Inmates Are Running The Asylum

It’s been a busy week in the political world. Our Congress has been busy recently, trying to screw under the American public they’re supposed to be the voice of by trying to pass laws that continue to be blatantly unconstitutional while our president continues to believe he can write his own laws, none of which apply to him.

For reasons unknown, most of the main stream media doesn’t cover a lot of the going ons. These attempts to stifle democracy as we know it are growing extremely irritating.

Links to some of the dysfunctional actions that are of importance to you privacy, human rights and illegal actions of the most corrupt political system in history can be found below:

A FISA Fix article written by New Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey article from The Los Angeles Times

There never was, or never should have been, any question as to where the new attorney general’s loyalties would lie — welcome to Alberto Gonzales part II — he will continue to let the president trample on the constitution and break all kinds of laws.

Harry Reid’s FISA games article from Salon News:

“The summarized version is that there were two competing bills which Reid could have brought to the floor — the Senate Intelligence Committee version engineered by Jay Rockefeller and Dick Cheney which gives the administration most of what it wants, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, which does not contain telecom amnesty and contains far more extensive oversight protections. Reid could have brought the bill to the floor using whatever process he wanted, and he has decided — contrary to weeks of assurances — that the SIC bill will serve as the “base” bill, meaning that improving it (by removing amnesty and increasing oversight) will require 60 votes, rendering such efforts virtually impossible. In doing so, Reid is brazenly ignoring the demands of 14 Senators — including all of the Democratic presidential candidates — to have the Judiciary Committee bill be the base bill.”

The Lawless Surveillance State article from Salon News:

“There are several vital points raised by the new revelations in The New York Times that “the N.S.A.’s reliance on telecommunications companies is broader and deeper than ever before” and includes both pre-9/11 efforts to tap without warrants into the nation’s domestic communications network as well as the collection of vast telephone records of American citizens in the name of the War on Drugs. The Executive Branch and the largest telecommunications companies work in virtually complete secrecy — with no oversight and no notion of legal limits — to spy on Americans, on our own soil, at will.

More than anything else, what these revelations highlight — yet again — is that the U.S. has become precisely the kind of surveillance state that we were always told was the hallmark of tyrannical societies, with literally no limits on the government’s ability or willingness to spy on its own citizens and to maintain vast dossiers on those activities. The vast bulk of those on whom the Government spies have never been accused, let alone convicted, of having done anything wrong. One can dismiss those observations as hyperbole if one likes — people want to believe that their own government is basically benevolent and “tyranny” is something that happens somewhere else — but publicly available facts simply compel the conclusion that, by definition, we live in a lawless surveillance state, and most of our political officials are indifferent to, if not supportive of, that development.

That’s precisely why our political class is about to bestow amnesty on telecoms which broke multiple laws in how they enabled the government to spy on us, even though what the telecoms did — on purpose and for years — is unquestionably illegal. Our political leaders in both parties plainly want this limitless surveillance to continue, and they don’t think that telecoms do anything wrong even when they work with the government in spying on Americans in ways that are against the law.”

Congress Goes Belly Up article from The Washington Post

URGENT: Telecom Immunity Showdown in the Senate! alert from The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):

“URGENT: Telecom Immunity Showdown in the Senate!

For more than five years, AT&T and other telephone companies broke the law and violated their customers’ privacy rights by sending billions of private domestic internet and telephone communications and records to the National Security Agency.

Now, after months of pressure from the Bush Administration, the full Senate is poised to grant retroactive immunity to these companies, which would effectively ensure that the full extent of their complicty will never be known.

The critical make-or-break vote is being held Monday– contact your Senator immediately and urge them to oppose telecom immunity!”

Ex Post Facto Law definition from Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Congress cannot pass a law ex post facto (one that would retroactively make criminal conduct not criminal when it was performed). 

MSNBC examines how Bush became ‘a government unto himself’ article from The Raw Story:

“Dan Abrams examined the Bush administration’s unprecedented use of signing statements in the second installment of his week-long MSNBC series on “Bush League Justice.”

“President Bush doesn’t like to veto laws,” Abrams began. “He doesn’t have to. Since he took office, he’s been attaching conditions to laws already passed by Congress, allowing him to essentially disobey the will of Congress and dramatically expand his own power.”

Bush has issued 1100 signing statements — almost twice as many as all previous presidents put together — often completely reversing the intended effect of legislation. For example, when Congress voted overwhelmingly to ban torture, Bush announced that this would “make it clear to the world that this government does not torture.” Two weeks later, he added a signing statement to the bill that allowed him to ignore it.

