Misadventures in TSA Airport Screening

If you’re traveling internationally and don’t want to be labeled as a terrorist or drug runner by the secretive (albeit partially dysfunctional and inefficient) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) algorithms, you want to be careful what books and other reading material you bring to read on the plane. Records recently revealed to Wired.com reportedly show that the government has been selectively storing that type of information for years.

The records (the most current of which are from 2004) show that the government routinely records the race of people they pull aside for extra screening when they enter the country as well as the cursory answers given to U.S. border inspectors regarding their purpose for traveling.

One record noted Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) co-founder John Gilmore’s choice of reading material and worry about the number of small flashlights he had packed for his trip. The records contain a lot of sensitive information and it appears that the DHS hasn’t exactly been forthright with U.S. citizens (the DHS has been caught lying more than once).

The Automated Targeting System (ATS) scrutinizes every passenger entering or leaving the country, telling agents who to give extra screening to. Records include airline-record collections and screening records mined for the controversial DHS passenger rating system.

The ATS mines intelligence data from law enforcement and regularatory databases, looking for “high-risk” targets not already on the terrorist watchlists.

Information is stored for years and usually includes destinations, phone and e-mail contact information, address, meal requests, special health requests, payment information and frequent-flyer numbers. Also included in some is the race of the passenger as well as phone numbers of overseas family members, and European flights booked seperately overseas from an international itinerary, not to mention inspection notes from earlier border inspections.

Federal Watch List Full Of Flaws

Aside from all the incorrect labeling and racial profiling done to regular U.S. citizens due to the dysfunctional data-mining programs by the federal government, the programs are also mistaking government employees and U.S. servicemen for foreign terrorists.

The records reportedly show that having high-level security clearances won’t keep you off the TSA terrorist watch list. Among others who have missed flights and been caught up in bureaucratic cluster you-know-whats, the list has caught:

  • A State Department diplomat who protested that “I fly 100,00 miles a year and am tired of getting hassled at Dulles airport — and airports worldwide — because my name apparently closely resembles that of a terrorist suspect.”
  • A person with an Energy Department security clearance.
  • An 82-year-old veteran who says he’s never even had a traffic ticket.
  • A technical director at a science and technology company who has been working with the Pentagon on chemical and biological weapons defense.
  • A U.S. Navy officer who has been enlisted since 1984.
  • A high-ranking government employee with a better-than-top-secret clearance who is also a U.S. Army Reserve major.
  • A federal employee traveling on government business who says the watch list matching “has resulted in ridiculous delays at the airports, despite my travel order, federal ID and even my federal passport.”
  • A high-level civil servant at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • An active-duty Army officer who had served four combat tours (including one in Afghanistan) and who holds a top-secret clearance.
  • A retired U.S. Army officer and antiterrorism/force-protection officer with expertise on weapons of mass destruction who was snared when he was put back on active-duty status while flying on a ticket paid for by the Army.
  • A former Pentagon employee and current security-cleared U.S. Postal Service contractor.
  • Also held up was a Continental Airlines flight-crew member traveling as a passenger, who complained to TSA, “If I am safe enough to work on a plane then I should be fine to be a passenger sleeping.”

Outcomes of the complaints from the incorrectly listed citizens was not recorded in the recently released reports.

Threatened While Trying to Get Off The Terrorist Watch List

In typical governmental fashion, getting on the watch list is a lot easier than getting removed from it. As it stands, if you want to clear your name, you need to submit several notarized copies of your identification. If you’re lucky, the TSA might check their databases against details in the classified database, add them to a cleared list and provide you with a letter attesting to your status.

A TSA spokeswoman said the system works. Since October 2005 (the most current figures available), more than 28,000 people have filed paperwork to clear their names. Due to ‘National Security’, the spokeswoman wouldn’t say how many of the 28,000 individuals were cleared.

Massachusetts resident Bethan Brome Lilja and her son continuously get selected for extra screening when they travel. After tiring of it, she called the TSA call center where she was told by an employee named Eva that the FBI was looking for someone with her name, and advised her to watch what she was saying since the call was recorded and was told that “some guys might come knocking on your door.” Her husband Jonathan never gets pulled aside for extra screening.

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