Update 3 on Adam the Burned Kitten

Not 5 minutes after I got off the phone with Forgotten Felines to check on Adam, they sent out an update which is below. The gentleman I spoke with this afternoon said the response has been overwhelming. They even received mail from Tokyo today. That’s amazing and inspiring.

It helps restore your faith in the human race knowing that when 2 people do such a horrific thing to an innocent, practically new born kitten, that there are thousands of people all over the world that care enough to do something about it. The good far out weighs the bad for a change. It’s great to see and again, I’d like to also thank you all.

Adam Update – 8/2/07

Dear Friends: Adam came through this last surgery on Tuesday (7/31/07) with flying colors. It was his best recovery yet! Once again, Tina, his caretaker, had to confine him the next day in order to curtail his attempts to run all over the house playing chase with her dog. (Which he complained about rather loudly, I might add!) His entire back is now covered with fresh, new skin. Our surgeon, Dr. Alexander, will examine him this evening and if this new graft “takes”, we’re finished with those surgeries. Whew!

The visit this past Monday evening (7/27/07) with Caesar, the 11 year old boy who pulled Adam from the bushes and sought assistance after he had been tortured, along with Sarah, the woman who cared for Adam once he was rescued by Caesar, was heartwarming. Although Caesar was a bit squeamish about Adam’s bandages, he gently touched Adam’s head and listened intently as Tina explained about Adam’s current condition. Sarah, on the other hand had tears streaming down her face as she held little Adam in her arms. We could barely drag her out of the hospital. She just didn’t want to leave him. Caesar’s mother, aunt and little sister also enjoyed meeting Adam for the first time. We took pictures and presented Caesar and his family with more e-mails and special gifts. I’ll post pictures on the web site of our visit. (For Caesar’s protection, his photos cannot be posted.)

I’m also thrilled to report that because of your generosity, we have raised enough funds to pay for Adam’s entire vet bill. All future donations will be placed in Adam’s name into our “Fluffy Fund” which was created two years ago in order to assist with special medical treatments over and above spay/neuter for cats that we encounter through our day to day work. These funds will allow us to continue helping other “Adam’s” long after he has had a full recovery.

In addition to the monetary donations, we’ve received some of the most wonderful “toy packages” for Adam, special hand made beds, gift cards for Caesar and his family, and even special treats for the staff at Animal Hospital of Cotati and Forgotten Felines. One donor had lunch brought in for our surgeon, Lisa, and the hospital crew. Today we received two beautiful trays of hand dipped, chocolate covered strawberries that we are enjoying right now! Yum!

We’ve also had an offer from a local artist to paint Adam’s portrait and have it made into gift cards, a local band has offered to provide music for either a “Meet Adam” event (sometime down the road) or another fundraiser and one of our volunteers has offered to create Adam’s own web site where he can talk with other animals from all over the world. Although it has been a whirlwind of an experience, we feel truly honored with all of the good will and warm wishes sent our way.

As always, many thanks and sincere gratitude,


Jennifer Kirchner, Executive Director
Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, CA
(707) 576-7999

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