Similarly, when a bill required the Justice Department to report to Congress on the use of the Patriot Act, Bush added a proviso that he could override this requirement any time he thought necessary.”

National ID cards on the way? article from CNET News

Transcript from Bill Moyers talks with Bruce Fein and John Nichols article from Bill Moyers Journal on

A fact filled discussion detailing the unconstitutionality of our ‘elected’ leader in the White House that presents the issues while arguing for impeachment. Very long, but worth the read:

BILL MOYERS: That was a great moment when Sara Taylor said, “I took an oath to uphold the president.” Did you see that?

BRUCE FEIN: Yes. And that was like the military in Germany saying, “My oath is to the Fuhrer, not to the country.” She took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I did, too, when I was in the government. There’s no oath that says, “I’m loyal to a president even if he defiles the Constitution.”

JOHN NICHOLS: Let me mention the unspoken branch of government, which is the fourth estate: The media. The fact of the matter is the founders anticipated that presidents would overreach. And they anticipated that at times politics would cause Congress to be a weaker player or a dysfunctional player. But they always assumed that the press would alert the people, that the press would tell the people. And the fact of the matter is I think that our media in the last few years has done an absolutely miserable job of highlighting the constitutional issues that are in play. You know, you can’t have torture and extraordinary rendition. You cannot have spying. You cannot have a– lying to Congress. You cannot have what happened to Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, you know?

BILL MOYERS: When she was outed and they tried to punish–

JOHN NICHOLS: Plotted out of the vice-president’s office without question. Notations of the vice-president on news articles saying, “Let’s go get this guy.” Right? You know, you can’t have that and not have a media going and saying to the president at press conferences, you know, “Aren’t– isn’t what you’re doing a violation of the Constitution?” Now, just imagine if the– if the members of the White House Press Corps on a regular basis were saying to Tony Snow, “But hasn’t what the president’s done here violated the Constitution?” The whole national dialogue would shift. And Congress itself would suddenly become a better player. So I’m not absolving Congress. I’m certainly not absolving Bush and Cheney. But I am saying that we have a media problem here as well.”

When The MSM Refuse To Air A US Congressman’s Call For Impeachment, To Impeach Is our Only Hope article from

There’s A Press Blackout on S 1959, the Thought Crime Prevention Bill; Why? article from JustAnotherCoverUp:

“As odd as it sounds, it’s true. The Mainstream News Media appears to be in a total news blackout in regard S 1959. At first, I believed it was merely the reluctance of the MSM to discuss this Bill, however, the answer may be much more sinister than that! Below is a reply I found on Ron Paul’s Campaign site which references this Bill, and I double and triple checked for ANY Mainstream News Coverage on this issue – and so far, it appears to almost be non-existent!”

One undiscussed corner of the waterboarding issue and the disappearance of CIA videos article from OpEdNews:

“As for the vanishing of the CIA “interrogation” tapes, that is easily explained. The fact that Congress itself approved these “enhanced interrogation methods” against Constitutional and international law means that they themselves stand to be indicted. Especially because they gave their bosom buddy, Bush, the power to torture WITHOUT BEING PROSECUTED AS WAR CRIMINAL under the MCA.”

Pelosi and Harman Aided and Abetted 9/11 Cover Up article from George Washington’s Blog:

“House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is blocking efforts to impeach Bush and Cheney, or to take any other real steps to save America. One of the grounds for impeachment is that the government made knowingly false claims about 9/11.

Congresswoman Jane Harman chaired the hearing of the House Subcommittee on Homeland Security which pushing for the labeling 9/11 truth sites as terrorist incubators.

What do these two congresswomen have in common? They were both part of the 9/11 cover up.

Veteran reporter Robert Scheer gives the background in his opinion piece today in the San Francisco Chronicle. The first two lines of the piece set the stage:

“When the CIA destroyed those prisoner interrogation videotapes, were they also destroying the truth about Sept. 11, 2001? After all, according to the 9/11 Commission report, the basic narrative of what happened on that day – and the nature of the enemy in this war on terror that Bush launched in response to the tragedy – comes from the CIA’s account of what those prisoners told their torturers.

Scheer then moves on to Pelosi and Harman’ role in the cover up:

But what about those congressional leaders who were briefed on the torture program as early as 2002? That includes Democrats like Nancy Pelosi . . . .”

