Daily Archives: October 13, 2007

The Alabama Injustice System

What appears to be a case of selective justice in Alabama once again brings more bad news involving the usual mixture of apparent greed, corruption and dirty politics involving the Bush Administration ‘Justice’ system and shows the perfect example of why politics and justice don’t mix well.

According to a report by TIME, On May 8, 2002, Clayton Lamar (Lanny) Young Jr. sat in the downtown offices of the U.S. Attorney in Montgomery, Alabama and told a group of seasoned prosecutors and investigators that he had paid tens of thousands of dollars in apparently illegal campaign contributions to some of the biggest names in Alabama Republican politics.

Young told the the prosecutors and investigators that among the recipients of his contributions were Jeff Sessions, (then the state’s former attorney general, now a U.S. Senator) and William Pryor Jr., (then Sessions’ successor as attorney general, now a federal judge). Documents obtained by TIME describe Young’s detailed statements.

Young became a key witness in a major case in Alabama that brought down a high-profile politician, landing him in federal prision to serve an 88-month sentence. That official happened to be the top Democrat named by Young in a series of interviews. Conveniently enough, none of the Republicans named by Young were investigated, let alone prosecuted.

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