Burned Kitten Adam Recovering Well

Recently Adam had what will hopefully be his last surgery — he was neutered and his hind quarters were attended to. He doesn’t have to wear bandages over most of his body now and his skin grafts have taken beautifully. Hopefully the hair will grow back on the lower end of his spine. A picture of Adam and an update are available from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Adam still receives lots of gifts and cards from all over the world. His catster page is cute and has some nice pictures of Adam and some of his many friends and fans. Adam has given a lot of people hope and inspiration.

Tina Wright, Adams’ caregiver and foster parent, wrote the following to Forgotten Felines about Adam:

“He is very proud of himself now that he doesn’t have bandages. Although his back will be permanently disfigured and he will always have a limp because of the severe burns, none of these factors have slowed him down or dampened his spirits. He is a happy purr box and loves every person who cares to give him attention.

He endures all medical procedures and never even needs to be scruffed. He always looks for me whenever he is unsure of something or someone and has nothing but loving admiration from me. He has changed my life and my view of courage.

Thank you again for allowing me to be his foster and I can never thank Forgotten Felines enough for all you have taught me. Not only with Addie but also with all the beautiful volunteers and beautiful feral cats we have the privilege to touch and help. Thank you – from Tina, oh and Addie.”

Adam is very fortunate to have someone like Tina who obviously loves and cares deeply for him. I’m sure he feels the same way about her. The outpour of love, generosity, giving and prayer from all over the world for Adam really is incredible if you think about it.

Because of Adam

Jennifer Kirchner, the executive director of Forgotten Felines sends out nice “because of Adam” stories with her updates and will soon be adding them to the Forgotten Feline web site. The “because of Adam” stories started when people all over the world donated money to help in the treatment and care of Adam. Because so many have helped, and continue to help, an excess amount of money has been raised. The donations go into a “fluffy fund” that helps other cats and kittens.

The three latest benefactors of the overflow from the donations made for Adam:

“Jacques”, a big, beautiful long haired brown tabby had a kidney removed. He was a stray eating at one of our feeding stations at a local apartment complex. He is now in foster care for a short recovery period and then he’ll go up for adoption.

Another cat was brought to us at our spay/neuter clinic with her third eyelid adhered to her upper lid in both eyes. Unable to see prior to the surgery, she awoke after her spay operation with full vision. We have no idea how long she had been living this way. A darling, short haired tortie, is residing with us in our offices until she is released by our veterinarian, Dr. Leah Hertzel.

Funds were also used to give a stray, neutered Siamese cross male cat a much needed dental. He is such a great fellow that the vet, Dr. Joy Mueller, that gave him his teeth cleaning decided to keep him and find him a home from her hospital. So, we got him off the streets, had his teeth cleaned and he’s already on his way to a new home!

Adam’s sibling and trial information

Adam’s brother Sampson, currently in foster care, has a few weeks of ringworm treatment left. Once his treatment is over and he’s neutered he’ll be available for adoption.

The trial for the two teenage girls accused of setting Adam on fire is reportedly scheduled to begin this month. If anyone wants to contact the District Attorney prosecuting the case, his information is below:

Stephan R. Passalacqua
District Attorney
County of Sonoma
600 Administration Drive, Room 212J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 565-3098
[email protected]

For updates on Adam’s condition or to make a donation, visit the Forgotten Felines web site or contact the
Animal Hospital of Cotati. Adam’s catster page is here.

Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County
PO Box 6672
Santa Rosa CA 95406
(707) 576-7999

Animal Hospital of Cotati
576 E. Cotati Ave.
Cotati, CA 94934
(707) 792-0200

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2 thoughts on “Burned Kitten Adam Recovering Well

  1. Patty

    Hi Bill!

    What an amazing story Adam’s is, huh? The range of both human evil and compassion and love in his story is amazing…

    Great to hear about the overflow of donations helping other kitties – I hadn’t seen that part of the story yet. Have you seen all of the photos on his Catster page? He’s a beautiful, unique kitty, for sure!

    Thanks for the info.


  2. Rodrigue Planck

    Hi Bill,
    Adam, I still check for updates nearly every day. He is a great little cat, brave and forgiving, we should all be this way!

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