Recall the Congress – An ancillary and companion effort to

“How did it happen? By lies and deception and by placing the Nation under a state of fear. But not by accident. It was a well orchestrated event including 9/11 and all the suspicions surrounding it. For 9/11 was a needed event ( As stated by the paper itself) ( Sin of Omission) to implement the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and first kicked into gear by the ill-informed interference of the US Supreme Court in a States Right matter of the election fraud in Florida in 2000. That interference resulted in an illegal electoral college vote for George W. Bush.

It was further encouraged in 2004 by a conspiracy of silence among members of the Congress on both sides of the aisle to not speak of fascism or PNAC during the election campaign which they knew or must have known was taking over America. Members of Congress who knew and were silent are guilty of treason and high crimes against the country. If they didn’t know they are inept and should be kicked out of their offices as quickly as possible. We don’t need a rubber stamp congress to the further the evil empire builder George W. Bush.”

New Attorney General stonewalls Senate over CIA tapes article from The Raw Story:

“Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy said Friday he is disappointed at the Justice Department for its outright refusal to hand over any information about the interrogation videotapes destroyed by the CIA two years ago.”

Contracts for Paper Shredding Services (FY 2000-2007) information from

Any doubts now on how much evidence is being destroyed by Bush Co. to cover their butts? Don’t forget, we taxpayers are funding this too. Links to the contractors and transactions are available at the site as well.

Total dollars: $13,079,687
Total number of contractors: 184
Total number of transactions: 1,396

S.1959/HR1955 Did Not Win In House By Margin of 404-6 – Needs To Be Investigated article from JustAnotherCoverUp

Why Should S. 1959 aka the “Thought Crime” Bill be Exempt from FACA? article from OpEdNews:

“Section 899 C (k) of S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 states “Nonapplicability of Federal Advisory Committee Act — The Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.) shall not apply to the Commission.”. This pending legislation recently moved to the Senate, after the House passed it 404-6, as H.R. 1955.

Why should the FAC Act not apply? The recommendations of the Commission proposed by this bill may have grave effects on 1st and 4th Amendment protected Rights, and this process should certainly have maximum public scrutiny, input and accountability.”

A Police Provocateur’s Dream, HR 1955 & S. 1959 article from IndyBay:

“The broad language of the Harman bill gives the government the power to bully and charge Americans with terrorism when Citizens exercise their Constitutional Right to Association. Lawful Americans that attend public meetings, demonstrations and other group public events should not be charged with Violent Radicalization, Homegrown Terrorism, or labeled “ideologically based toward violence” because of what another person said or did at a “planned” meeting. Of course, under such circumstances millions of Americans would become afraid to support or attend political and other public meetings out of concern someone might do something that violates Rep. Harman’s “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.” Attendance by an American at a “political or environmentalist’ meeting” could put a U.S. Citizen on the government’s “no fly list.”

Should the current provisions in the Jane Harman bill HR 1955 or S. 1959 pass in its present form, the U.S. Government, federal and state police will have no difficulty legally terminating American Citizens and activist organizations that exercise their Constitutional Right to free association, free speech, expression, assembly and writings. Once the Harman bill passes, Police Provocateurs can easily destroy any anti-war group, person or organization that supports or attends a “planned” meeting or demonstration. Police Provocateurs need only join a crowd of protestors at a demonstration, then throw rocks toward uniformed police to criminalize an entire demonstration. Or covertly contact a group’s participants before, at or after a “planned” demonstration, then lie and claim the person(s) the Provocateur spoke with were ideologically bent toward violence; “Violent Radicalization; or Homegrown Terrorism.”

So Iran’s not a nuclear threat any more? All the more reason for Bush to unleash Armageddon article from The Guardian Unlimited UK:

“Bush is so fact-phobic that he might as well declare a war on reality, in which anything palpably authentic is the enemy.”

America’s Judicial Coup article from Consortium News:

“The defendant who benefited from this new liberal legal construction was named Oliver North. Silberman and Sentelle overturned North’s conviction on three Iran-Contra felonies.

Similarly, George W. Bush turned to Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court when it looked like the Florida Supreme Court might actually require disputed votes to be examined and counted. The Florida court was one place where Bush didn’t have enough allies.

In its various rulings on the recount issue, the court hewed to the principle that the right of voters to have their votes counted – when their intent could be clearly discerned – trumped technical legal provisions. The state court took that position both when it helped Gore and when it helped Bush.

