Daily Archives: December 22, 2007

Too Much News Ignored By The Media

It’s becoming painfully evident that the main stream news media has a really bad habit of sitting on or covering up and ignoring news stories — sometimes twisting words around to distort the truth — raising questions as to why certain stories are ignored as well as questions about ethics, integrity and morals. Failing to mention pertinent news to the public, purposely reporting false information and keeping people in the dark has gone on entirely too long.

It’s disgraceful knowing that much of the corporate media is owned by the Republican Party and that ordinary unsuspecting citizens are purposely ill-informed to further the illicit agenda and incompetence of the “elected” leadership.

Instead of covering the more obvious crimes of the Bush Administration, they devote columns to the political race, citing phony poll numbers and predicting who will win, purposely failing to mention or downplaying contenders such as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards to mention a few. When Paris Hilton or Jamie Spears is front page news there’s a BIG problem.

As noted by Dave Lindorff in The Baltimore Chronicle, everyone knows that this country is being run by a criminal syndicate that has rigged elections, hidden its knowledge of the 9-11 attacks, lied the country into war, plotted to out an important CIA undercover operative, obstructed a criminal investigation (repeatedly) into the treasonous act, subverted most of the articles of the Bill of Rights with convoluted signing statements / executive orders, emasculated the Congress and the Courts, betrayed veterans, surrendered a major American metropolis to devastation received from a hurricane, plotted to enable the declaration of martial law, tortured, kidnapped and killed millions of people in blatant violation of international law, obstructed efforts to deal with the crisis of global warming and more for the past unconscionable seven years. The list goes on and on.

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