn’t been allowed to happen, all the lies leading up to the illegal occupancy and destruction of Iraq wouldn’t have come to fruition.

Complicit corporate media along with the continuous brainwashing (lies) on the subject of terror have taken a toll on America and the rest of the world. By creating, funding, and supplying weapons to Al-Qaeda, Bush has been able to continue waging his war against America, democracy, and his ‘war on terror.’ Throw in ‘military experts’ that are coached on what to say by the Pentagon, fear-mongering and blatant lies, and you have yourself a nice, profitable dictatorship for you and your cronies. A lot more information can be found in the article from The Washington Post.

Sadly, albeit intentionally on the part of the Bush administration, most Americans are unaware that the federal government assumed upon itself the authority to institute martial law, arrest all kinds of dissidents, both citizen and noncitizen, detain people without legal or constitutional recourse, incorporate the use of illegal spying, wiretapping and other illegal programs led by incompetent, corrupt leadership. It’s long past time to wake up America.

“Homegrown Terrorism” Prevention

One example of illicit loosely worded legislation that can be twisted around to justify imprisoning opponents of the illicit actions of our federal government — one that potentially violates the first amendment — designed to ‘fight the war on terror’ is known as the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

A summary of H.R. 1955, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 from The Center for Constitutional Rights is directly below. The complete text of H.R. 1955 can be found from

“Summary: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007 (S.1959 / H.R.1955), with an estimated budget of $22 million over four years, would establish a national bipartisan commission to “[e]xamine and report upon the facts and causes of violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and ideologically based violence in the United States” through convening hearings and issuing reports and would establish a university-based “center of excellence” that would bring together academic specialists to recommend laws and other measures to combat homegrown terrorism and violent radicalization. The bill would also broadly define “violent radicalization,” “homegrown terrorism,” and “ideologically-based violence.” The intent and language of S.1959, its resulting commission, and its “center of excellence” will undoubtedly erode civil liberties. It poses a serious threat for the following reasons:

1. S.1959’s focus on ideology rather than criminal behavior threatens First Amendment-protected activity.

2. S. 1959 jeopardizes the Internet as a critical free speech zone.

3. Rather than protecting civil liberties, S.1959 erodes them by misstating existing protections.

4. The overly broad definitions included in S.1959 open the door for investigation and surveillance of constitutionally protected political ctivity.

5. The resulting commission’s membership qualifications suggest that Muslims and Arabs will be unfairly targeted.

6. S.1959 opens the door to preventive detention.

7. The bill’s $22 million estimated budget creates unnecessary bureaucracy and wastes public funds.

8. Previous commissions, legislation, and surveillance have been grossly abused throughout American history.

9. Policies recommended by the commission are likely to be enacted and negatively impact constitutional protections.”

Detailed explanations of the dangers and unconstitutionality of The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 can be found from The Center for Constitutional Rights. More information regarding the illicit legislation and Jane Harman (D-CA) who crafted it can be found from The Intelligence Daily, The Washington Post,, George Washington’s Blog, TPMMuckraker,, Fire Dog Lake and Counter Punch. Given the past history of the Bush administration, you can be sure this legislation would be illicitly used against Americans.

Other illicit legislation used to ‘fight the war on terror,’ such as the Protect America Act, is used to keep crimes committed by the Bush administration secret and covered up so there is no accountability. Congressional Republicans (along with a few Democrats) have continually lied and rubber stamped legislation requested by President Bush designed to insure unaccountability for crimes committed by the Bush administration.

A couple months ago I noted that Congressional Republicans (and some Democrats) were going to pay heavy prices for supporting Bush’s illegal agendas. Mississippi just became the third state to replace a Republican Senator with a Democrat. Needless to say, Republicans in Congress are beginning to flip out. It has begun. Illinois and Louisiana are the other two states that held special elections.

Isreal and War with Iran

Try as he may, President Bush — plotting with his loyal ass kissing high-ranking General David Petraeus —  just can’t seem to lie well enough to convince American’s that we need to invade Iran. Every lie he tells about Iran ends up being discredited rather quickly. After lying repeatedly about Iran supplying weapons to Iraq and planning to show the proof, one minor problem arose: of all the weapons being displayed as evidence, NOT ONE was from Iran. There are also issues created by advocating the U.S. use of a terrorist organization to commit acts of terrorism against Iran to try and force provacation.

Noted by Crooks and Liars:

“So, to recap: One of the Pentagon’s propaganda TV analysts who has clear ties to defense industries that would likely stand to benefit from any increased hostilities is advocating that the US ought to use a terrorist organization to commit acts of terrorism against Iran in response to alleged Iranian involvement in attacks against US forces in Iraq, which might be true, or maybe not. And if that wasn’t outrageous enough, it seems that Bush may have been authorizing such tactics already.”