Yet, even before the Florida Supreme Court considered a statewide recount of disputed ballots, Bush went to the U.S. Supreme Court to head off that possibility. He requested and got the U.S. Supreme Court to consider his appeal seeking to throw out hundreds of votes for Gore that had been discovered in a recount in Broward County.”

New scrutiny on US spy structure article from Yahoo! News and The Christian Science Monitor

Former intel chair: CIA tape affair part of ‘an ongoing pattern’ of Bush administration cover-up article and video from The Raw Story:

“The former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says he was kept in the dark about severe interrogations of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists taped by the CIA, and calls the episode just another example of the Bush administration’s “covering up” of unwanted revelations.”

Hiding in Plain Sight: Why Important Government Information Cannot Be Found Through Commercial Search Engines report (PDF) from OMB Watch / Center For Democracy & Technology

9/11 Commission Primer article from American Progress:

“White House Opposed Formation of Commission: President Bush and Vice President Cheney both contacted then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in the months after 9/11 to insist on strict limits in the scope of any investigation into the attacks. Newsweek reported on February 4, 2002, that Vice President Cheney called Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) to “warn” him not to open hearings into the attacks. If Daschle pressed the issue, Cheney “implied he would risk being accused of interfering with the mission” against terrorism. And despite entreaties from the families of victims of 9/11 attacks and a bipartisan group of senators and congressmen, the president vocally resisted forming an investigatory commission. President Bush only relented on November 27, 2002, a year after the attacks.”

9/11 Facts from

Why Is George W. Bush Above the Law? article from

“EDITOR’S NOTE: While criminals have occupied many a public office in our nation our media, in the past, have at least tried to inform the public and expose the criminals. The severity of the crimes being conducted by our current administration combined with the level of blatant deception by our media has created a surreal disconnect between reality and publicly perceived reality. While I have deep concerns about the seemingly endless list of anti-American, anti-life, anti-peace and anti-humanity acts by the Bush administration, my focus remains on the people who are perpetuation the false cover that distracts the people from seeing the truth; thus permitting the crimes to continue. These people are the members of the corporate media and we can not forgive them for what they have permitted and we must not permit them to continue to provide cover for the criminals in charge of our nation.”

Jurors deadlock on 6 of 7 in Liberty City 7 case; 1 cleared article from The South Florida Sun-Sentinel News:

“MIAMI – In an embarrassing outcome for the Bush administration, a federal jury on Thursday acquitted one man and the judge declared a mistrial against six others charged with plotting attacks against the Chicago Sears Tower and the Miami FBI headquarters.

U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard granted the mistrial after jurors said they were deadlocked, leaving the complicated case once touted as a success story in the war on terror to be retried before another jury as soon as next month.”

A Letter To The Senate article from Daily Kos:

“Dear United States Senate,

“Please pass a bill that gives me immunity from breaking the law. Now — and this is awkward — I can’t tell you which law I broke or when I first broke it, or the specifics of how I came to break that law. I can’t tell you what the results of my breaking of the law have been, and I cannot tell you how long I have been breaking the law. I can, however, assure you that I broke whichever law I broke for a very good reason, which is that President George W. Bush told me to break it.

I can’t tell you whether or not George W. Bush had the authority to tell me to break the law, because I can’t tell you how I broke the law. So maybe I didn’t break the law at all, because George W. Bush says I didn’t, but on the other hand George W. Bush lacks the power to declare who did or did not break the law, because it is not for him to say, so I probably did break the law, in a manner I can’t discuss.”

Countdown: Rudy Giuliani Made Millions Lobbying For Data Mining Company article and video from Crooks and Liars

Where Is The Money? video from YouTube and CBS News of Donald Rumsfield on Sept. 10, 2001 talking about $2.3 Trillion unaccounted for by the Pentagon

Huckabee’s 1992 words get new attention article from Yahoo! News and The Associated Press:

“LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The U.S. shouldn’t try to kill Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Mike Huckabee declared when he first ran for office. No women in combat anywhere. No gays in the military. No contributions in politics to candidates more than a year before an election.

His statements are among 229 answers Huckabee offered as a 36-year-old Texarkana pastor during his first run for political office in 1992. In that unsuccessful race against Sen. Dale Bumpers, Huckabee offered himself as a social conservative and listed “moral decay” as one of the top problems facing the country.

