11 million bottles of Acetaminophen recalled

The U. S. Food and Drug Admininstration (FDA) is warning the public of a voluntary recall from Michigan based Perrigo Company, a major manufacturer of store brand acetaminophen tablets 11 million bottles are being recalled after they discovered that some of the caplets were contaminated with metal fragments and in some cases, little shards of wire.

Some stores affected include Wal-Mart, CVS pharmacies, Walgreen and Costco. A complete list of stores carrying that brand and the batch numbers affected by the recall is available from the Food and Drug Administration.

Only bottles containing various amounts of 500 milligram caplets are being recalled. Tylenol brand Acetaminophen is not affected. Questions should be directed to the Perrigo Company who can be reached at (877) 546-0454.

Ingesting affected caplets may result in minor stomach discomfort and/or possible cuts to the mouth or throat. You should consult with your physician if you’ve used this product.

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