Bush has tried gaining support to invade Iran due to oil and due to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the latter of which both Bush and Israeli prime minister Olmert claim are the biggest threat to Israel — who has been caught numerous times spying against the U.S. At times, it’s hard to tell whether Bush and his cronies are pushing for war with Iran or if Israel is.

A long list of Israel-American citizens who hold U.S. government positions that could compromise American security — several of which hold high offices after being appointed by President Bush, such as Michael Mukasey and Michael Chertoff to name a couple — can be found from View Zone. All these people with dual citizenship have had a major hand in running this country into the ground and destroying democracy, raising serious questions as to where their ‘loyalty’ lies.

In his usual moronic way, President Bush committed what one reporter calls an act of political treason when, in Israel, comparing U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama to appeasers of Nazi Germany — because Obama said we should negotiate with terrorists. Terrorists created by the Bush administration. Bush’s stupidity and irony were extremely self-evident. Bush is the grandson of a Nazi enabler whose family got wealthy due to their involvement with Nazis.

Conveniently enough, Bin Laden allegedly released another tape vowing to continue fighting Isreal. Kind of interesting considering the fact that Bin Laden reportedly died in 2001. Of course, whenever another excuse is needed to justify committing more crimes against humanity, the CIA always seems to receive threats from Bin Laden. The CIA is one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world.

A History of Deception and Lies

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was recorded talking to ‘top military analysts’ — some of the same military analysts who lied, with help from corporate media, to the public for years to keep an illegal war in Iraq going — about how a flagging Neo-Con political agenda could be successfully restored with help from another terrorist attack on America. The ‘terrorist’ attacks from 9/11 apparently weren’t enough for Rumsfeld.

A little-known executive order from President Bush permitted U.S. intelligence operatives to circumvent restrictions imposed by the Supreme Court and Congress on the use of humiliating and degrading interrogation techniques.

The U.S. government wants to learn every detail about everyone’s private life through the growth of massive computer databases while voiding the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Bush has admitted authorizing spying after the 9/11 attacks, but evidence exists showing that the illegal spying actually began within days of his presidency.

An increasing number of Americans are reportedly being secretly wiretapped or having their financial and other records viewed by the government but the number of terrorism prosecutions ending up in court has continued to decline — trends that worry civil liberties groups and some legal scholars who say it is further evidence that the government has compromised privacy rights of ordinary citizens without much to show for it. More information can be found in the Los Angeles Times article. Now the Department of ‘Homeland’ Security reportedly also wants to set up a new program to illegally spy on Americans.

Not that it’ll come as a surprise, but the Bush administration reportedly ignored (repeatedly) corruption at the highest levels within the Iraqi government and kept potentially embarrassing information secret so it wouldn’t undermine its relationship with Baghdad. Of course, the Bush administration has repeatedly ignored corruption for years. The Bush administration has a history of burying the truth too. The truth from the attacks of 9/11 have been hidden for years, but probably not for too much longer.

President Bush may be the only president to take office without ever winning an election. Besides being illicitly appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court in 2000, Election fraud in 2004 put Bush in office for 4 more years. Republicans seem to think that laws forcing people to prove their citizenship before they can vote will help them win elections. 20 states are reportedly considering passing laws that would force people to prove their citizenship before they can vote. Then again, when you have John McCain as your presidential candidate, you do need all the help you can get.

The Bush administration constantly says they support the troops they have fighting Bush’s illegal war. They sure have strange ways of showing that support though. Bush’s department of Veterans Affairs (VA) PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) program coordinator sent an e-mail to a number of VA employees, including psychologists, social workers, and a psychiatrist stating that due to an increased number of ‘compensation seeking veterans’ suffering from PTSD, the staff should ‘refrain from giving a diagnosis of PTSD straight out’ — and consider a diagnosis of ‘Adjustment Disorder’ instead. It’s estimated that about 300,000 veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan are suffering from PTSD. That’s support?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), responsible for helping Katrina victims and other victims of emergencies, has said America’s founding fathers are terrorists.

Stop Appeasing the Terrorists

It would take a very thick book to document all the crimes committed by the Bush administration in their quest to destroy America, Iran, Iraq and other middle eastern countries. The ones mentioned above are only a few.

Terrorism and the ‘war on terror’ have been utilized for years by the Bush administration to exploit and terrorize the American public. Corruption and politization of all branches of the Federal government has turned the presidency into an Imperial branch while slowly and methodically destroying the Constitution this country was founded on.

Bush says if a Democrat is elected, America will be attacked by terrorists again. Those who helped Bush commit his war crimes — as well as all the other crimes — while profiting from an illegally started occupation of Iraq need to be held accountable when the time comes.

I don’t know if President Bush knows how he appears to the vast majority of the rest of the world, but he is right about one thing…we need to stop appeasing the terrorists, especially the ones in Washington and the White House.

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