Now that he’s a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, he’s being asked anew about some of the views and comments he expressed in the survey by The Associated Press. Over the weekend, he said he wouldn’t retract answers in which he advocated isolating AIDS patients from the general public, opposed increased funding for finding a cure and said homosexuality could pose a public health risk — though he said today he might phrase his answers “a little differently.”

Talking Points Memo – TPM’s Timeline of the CIA’s Torture Tapes article from TPMmuckraker:

“For years, the CIA denied recording any interrogations of al-Qaeda detainees. For years, the Bush administration denied issuing any legal authorization for torture. And for years, members of Congress claimed ignorance of what the CIA and the Bush administration had in store for detained members of al-Qaeda. All of these denials have proven false.

There’s a tremendous amount that remains unknown about CIA interrogations of al-Qaeda, the recording of those interrogations, and the destruction of those recordings. Determining just what is known is confusing, as is sorting out when crucial developments occurred. To provide a measure of clarity, TPMmuckraker has compiled a timeline of relevant events over the past five years. Since the core of the current controversy isn’t about the destruction of the tapes but the interrogation methods those tapes captured — which is of course unknown — we included milestones on the administration’s road to developing interrogation policy.

Invaluable research assistance was provided by Adrianne Jeffries, Peter Sheehy, and Andrew Berger. Mistakes in compiling this information are entirely our own, and we hope you’ll alert us in comments to any errors we’ve made.”

FISA court refuses to release wiretapping docs article from Think Progress:

So much is being hidden and covered up. This is total BS! The public has every right to view these records because it involves them and illegal acts performed against them:

“FISA court refuses to release wiretapping docs.In August, the ACLU asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to release “documents regarding the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.” “In a rare public opinion” today, the Court ruled that “the public has no right to view the documents because they deal with the clandestine workings of national security agencies.” The AP reports:

Writing for the court, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates refused. Releasing the documents would reveal closely guarded secrets that enemies could used to evade detection or disrupt intelligence activities, he said. […]”

Will the Supreme Court Decide the 2008 Election? article from The New York Times

Military Families Patient No More article from OpEdNews

Lott’s Lament article from Harper’s Magazine:

“I have learned that the criminal investigation that produced the indictments may have a connection with events that rattled Washington only 36 hours before a team of FBI agents descended upon the Scruggs Law Firm in Oxford, when Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott, who just secured reelection last year and had five years left on his term to serve, suddenly and dramatically announced that he was resigning from the Senate to pursue other objectives. His explanations produced blank stares. Washington insiders who were close to Lott rushed to explain that due to changes in lobbying restrictions, Lott would benefit from a transition to a K Street practice by leaving before year’s end. Others were unconvinced. (“Something’s seriously the matter,” one Republican strategist told me, “but I don’t have an inkling what it is.”)

The indictment against Scruggs alleges that the defendants conspired in an effort to bribe Judge Lackey to get a favorable result in a civil lawsuit involving a dispute over attorney’s fees from an insurance litigation. It details a series of meetings between Timothy Balducci, a lawyer who was aligned with Scruggs in the litigation, and the judge: Balducci is said to have broached the subject of a bribe for the first time on March 28, and to have said that he was acting with the authority of Scruggs; on September 21, he is alleged to have made an offer of $40,000 for a favorable decision in the case. The payment was subsequently made in a series of transfers during the fall.”

U.S. Commits, Lies About Domestic Human Rights Violations article from AlterNet:

“Human rights violations taint almost every social sector in the U.S.”

Fundamentalist Christian Uses Colorado Shootings for Political Gain article from AlterNet:

“People like Tony Perkins may actually develop a sense of morality someday, but I’m betting he’ll go to the rapture begging to be forgiven for this.

Tony Perkins takes off on secular media again, this time blaming the secular media for the tragic shootings in Colorado. Nevermind that the shooter was protected all his life from the secular media by being homeschooled in a “very, very religious” household. No, Tony doesn’t like the facts much here, he’s more after political gain.

First, let me direct you to Daniel DeRito’s excellent piece on Matthew Murray, the shooter in the Colorado tragedies last week. Daniel’s piece does not explain or excuse the tragedy, and it does not exploit the tragedy either. It is merely an illumination of the mind of Matthew Murray through his own writings. As such, the piece is intriguing and leads us towards, though certainly not all the way there, understanding the mind of this very troubled young man.”

Fujimori jailed for abusing power article from The BBC News:

This needs to be done here as well:

“The former Peruvian President, Alberto Fujimori, has been sentenced to six years in prison and fined $92,000 for abuse of power.

