Daily Archives: December 16, 2007

Inmates Are Running The Asylum

It’s been a busy week in the political world. Our Congress has been busy recently, trying to screw under the American public they’re supposed to be the voice of by trying to pass laws that continue to be blatantly unconstitutional while our president continues to believe he can write his own laws, none of which apply to him.

For reasons unknown, most of the main stream media doesn’t cover a lot of the going ons. These attempts to stifle democracy as we know it are growing extremely irritating.

Links to some of the dysfunctional actions that are of importance to you privacy, human rights and illegal actions of the most corrupt political system in history can be found below:

A FISA Fix article written by New Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey article from The Los Angeles Times

There never was, or never should have been, any question as to where the new attorney general’s loyalties would lie — welcome to Alberto Gonzales part II — he will continue to let the president trample on the constitution and break all kinds of laws.

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