Update 4 on Adam the Burned Kitten

Our beloved little Adam is progressing remarkably well.

Below is the most recent emailed update. It should be available on Adam’s update page soon.

Dear Friends: Dr. Lisa, Adam’s surgeon checked his skin graft yesterday and says it is looking great and is progressing well. Last night was the first night Adam slept through the night. Why? Because he has found a new friend, Pebbles. They slept together on Tina’s bed all night long. Pebbles is a little black Chihuahua that is in charge of everyone at Tina’s house EXCEPT for Adam. They play together and now sleep together. Tina will try to get pictures for all of us this weekend.

Today a whole new batch of toys arrived at the Animal Hospital for Adam from his “Fan Club”. Tina says they are giving them to him sparingly because like a child on Christmas Day, it is overwhelming. (So many toys, so little time.)  Currently his favorite toy is the “cat dancer”. He and Pebbles, however, like to play with a feather on the end of a fishing pole which was given to him by Dr. Alexander. A member of his “Fan Club” sent him a teepee tent which he has in his cage at the Animal Hospital. (You’ll see it on our web site in the most recent batch of pictures taken on Monday evening.) Today he was so rambunctious that he tore the teepee down twice.

A couple of other items to share with you:

There is a Sonoma State student who has a petition on line to urge California Legislators to increase the punishment for animal cruelty from the current maximum 3 year jail time to 6 years. To sign the petition and view the web site, go to: http://www.adamsamendment.com/

Another Adam fan has started a petition on line that folks can sign urging our DA to sentence the girls that tortured Adam to the maximum penalty allowed by law. You can view and sign that petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/severe-punishment-for-kitten-burning

And finally, Adam has his own “Catster” web page. Your companions can visit with Adam at: www.catster.com/cats/597964. He can’t wait to meet all of his furry friends out there.

Have a great weekend.


Jennifer Kirchner, Executive Director
Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, CA
(707) 576-7999

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