He was found guilty of ordering the removal of sensitive video and audio tapes from a flat belonging to the wife of his former intelligence chief.”

Is this an imbalance of Justice, or what? article from The Smirking Chimp:

“Michael Vick, the former starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons kills about 20 pit bull dogs and loses nearly $180 million dollars; George W. Bush and Richard Cheney kill about 250,000 Iraqis and about 4500 Americans and they get to remain president and vice president. The companies that have so liberally been given very lucrative contracts by this administration continue to profit widely from the re-building of Iraq. Vick is going to jail for 23 months. What is wrong with this picture?”

National Election Survey Reveals Interesting Stats article from Threat Level:

“The federal Election Assistance Commission — the agency created after the 2000 presidential debacle that is tasked with overseeing voting machine testing and serving as a clearinghouse for election administration information — published a survey of the 2006 election today that reveals some interesting stats.

The information, collected from election administrators nationwide, covers the number of registered voters per jurisdiction, voter turnout, types of voting systems used, percentage of votes cast by absentee and provisional ballots, etc.

One interesting nugget concerns the number of ballots cast vs. ballots counted in the election.

According to the report, about 82 million ballots were “cast or counted” in the 2006 election (the number isn’t exact because not every jurisdiction responded to the survey). But some 3.2 million ballots that were cast never got counted. [I should note here that it’s really confusing that the EAC refers to the 82 million ballots as “cast or counted” since it isn’t possible for a ballot to be counted if it wasn’t cast — at least not a legal ballot. It would have been better for the report to just say “82 million ballots were cast.”]”

Bush to veto health insurance bill article from Yahoo! News and The Associated Press

Why not add one more ‘signing statement’ to the over 1,100 questionable ones used so far?

‘Treason on the High Seas’ article from The Peoples Voice:

By Phillip F. Tourney – Survivor of the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel:

“June 8, 1967 I was a 20 year old 3rd class petty officer in damage control at the time of this sneak attack from our so-called ally, Israel. We were identified as American and friendly many hours before the slaughter began at 2:00 P.M.

The Israeli jet aircraft were ruthless and stubborn in their attempt to sink and murder all hands aboard. They hit every antennae on our ship, no accident for sure. The Israeli reconnaissance aircraft took pictures of our ship in the morning hours, nothing was missed. The attacking aircraft dropped napalm on the bridge of our ship to burn us alive.

Soon after the jets were done with us we see 3 motor torpedo boats approaching our ship at a high rate of speed. We then learned who our attackers were.

We saw 3 flags marked with the Star of David. We were in shock because the Israelis were supposed to be our allies! We had had no idea who was attacking us until then. The attacking jet aircraft were unmarked. The torpedo boats maneuvered themselves into a torpedo launch attitude, now come the 5 to 6 torpedoes. The captain was doing his best to maneuver the ship to avoid sudden death. The torpedoes whizzed by our ship, forward and aft with 1 hitting its mark, almost dead mid-ships, blowing to bits 25 American heroes who stood their ground below the water line and accepted their fate, doing their duty for the United States Government.”

Two Girls, Two Shots to the Head article from WakeUpFromYourSlumber:

Why are Israelis shooting children?

“Palestinian 15-year-olds among growing number of children hit by Israeli snipers during ‘Days of Penitence'”

Our Biggest Terrorist Threat? Chertoff Contradicts Himself article from Six Hours A Week:

Another classic example of inept, unqualified leadership appointed by a corrupt presidential administration doing what they do best:

“What is the greatest terrorist threat to the United States? It depends on the audience — and what aspects of privacy you want it to give up.

If you’re trying to convince Europeans to create an international fingerprint and personal-data screening database, it’s international. If you want to persuade a domestic audience to nationally standardize drivers licenses, it’s domestic.”

Clinton and Giuliani Would Grab Even More Power Than Bush Did article from The CATO institute:

“Clinton, always eager to wield power on behalf of her vision of the public good, has just endorsed new government mandates on health care and energy along with a $50 billion spending program for global AIDS. Meanwhile, revelations about Giuliani’s secretive use of New York City police and his refusal to allow the city comptroller to audit his security spending reflect his lifelong affinity for using and abusing power.

Giuliani wants power concentrated in whatever position he holds at the time, and Clinton wants the federal government to have vast powers to do good as she sees it. Not a happy choice for the voters in a free country.”

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