Make your vote count on election day

If you’re a registered voter, it’s important to vote tomorrow. It’s easy to wonder if your vote really counts but you have to believe it does. If enough people vote, they can make a difference.

Vote yes on this proposition and no on that one, then the complete opposite telling you to vote no on this and yes on that. One medical group supports this one and one doesn’t. Big oil companies supporting a no on a proposition to raise their taxes. God forbid they lose a portion of their 75 billion dollar quarter profit. Poor smokers in this state have been screwed before and undoubtedly will be again.

Granted smoking is bad for you, but making smokers pay all these extra taxes that supposedly go to teaching non-smoking resources seems more like a form of discrimination than anything else. Like one small group of people is going to pay enough with extra taxes to fund medical care across the state, especially as large as California is. It’s going to take a lot more than that, especially with the medical expenses completely overinflated the way they are.

The closer it gets to election day the more political ads appear. One nominee is slandering another nominee. He did this and he did that. It’s not like the one shoveling the crap isn’t just as guilty of something. They’re worse than little children. The same song by John Mellencamp plays over and over. “This is our country”. I did enjoy it the first 80 times I heard it, but thanks to prime time television it’s growing old too.

Celebrities and high profile politicians backing propositions in CA that don’t live here. One celebrity is receiving crap from another one about stem cell research (which will eventually be another entry). It’s an annoying waste of time and money. It would be nice to have a candidate worth voting for again. The Governor’s race in this state is a joke. A very bad one at that. 

You don’t know who or what to believe. It’s amazing how many “experts” suddenly come out of the wood work. It gets extremely old after a while and then you don’t care. Of course, then there are the phone calls at various hours of the day trying to sell you on one thing or another. Prime time television is getting harder to watch since the same freaking ads appear over and over and over again. It cracks me up watching politicians running around all over the country to endorse some candidate. We have time to waste on that but no time to take care of our own. It’s no wonder people don’t want to take time to vote. They’re sick and tired of it.

I have a formal request for the next election year. Pleeeeease pass a law making it illegal to show political ads more than once a day. I’ve only seen one instance where votes haven’t mattered. That was 6 years ago in the presidential election. However, that’s another story to be written about at a later date as well. Yes, I can see why people lose interest in voting, but it’s imperative that you vote if you are a registered voter in your state. Make your voices and your opinions count. Hopefully enough people will get fed up enough to go vote. Who knows, maybe it really could make a difference.

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