Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

Using Terror To Resurrect The Dead

In the past 7 years of the disaster known as the Bush Administration, one factor has remained consistent — the excessive use of fear and terror to coerce cooperation or to circumvent the law. Every time more power to ‘protect the citizens’ is ‘needed,’ fear and intimidation plays a crucial factor.

Aside from the fact that inducing terror is also an act of terrorism, there is more than enough evidence to impeach or prosecute both Bush and Cheney. There may be one more piece of evidence to add. As noted by the Len Hart at the existentialist cowboy blogspot, despite previous reports of bin Laden’s death, Bush has conveniently managed to keep him alive.

Shortly after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto this past month, a video containing excerpts of an interview she gave to David Frost from November of 2007 showed up on YouTube. In the video Bhutto acknowledged the death of bin Laden in 2001. For reasons unknown (aside from the obvious), the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and FOX news decided to censor the admission from Bhutto out of their copy of the video before airing it.

Bhutto wasn’t the first to acknowledge that bin Laden was dead. On December 26, 2001 Fox News reported that bin Laden had died of an untreated lung complication. Roughly six months later, the New York Times also reported that Osama bin Laden was dead.

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