Update on Adam the Burned Kitten

The animal Hospital of Cotati and Forgotten Felines have reportedly been receiving calls, donations and emails for Adam, the burned kitten from the ‘A Touching Saga of Survival’ post. His story was picked up the the Associated Press and has resulted in an avalanche of outrage and support from all over the world.

Please note: there is a minor update from 7/24/07 below.

The Animal Hospital of Cotati has received about 100 calls according to Heather Rommel, a hospital receptionist. So far the hospital has taken about 40 credit card donations from people all over the country who want to see Adam survive.

Two black kittens believed to be Adam’s siblings were reportedly seen not far from where Adam was burned by the two teenage girls. One male kitten was caught. His name is Sampson. Attempts to catch the other one have proven unsuccessful so far.

The animal control officials investigating the case believe Adam’s siblings were set free. They found no evidence that the other kittens were harmed.

Tuesday July 24, 2007 Adam will undergo a major skin grafting procedure in an attempt to cover portions of his back. The first skin graft will reportedly cover 25% of the open wound. So far Adam has undergone three surgeries. Over 45 percent of his body is covered by second and third-degree burns. Adam’s medical treatment has already cost between $30,000 and $40,000 dollars.

That doesn’t include the specialized care Adam receives when he goes home to special care each night with Tina Wright, head nurse at Animal Hospital of Cotati, or the special surgeries provide by veterinarian Lisa Alexander of the Animal care center in Rohnert Park. Forgotten Felines is paying for a lot of Adam’s medical expenses.

Calls have been received from Philadelphia, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee and Portugal. Emails have been received from Australia and other parts of the United Kingdom. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the people who are donating money and saying prayers for Adam.

07/24/07 update: This was in an email from Forgotten Felines. If you donate online, you’re added to an email update list: Adam’s surgery which was supposed to have been today (Tuesday 7/24)  was pushed up a day, so he is now recovering from the skin graph which occurred yesterday, Monday 7/23. Normally the night after surgery is very difficult for him, but this time he did very well. In fact, he was up and running around so much that Dr. Leavey, one of the vets at Animal Hospital of Cotati had to get him to settle down. Today he is sleeping and recovering nicely.

If you would like to help, information can be found below:

Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County
PO Box 6672
Santa Rosa CA 95406
(707) 576-7999

For pictures of Adam, updates on Adam’s condition or to make a donation, visit the Forgotten Felines web site.

Animal Hospital of Cotati
576 E. Cotati Ave.
Cotati, CA 94934

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