Daily Archives: January 25, 2008

Lawmakers Continue Betraying Americans

Americans are being sold out and betrayed by an incredibly corrupt federal government while the vast majority of main stream media is sitting by watching it happen, leaving a lot of Americans uninformed of how their freedoms, privacy and rights are being quelled and destroyed by threats of vetoes and blatantly obvious uses of fear and terror.

Due to the importance of the outcome of the FISA amendment being ram-rodded through the Senate by a self-appointed imperialistic presidential administration, it’s important to make more people aware of the incredible BS going on with the vast majority of our elected officials in the federal government.

Entirely too many of our Senators have been bought and paid for by large corporations. As a result, our Senators don’t listen to their constituents. A large majority of Americans object to the retroactive immunity intended to be used to cover up massive abuse of self-appointed powers: fraud, illegal spying on Americans, lies and deceptions, torture and numerous other war crimes — just to name a few — not to mention the cluster you-know-what called the Iraq war, that has killed too many and left too many others hung out to dry.

Because it is so important, between the lines below is a post from AlterNet written by Christy Hardin Smith regarding the ongoing FISA battle and the Bush administration’s demands for retroacive immunity.

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