Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

The Steady Destruction of Democracy

A lot of secrecy has surrounded the most controversial presidential administration, woefully, the first ever to be appointed by the ‘Supreme Court,’ that has led to the serious degradation of America and those who live here. The closer these eight years of hell caused by the ‘Supreme Court’ come to ending, the more corruption conducted by the Bush Administration comes to light — corruption justified by immense delusions, flawed rationale and illegality.

Why our elected officials in Washington continue doing little or nothing to stop or prevent it raises serious issues pertaining to level of corruption in Congress. Both the Justice System and the Judicial System have shown blatantly gross derelections of duty, condoning and obstructing justice while contributing to the downfall of this once great country.

Corporate media has also neglected to perform their responsibilities and duties, complicitly allowing grossly illicit activities by the Bush administration to go unnoticed and unreported. America and the Middle East have paid heavy prices for events that never should have happened in the first place. Large corporations — that in all actuality, have run this country for years — continue getting greedier and richer while continuously screwing those who have attributed to their wealth and success.

Below you will find examples of political corruption, delusional leadership geared towards trying to convince people that giving government unlimited power with no oversight is in their best interests, a Vice President that actually believes he’s impune, political corruption in the military, an errant Supreme Court ‘Justice’ who honestly believes torture is ok, and a few other tidbits regarding political corruption, all caused by a terrorist attack that could have been prevented.

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